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October 31, 2011

Back to the table…

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Hello again, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  It’s not that you aren’t important to me, but internet, well, there are other things that have been getting shat spare time I might have.  Just because the tape seems to have stopped rolling here, doesn’t mean life has come to a halt.  Quite the contrary.  The busier I am, the less I am here.  And it’s actually gotten so crazy out there in the real world that the camera has actually been in the drawer for (gasp) multiple days…  (I’ll let you recover from the shock)…

I am not going to promise a steady diet of updates, and fresh pressings, but I do want to get back into the habit.  It’s good for me.  In small doses.  So here’s a small bite.  Prep for a cooking demo my wife did recently.  We had to pre-make about two dozen home made tortillas, and as we don’t have a commercial kitchen, the dining table was pressed into service…  And yes they are good, just a touch salty, and they cry for something friendly and spicy to wrap themselves around….



November 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter.

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Or at least I think that’s what they are doing. It took me a minute to figure out that this thing was a snow plow (I think). I cross the tracks near my house on my way to work and with a train running every couple of hours it’s not uncommon to see one. Typically it’s lumber and box cars, but I saw this coming and managed to bang off a few frames while I waited in line. I wish the train was a bit sharper but, it’s hard to re-shoot and I was sitting in the car trying to pan with the moving train.

Edit: Thanks my very knowledgeable father in law, he has helped me see the errors of my ways. He’s a kick, if you aren’t careful, when you ask him for the time, he might end up helping you build a sun dial. Here’s wheat he sent me:

Hi, Adam.

While you made a good guess, that car is actually far too light to be a snow plow. Because snow plows have to move incredibly deep and heavy snow, especially in the Cascades, they are very big, heavy beasts with giant weights in them that are put in front of the engines. They are called “flangers” by the railroads because at the front they have large, curved vertical flanges that meet at a point in the bottom middle near the track and then curve upward and outward to shove the snow aside. When the snow gets too deep for flangers, then the railroad goes to rotary snowplows, which have those giant whirling blades at the front to throw the snow quite some distance to the side.

The car in the photograph is a MOW (“maintenance of way”) car, which works with other modern, specially designed cars to maintain the roadbed and the track on a railroad. Today, the automated machinery on these cars can replace railroad ties (they use concrete now, rather than wood), cut and remove rail and replace it and weld it in place, and grade, level, and tamp the roadbed. Although it is difficult to tell from the photograph, I would say that the MOW car you “shot” is a tie replacement car, because it has hydraulic arm and also has hydraulic blades on both sides to level the ballast around the ties and along the line. The rail replacement cars and the tampers are bigger and heavier units. Often, you will see an entire gang of three of these cars (tie replacer, rail replacer, and tamper), followed by flatcars carrying supplies, moving as a team down the track. As few as three men running those cars can do what it took a crew of fifty to do years ago!

Hope that helps! That was a nice shot, and it would have been a difficult picture to take, I’m sure!

🙂 Boppo

October 14, 2009

First Frost!

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We had the first frost of the winter a few days ago.  Bitter sweet really.  I kept meaning to bring a few last Dalia blooms in before they got burned, but alas, it was not to be…  Kind of pretty in their last few hours before the sun hit them and turned them all to mush.  I did run out and snag a few quick photos before we had to leave for church.  Here’s my fav!

January 13, 2009

Still Water

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It’s been almost a week since the rivers jumped their banks and made life interesting for many of us that live in valleys.  Now all that’s left is weird trash in the trees and some weird “lakes” like this one outside Duvall.  There is often so much mist and fog that getting a good frame is a challenge.  Also, whipping along at 60 makes nice still frames a challenge too.  Here is a spot I have been looking at for several days and finally was going by when there wasn’t any other traffic.  No I don’t recommend coming to a complete stop on SR 203.  But I think I got what I wanted.

:24-70 @ 58mm 1/250 f2.8 iso200:

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