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December 14, 2011

The last wedding of the summer…

I tossed out a pre-view image a month or so ago for this and although the couple is still trying to decide how to have their order fulfilled, I wanted to get it out for the rest of you to see….

The day started on Camano Island…  I loved the sign on the fridge, that was the mood the entire day.

Hundreds of paper lanterns on twinkle lights, strung up in the back yard…  The reception had lots of promise!

Then down to Seattle, Greenlake specifically.  She chose Illustrated Salon Spa for her hair.  Mandy Greenhill did a great job!

Then for some more pampering, Jessica at Spa Scotta did her makeup, lots of goodies to look at!

Then back to their house to grab some important items, and people, and heat to the Temple in Bellevue

Thanks to the Blue Angles, there was a bit of a rush to get across the bridge.  The grounds of the Temple in Bellevue are beautiful.  As were the people.

I love babies at weddings, don’t you?



Even an accidental blow to the head resulted in laughter.

Back to Camano, and a little log cabin down the road from the reception.

Sparklers, fireworks and to top off the evening, ‘wish’ lanterns (ala the Disney film ‘Rapunzel’)

What a wonderful day!



July 13, 2009

One more from the Park.

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Just finished processing ~200 shots from the softball game this last Sunday.  Lots of fun!  I’ll try to get one or two up in the next day or two.  Here’s one shot from the other day at the arboretum.  I missed it on my first pass, but noticed it when I dove into the July folder for the Softball photos.  Loving the new PC, pushed 170 Raw files into full sized JPG’s in under 4 min.  Used to take 20!  Love it!

Enjoy the shot!


July 8, 2009

Passing through the Arboretum….

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As most of you know I spend a good deal of my time each week in the car.  From one project to another….  Pit-stops are a part of the day and it’s nice to stop somewhere nice.  Well the University of Washington Arboretum has bathrooms with benefits.  I was running by on my way to Preston from Seattle, and though I would drop in..  Glad I did too.  Mid day usually isn’t the best for light, but I was able to grab some nice frames…  I can imagine a Wedding here, at the right time of year, would be stunning.

I love these containers!  The lines are really interesting, and they were everywhere!  The flowers were a little past their prime, but looked nice none the less.

The parking lot had a bunch of these trees in in a central planter.  Soft green, really looked good enough to eat!  Like big balls of lime cotton candy.


January 13, 2009

Still Water

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It’s been almost a week since the rivers jumped their banks and made life interesting for many of us that live in valleys.  Now all that’s left is weird trash in the trees and some weird “lakes” like this one outside Duvall.  There is often so much mist and fog that getting a good frame is a challenge.  Also, whipping along at 60 makes nice still frames a challenge too.  Here is a spot I have been looking at for several days and finally was going by when there wasn’t any other traffic.  No I don’t recommend coming to a complete stop on SR 203.  But I think I got what I wanted.

:24-70 @ 58mm 1/250 f2.8 iso200:

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