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December 25, 2010


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Merry Christmas to you!  Oh internet it’s been an odd year hasn’t it.  From a slow start to far to busy to even think about posting, and now trying to get back in the saddle during the holiday rush.  I love taking the time to remember the year past, the highs and lows, and the fun memories, and hard work.  It also a fun time to look to the next year.  Besides a new website and blog, there are no earth shaking changes in our plans.  I expect life to throw us all the curve balls we can handle.

I also love being able to spend a bunch of time with my family.  Really the motor driving all I do, as I see it my ‘mission’.  Watching my girls ‘sistering’ each other is something that I will never get tired of…

So may sights, sounds, tastes and smells..  And so much to do.  And to take pictures of.

Bokeh courtesy “Lights of Christmas” at Warm Beach Camp



December 22, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas. (or i can live on 4 hours a night, can you?)

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It’s that time again.  Trees, cookies, presents, candy, candles, egg-nog, family and food (did I mention food?)  There are so many wonderful traditions for celebrating this time of year.  I just wanted to toss a few quick photos up from our annual trip to Westlake Mall for the annual tree lighting.  It’s a little different every year, and one of the chances for our kids to get to the “city”.  If you know the area, I won’t need to narrate for you….



(check out all those LCD’s, I can almost hear the cell tower melting as people posted the photos to facebook)

Some window shopping (we didn’t buy anything but dinner, and coffee) and the trip back.

December 7, 2010

Visiting a neighbor (sort of…)

I have a good friend who blogs with the regularity of a clock. At three minutes to 9 every day. So that’s what her blog is called. She buys duck eggs from us from time to time, and asked folks she knew about their Christmas traditions, and my wife gave her a quick synopsis. I was tapped for some photos. The night shots are from last year at Westlake, this years shots will be here shortly, and the cake photos are what a “professional” shoots when he is is own customer (my favorite!).

Here’s the link to her blog:

Her blog is worth bookmarking!


October 31, 2010

“in the frame” Luke Stevens

I’ve been sitting on this for quite some time.  Like.  A.  Long.  Time.  And as I sit here writing this, I am not sure how soon I will actually pull the trigger on it.

Everyone has a story.  Everyone.  And for everyone it’s different.  Sort of.  We all have events that are part of our story.  The first time we drove a car, saw the stars and knew what they really were, or got really hurt by someone we loved.  Being hurt, healed, and blessed by the life around us.  That is our story.  Luke was and is a part of my story.  For a while not a lot of folks knew about his part of my story.  Luke was my younger brother.  To keep it short, he was killed in an accident in a field across the street from out house in Kirkland.  He was in 2nd grade, I was in 3rd.  Parts of this didn’t really hit me, until I had two little girls of my own, what it must have been like for my folks.  I know I can’t ever really know.  But I know what it was like for me, and it’s been a part of my story.  Not defining me, but a part.  Like knowing what the stars are….

Why now?  There is a friend, I’ve had the chance to second shoot for her, and collaborated a few times, who recently lost one of her twins suddenly and unexpectedly.  I can not imagine what they are going through, well I can imagine but I can’t know.  They are a strong family, not that they were looking to be tested, but I know they will work through this.

And maybe that’s a little bit of what I am doing here.  Working through some of my story.  Three decades after the fact.  I”m just glad I come from a family of photographers…  SO here’s Luke.  Oh, and that kid with the dark hair, yep that would be his big bro.  Me.

 Please excuse me if this post is coming out of left field…  If you haven’t been following me, it’s been a crazy fall….

Edit:  The memorial service was today for the baby.  It struck me, during the service how much smiling, and laughing happens during a memorial service.  That and the pastor quoted one of our College prof’s book on mourning Jerry Sittser’s “A Grace Disguised”, specifically about grief being something that you need to allow to be part of you…

September 21, 2010

Personal Day.

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I’ve been pretty unplugged today.  Although I’m pushing plenty of content to Facebook.  And it has done my heart good to see all the well wishes, kind words and prayers that folks have left.   Thank you.  It’s probably a good thing, but apparently their network doesn’t allow hitting remote e-mail servers…

Our big girl is currently “being re-configured” at Children’s Hospital.  Nothing earth shattering.   In fact when it’s all done, all she will have to show for it will be a couple of little scars.   Frankly so far, it’s been harder on Mommy and myself.   She’s in for a 3 day stay (possibly).  So I should have some time to catch up on my blogging while she rests, and it’s therapeutic.   So I’m looking forward to being able to.  Expect more.  But don’t hold your breath.  We have that covered..

