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October 31, 2011

Twirling flowers…

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Just had to share this shot of our two little flowers.  They wanted to twirl by the flowers.  (I would guess the dahlias will be with us for only another week or so).  Fun to see what a handful of years will do with twirling prowess…



August 5, 2011

The Galloping Gardner…

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Another ‘right on’, ‘yea!’ or ‘amen!’ moment.  I did a full wright up over on the Farm Blog…  Check it out.  For a quick shot here is Pat and Graham Kerr enjoying a break between services…

If you get a chance, do check out his site. I am hoping to see some photos of the garden at some point!!!


June 27, 2011

Iverson Beach.

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Sun.  Sand.  Water.  Good food.  Kids.  And some really good friends.  Really.  Good.  Friends.  I think it’s hard work to be our friends.  It’s not that we don’t have a lot of folks we call friends, but it seems like some of those really special relationships are stretched by time and distance.  This family is another example.  They have been everywhere, and have landed back in Portland.  They continue to blow us away with their incredible hearts.  They come up to the sound once a year, to stay at a place on Camano Island, last year they came to the farm, this year, we were invited to the beach house.  Yep, we are spoiled.  It is awesome to hang out with folks who have such a similar parenting mindset, child rambunctious/obedience ratio, interests, and sense of humor…  Take a look….


(side note…  It’s late and I’m tired of messing with the formatting…  If it the layout looks funny it’s me, not you.)

June 17, 2011

Beautiful Stanwood Wedding.

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe the wedding I had the honor of documenting last month at Warm Beach Free Methodist Church.  It’s been hard I think because it was so stunning.  It wasn’t the venue, or the decor, or any of the other things that we wedding photographers get pulled toward when we think of a memorable wedding.  It was the people, the relationships and the story.  I don’t really know much of the last item, but from the emotion and love in the room, it must be something.  Standing in the back, listening to the message, it seemed like the pastor was speaking to everyone in the room, like family.  And that’s what this was.  The forging of a family…  But I should let the photos do the talking…



Like I said.  Nothing like a new family!


May 17, 2011

What’s the Buzz??!!

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Want to see what we’ve been up to? Head over to the farm blog and take a look! It’s been a busy spring, and with the wedding season coming up you might not see much more than ‘work’ stuff here…. Personal goodies? Look yonder


March 8, 2011

A beautiful, happy, smiling Stanwood Wedding…

Smile.  I probably said it a bunch out of habit, but it was more to get folks to look at the camera, they were already smiling.  Julie and Nathan were married on October 2nd, in a day that was picture perfect!  We had some wonderful clouds for the group photos outside, and then during the ceremony, the clouds broke up and blessed us with some beautiful bright sun, blue sky and white puffy clouds.  And smiles.  The entire day was full of people who were happy to be right where they were.  The friends and family that came around Julie and Nathan to support and be a part of their day were fantastic!

I know I was smiling too, Julie is one of those wonderful brides who is laid back, easy going, and knows not to sweat the small stuff.  Not that there was any “small stuff” to sweat.  I think the biggest “issue” was the tux for the ring bearer.  But I don’t know many kids his age who think to tuck in a dress shirt.  Oh, but there was that little ring issue….  But I’ll let Julie tell that story, cause she does a much better job!

Here are some of my favorite shots…  And yes, I was able to have Joscelyn with me again as a 2nd shooter and assistant (score!).

The flower girls were a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.


One of my favorite shots of the day.  Not sure why I keep coming back to it but I do..



Edit: This post is way overdue. In fact I should feel shame faced. I am. My apologies for this, and as the next few posts come out you will get a chance to see where I have been and where I am going. Hang in there, and have faith. You are getting the view from the back seat. I’m duck taped to the front bumper.

December 25, 2010


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Merry Christmas to you!  Oh internet it’s been an odd year hasn’t it.  From a slow start to far to busy to even think about posting, and now trying to get back in the saddle during the holiday rush.  I love taking the time to remember the year past, the highs and lows, and the fun memories, and hard work.  It also a fun time to look to the next year.  Besides a new website and blog, there are no earth shaking changes in our plans.  I expect life to throw us all the curve balls we can handle.

I also love being able to spend a bunch of time with my family.  Really the motor driving all I do, as I see it my ‘mission’.  Watching my girls ‘sistering’ each other is something that I will never get tired of…

So may sights, sounds, tastes and smells..  And so much to do.  And to take pictures of.