July 26, 2010

A totally 80’s Zumba experience!

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What a blast.  I am going to try to stay away from all of the 80’s vernacular that I could throw in here.  Studio Z Stanwood threw a killer (oops) 80’s themed party/Zumba event this last Friday night and I was asked to come in and shoot it for them!  Loved it!  Any time folks are getting together to have some fun, I’m all in.  The event was coordinated by Greg over at LinkedIQ, and the DJ was none other than SeattleDJ Jeremy Williams.  I could not stay away from the urge to color process the images for a more authentic 80’s look.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.  Let me know what you think!

This next photograph is one of my favorites shots of the night.  Love the light, energy and color!

Do you remember video cassettes?  Remember trying to wind the rental back in so you didn’t get charged for it!?!?

Fun game, if you can hold onto the pen!

And one last detail shot- totally forgot how rad leg warmers look!

Hit the comments and let me know what photograph you like best!

July 12, 2010

Hey (or is it Hay?)

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I get teased (for good reason) for my spelling.

Also for my impulsiveness. But that has it’s advantages. Like the other day, driving through Sylvana. I spotted a “free hay” sign. After a few quick calls and a stop at the house to get into more appropriate cloths, my brother in law and I loaded up about 30 first cuttings. Now probably 6 felt like there was a good sized dog in them. They got left out of the barn. In fact one of them was cooking at about 150′ by 10:00 that night. It was free because it had gotten wet, then dried and re-cured before being bailed. Some of it’s probably OK for the goats, lots will end up as bedding, and mulch. And if the money train runs off the tracks, well that’s what the goats will get this winter… And no, the barn still isn’t painted. (I would hate to disturb the swallows in the bird house)

March 19, 2010

“in the frame” Randy Phillips…

Have you ever wondered what happened to the wacky guy who drug you all over the US, Canada and into a foreign country in a 12 passenger van when you were in high school?  You know, the guy.  If you remember all the way back to high school.  He (or she) was probably the one adult that seemed to “get you”.  He’d let you think you were getting away with more than your parents would have.  And you could tell him things that you would not tell anyone not born in your decade.  He actually listened to some of the same music, but was up front to point out that some of it was, well, nasty junk.  He’d say “do you hear what they are saying?” and your immediate reaction was to re-listen to the song, not kick out with a “whatever (insert parental authority figure of choice), you just don’t get it”.  Yeah, that’s the guy.  For me that guy was Randy Phillips.  He took over the youth group at the Church I grew up at right before I stepped into the awkward bumbling stage that I managed to live all through high school. From Seattle, to Canada, to Colorado to Ecuador, he was around to keep me from killing myself not that I was suicidal.  Just a regular guy trying to prove something.  He had a front row seat as I managed to repeatedly make a fool of myself, and while I think he enjoyed the antics he always seemed to enjoy more the conversations we had about how I might have handled a situation better.  In a nutshell, he let me make safe mistakes right in front of him, and was always willing to be a sounding board as I figured myself out

Is he different now?  Well sort of.  During a hiatus from ministry he started his own highly successful consulting business.  Check him out here: he’s also on FaceBook, and if you know him I would recommend keeping in touch with him there, I don’t think he holds still very long.

Back to the consulting, I have always been a bit skeptical of consultants.  Our lunch the other day changed that forever.  Over a flash back filled lunch at Taco Bell, he gave me more to think about with respect to my photography business than I can grind through in a month.  I’m still working on the first two big points he made for me. In fact I was so engrossed in our conversation, it wasn’t till I realized that I needed to have left 10 min before that I even pulled out my camera! He kept talking while I shot, we must have looked kind of ridiculous, and I only had a couple of keepers.  I had no luck filing all the rich information he had poured into my head enough to think about anything but grabbing a roughly appropriate exposure, and as to the other “things” I try to bring to the table photographically, I crashed and burned. I supposed in the end it worked.

The crazy thing?  Looking through the photos, he looks exactly the same as I remember him.  Whatever he’s using.  I want some.

February 1, 2010

Valentines Day Special! (or Wedding Photography Special till Valentines day)….

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I hinted at this a few weeks ago.  This is my first shot at some kind of “special” so we’ll see how it goes..  Here’s the deal!  From now, till Midnight on the 14th if you book a package with me that includes an engagement session I will include a basic guest sign in album for free (images from the engagement session, a $150 value).  I am also running a discount on my wedding packages, but you’ll need to contact me to find out more details on that!

Please feel free to call me at 360-474-7427 or e-mail me.

I can hear you now… What about the brides you have already booked?  Never fear, they got the same great deal!  But I am sure they appreciate your concern.  I know, some of you might not be able to squeeze in a meeting in the next few weeks, as long as you have contacted me and have a consult scheduled, I will be able to extend this offer.

September 8, 2009

A rapidly pixelated evening.

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One of the blogs I read regularly is David duChemin’s  I have loads of respect for David, he is actively pursuing his vision, and wrapping it around a “industry” that can never get enough help.  I won’t try to explain it all here, just take a look at his site.  Let’s just say we see his work ever time a World Vision Catalog shows up in the mail.  His is the kind of work I would love to do, for the love of it.  A copy of his current book is in rout and I look forward to it, as I flew through the very thoughtful “10 things” e-book he just released.  Now I am going back and doing the “homework”.  I don’t think I can keep myself to 3 frames in an hour…..

It’s always kind of odd to meet people who you have read, or watched on TV, or who’s work you have studied.  You feel like you know them, on some level but you don’t.  And they don’t know you, at all.  David was great, funny and open.  We were able to pick his brain, and he opened up his portfolio to us to ask questions about.  He talked about vision, and one of his tag lines I like “Gear is good, Vision is better”.  Good in photography and in life.  Of course he did over a decade in stand up comedy, so he followed it up with “Screw vision, give me something shiny!”.  Good to know he’s human 🙂  Now I am trying to figure out how to go on one of his workshops.  India would be so lovely!

The event was hosted at Studio R, the world headquarters of Black Rapid, makers of the R-strap.  About a year and a half ago, I was fighting trying to figure out what kind of strap I wanted for my camera.  I saw a video demo and then bumped into a rep at a local camera store and was sold.  Last Christmas I was given one and it’s been on my camera ever sense.  A rabid fan?  Oh yes.  They how have a two camera set up (I just need to buy a second body!) and more than that they are giving us our tripods back!  The cheif complaint I have had is that with the R-strap attached you don’t have anywhere to attache a Manfroto quick release to the camera.  I often want to snap in to a monopod for a little extra stability and with the R-strap I had lost that.  Untill I realized that the ring on the bottom of the quick release plate was big enough to clip the strap onto.  Ontly that it’s stiff and made of soft aluminum.  Well Tyler at Black Rapid, showed me a new accessory they are working into their mix.  This replaces the screw in the quick release plate, is made of steel, and swivels easily out of the way when you need to snap into the tripod/monopod.  It’s nice and shiny too!  I won’t tell you what I had to do to pry one out of their hands, but I’ve used if for the last few days and I’ts great!  I will be ordering up another when they hit shelves in…..?  Untill then feast your eyes on this and drool!

Something shiney to help with the vision!

Also, FWIW, I am nearing completion on my “links for photog and the curious”.  In it I will include sites and RSS feeds that I find helpful, entertaining and inspiring.  Soon…  I hope.

July 13, 2009

One more from the Park.

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Just finished processing ~200 shots from the softball game this last Sunday.  Lots of fun!  I’ll try to get one or two up in the next day or two.  Here’s one shot from the other day at the arboretum.  I missed it on my first pass, but noticed it when I dove into the July folder for the Softball photos.  Loving the new PC, pushed 170 Raw files into full sized JPG’s in under 4 min.  Used to take 20!  Love it!

Enjoy the shot!


July 8, 2009

Passing through the Arboretum….

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As most of you know I spend a good deal of my time each week in the car.  From one project to another….  Pit-stops are a part of the day and it’s nice to stop somewhere nice.  Well the University of Washington Arboretum has bathrooms with benefits.  I was running by on my way to Preston from Seattle, and though I would drop in..  Glad I did too.  Mid day usually isn’t the best for light, but I was able to grab some nice frames…  I can imagine a Wedding here, at the right time of year, would be stunning.

I love these containers!  The lines are really interesting, and they were everywhere!  The flowers were a little past their prime, but looked nice none the less.

The parking lot had a bunch of these trees in in a central planter.  Soft green, really looked good enough to eat!  Like big balls of lime cotton candy.


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