Bokeh courtesy “Lights of Christmas” at Warm Beach Camp


December 14, 2010

More Celtic Fairing….

Here is another post that’s long overdue.  Back in August (really, August?) our church had a Celtic Faire, think fun Irish music, fair food, games and general fun.  I was at the inaugural event a couple years ago, and for some reason it just didn’t come together last year.  This year the weather conspired against us, but like the rough tough Irish, we simply carried on.  It cleared up, and as anything where there is cotton candy, games and kids; it all ended well…

These last two shots are of a really cool game, battling tops, supplied by Barry Reed of Seattle Game Rentals.

December 5, 2010

The Author

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Well right off you know I’m not talking about myself.  I trip over my words like a dizzy 19 month old on a sugar rush.  Bad bad deal.  I prefer photographs.  So here’s the author.  I have been watching him work this book along, and I can tell you, like anything that you create, with purpose and drive, it has taken a lot of work.  And it really speaks to the community that is all around us..  And if you want to know more, read the book.  (Although I hear a movie is in the works)


October 31, 2010

“in the frame” Luke Stevens

I’ve been sitting on this for quite some time.  Like.  A.  Long.  Time.  And as I sit here writing this, I am not sure how soon I will actually pull the trigger on it.

Everyone has a story.  Everyone.  And for everyone it’s different.  Sort of.  We all have events that are part of our story.  The first time we drove a car, saw the stars and knew what they really were, or got really hurt by someone we loved.  Being hurt, healed, and blessed by the life around us.  That is our story.  Luke was and is a part of my story.  For a while not a lot of folks knew about his part of my story.  Luke was my younger brother.  To keep it short, he was killed in an accident in a field across the street from out house in Kirkland.  He was in 2nd grade, I was in 3rd.  Parts of this didn’t really hit me, until I had two little girls of my own, what it must have been like for my folks.  I know I can’t ever really know.  But I know what it was like for me, and it’s been a part of my story.  Not defining me, but a part.  Like knowing what the stars are….

Why now?  There is a friend, I’ve had the chance to second shoot for her, and collaborated a few times, who recently lost one of her twins suddenly and unexpectedly.  I can not imagine what they are going through, well I can imagine but I can’t know.  They are a strong family, not that they were looking to be tested, but I know they will work through this.

And maybe that’s a little bit of what I am doing here.  Working through some of my story.  Three decades after the fact.  I”m just glad I come from a family of photographers…  SO here’s Luke.  Oh, and that kid with the dark hair, yep that would be his big bro.  Me.

 Please excuse me if this post is coming out of left field…  If you haven’t been following me, it’s been a crazy fall….

Edit:  The memorial service was today for the baby.  It struck me, during the service how much smiling, and laughing happens during a memorial service.  That and the pastor quoted one of our College prof’s book on mourning Jerry Sittser’s “A Grace Disguised”, specifically about grief being something that you need to allow to be part of you…

September 29, 2010

La Conner Wedding…

Rob and Rebecca had the kind of wedding I wish I could shoot every day.  Not that I only like shooting small intimate weddings.  Nor that I only like shooting weddings in small quaint towns.  Or when the weather is beautiful, and the venue is so full wonderful, or any of the other obvious details of their special day.  What I really loved about documenting their special day were the people.  It was clear that they people who had come were all very special to the couple. The other cool thing? Most everyone ignored me after the family photos. Loved that. Able to wander and shoot, looking for some of the better angles for backgrounds, stories, characters and moments…. Here are some of my favorites:

The Father of the Bride. He was so proud of his daughter, I don’t think he was actually walking on the floor.

September 22, 2010


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In short she’s doing better.  Nothing has quite been as I imagined it, and that’s a good thing.  The staff here are truly wonderful.  They have taken wonderful care of our little girl, and of us.  It feels more like we are receiving care as a family.  It was not entirely unexpected.  Many folks have told us their stories.  Laura (from edit1media) told me a little about her perspective, a few months ago, and as we have been updating Facebook and Twitter, there have been many others.

July 16, 2010


Another frame from my visit to the Wooden Boat Center in Seattle.  Fun little note on this?  I shot it with my F5, and although you can’t see it in the frame, the guy/company I bought it from is in the photo.  Looking across Lake Union you can see Gasworks parkChase Jarvis‘ studio/office is just up the hill from Gasworks, and that’s who I got it from.  So, it’s a shot I like, and a photograph of a great photographer.

July 6, 2010

Networking, Social Media, and Web Presence Architecture

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I love where I get to go.  I have been able to shoot sport bikes at 60 mph just feet from the asphalt.  Brides on the biggest day of their lives.  Babies, just minutes old…  So while this isn’t exactly a new little bundle of joy, it was cool to get to sit in on one of the training sessions being run by the folks at and sponsored by (among others) the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve been sort of into social networking for some time, but Greg has this dialed in.  I know he is amassing a very impressive client list, (I am happy to be included on said list).  What’s that you say?  Oh yes, and new site is sssllloowwwlllllyyyyy moving forward.  Till I can brag on that, take a peek at my behind the scenes shots of the training last week.

July 2, 2010


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So it’s been kind of a crazy couple of weeks. I was hoping to get my blogging back up to date with a nice full pipeline by the end of the day today. That’s just not going to happen. Between our eldest logging a lot of time in the play area at Seattle Children’s Hospital (she’s fine, or will be) the flu that ran around the house having a gay old time, and client commitments, there hasn’t been much time for anything else. In fact with the nice weather, if the farm didn’t get some attention this last weekend, we were going to be in danger of disappearing in a sea of grass.   So I called an audible and we played outside.  Had a blast.  Probably should do it more.  So for today it’s a bit of a horn toot…

We went to the Skagit Family Natural Medicine open house and had some fun a few Saturday’s ago, to check out their birth center. Here are some of the framed prints up….

And the little one’s having some fun!

May 27, 2010

Like Black and White?

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No photos in this one.  If you have 10$ to spend and love the look of black and white I can not recommend the latest installment from the power house that is Craft and Vision.  I downloaded and read the first installment of the Craft and Vision “Magic of Black and White” when it came out and was very excited about the second piece.  It hit the virtual shelves today and although I have not had time to read it yet, it looks great!  The first “Magic of Black and White” was in many parts simple enough for the average joe, with little photo know how to read, understand and take away some real nuggets.  Part two deals with taking the digital capture, and render it..

I always love hearing and seeing how digital files are manipulated simply and effectivly in the “darkroom”, and am guessing that this will be a little of the novice and the pro.  Just like the first one.  David DuChemin did a quick right up with some screen grabs to get you drooling.  Stroll over and take a look at it here.

The other bit of good news for me is that Bibble 5 is soon to release 5.1 that will include some of the clone and spot healing that I lean on Photo-chop for.  Actually it’s the only thing I lean on PS for…  So this is really good news for me!!  Check it out here (along with all the other Bibble goodness!):

May 5, 2010

See you knew Latin!

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Another shot from our woods (which by the way would make a great spot for a photo session if anyone is interested in booking….  This is Trillium ovatum.  Thanks again to good ol’ Linnaeus for that.  Most people call it Trillium and it holds a special spot in my heart as my dad’s mom was the first to tell me of it’s common name “Wake Robin” and the meaning.  When the flower blooms in the Spring it wakes up the robins (who have been silent all winter).  And they start singing.  And they are, singing now.  Every morning.

April 2, 2010


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I am not atmospheric scientist.  Fer sure.  But, I was happy to snag this shot of the way out to dinner the other night.  We were heading to one of our favorite dark under-lit dining establishments and on the way out the door I swapped out the 28-75 2.8 for the 50 1.4 so I could get a few pics…  It worked great in the restaurant but left a little to be desired on grabbing some of the other shots of clouds as we drove into Arlington.  This is probably the best. 

February 19, 2010


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You may recall back in July when I shot my father in law with his 67′ Stang (link here).  He had written to the editor of Mustang Times about his 1967 coup that he and his wife were original owners of, the editor asked for a full story and some photos to go along with it.  Well we didn’t know if they would run the article at all and were happy to get an e-mail back in January from the editor letting us know that it would be run in the February issue.  It didn’t make the cover, but got great coverage in the magazine, and was by far the largest article.  I spent about half an hour on the phone with the editor, as she was looking through the images and she kept saying “I wish you had that in a portrait orientation”, so I don’t know if that made the difference as I shot most of the images in landscape, next time I’ll know better!

Anyhow it was a real treat to be able to see some of my work in print, and to read through the accompanying article.  I will be meeting up with the editor again this summer at a Mustang Club of America show in Bellevue, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet her face to face!  I am hoping the weather is nice enough to ride down with my dad-in-law in “Mustie”.

Here’s the spread…

February 8, 2010

Fire and a flick.

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I had a blast the other night,  I got to spend a great time swapping stories around a camp fire.  After it started to rain (what, rain, in Seattle?) we headed in for “District 9”.  Then after the movie, we spend about another hour talking about the deeper meanings in the movie (yea I know, getting all philosophical about a alien flick).  It helped having a missionary with us, who had distinct memories of the slums in Africa, the racial issues and much more..

The fire can be kind of a cruel light source (HARD light, really warm, with nasty fall off) but I do love my Nikon.  I saw an ad the other day “Nikon, shoot in the dark”.  Well not quite with mine, but close.  All hand held, at about 11 at night….  Names omitted to protect the innocent, er guilty.

January 29, 2010

Hay! From Camano to Stanwood….

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Well we ran out.  It was to be expected, our barn doesn’t hold enough hay to get us all the way through winter.  We chatted up a good friend and she put us in touch with a couple on Camano Island with a bunch of good local hay.  A few weeks ago we went and picked it up.  Our little gal had a blast climbing around on the trailer and again up in the loft.  It was almost pitch black by the time I finished loading up the hay in the barn, auto focus was a challenge, and it’s lit with one SB-600 off camera.  Fun stuff, and nice to have company in the loft!

January 25, 2010

Back to the holidays…

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Backing up the stuff from ought nine and got held up on a few frames I wanted to share…

January 22, 2010

“In The Frame” : Greg Sicotte


I met Greg just 3 short years ago, when we moved up to Stanwood.  Fact is, he’s probably the person on my “in the frame” list who I have known for the shortest time and met most recently.  But we’ve crammed a lot into the three years.  We have some of those kooky connections that make meeting new people fun.  He went to the high school my father in law was the Vice Principal at, their oldest daughter is very close in age to ours.  He is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  You do get to learn a lot about someone by meeting with them once a week, every week, for three years.  I look forward to our weekly coffee and head clearing…

Greg is a true entrepreneur.  He started, built, and sold a tremendously successful service company, as his interest and passion has shifted he invested his time in web development, understanding not not just the how but more the why.  He is someone who loves to learn, to question and to listen.  A meticulous attention to detail, a desire to learn about the industry that he is serving; all give him the knowledge, skill and drive to exceed his clients expectations.  He’s also helped me focus more on my passions.  My family, faith and priorities..  He is someone I wish I had met years ago.

So without further ado- here he is…

If you want to learn a little more about him, or see some of what he’s done he was kind enough to send me some links…  And when I can, he’s going to be giving my whole web presence a once over…

January 11, 2010

Don’t believe what you see.

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This is unreal.  I can’t believe what is possible now….

The only notable thing he didn’t render in CGI was the sky and photographer.

This truly is best viewed on the largest highest resolution monitor you can get your hands on…

January 4, 2010

“What’s that spot on the wall?”

Or that’s what I said the first time I noticed a dust spot on my sensor. I am the first to admit I am not a pixel peeper (someone who looks the the pixel level detail in a digital photo), although I can get caught up in it. I tend to worry more about exposure then anything else, it’s the hardest to fix in post production. Color balance is not something that typically occurs to me as I am shooting because it’s so easy to fix in post (unless you are blending flash or different light sources then it gets wonky) and because I grew up shooting Tri-X. Black and white film doesn’t really care what temperature the light is…

I first spotted the dust spot when I was reviewing the photos on my computer. It looked like a spot on my computer screen, but cleaning that didn’t help (ha ha got ya!). I though it might be a spot on the wall, but when I compared two or three frames of the same wall, the spot moved. That can’t be good. What brings this all up? An v-mail from a friend over the holiday. Here’s my response…. For what it’s worth.

” I just got your voice mail this morning. I am guessing you thought of me because I have shot for so long with an older DSLR. As far as my sensors go, I have never done anything but clean them off with a blower (not a blower brush). One of the air only ones (without the brush) and big so it pushes a lot of air. I have heard to not use the canned air, as it’s to strong, and can have chemicals that can damage things…
Scott Borne uses the lens pens, after cleaning off the graphite, to clean his sensors, but says himself that he’s a bit of a rogue to use it. I had my D50 cleaned at Camera Techs about a year and a half ago,and they did a fairly good job. I have one smudge on my sensor that they were able to minimize but not completely remove, but it was only like $25 and they did it while I waited. If it’s your backup body, you could try it yourself, or you could convert it to an Infrared camera! That’d be wicked cool! has kits and I think you can send it to them to have it done…”

Let me know if you have had any experience with that last one.  I used to think it was kind of gimmicky, but really like what it does to sky’s and skin tones.

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