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August 23, 2011


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August.  Hot (finally), busy and filled with fun.  Aaaaa as in, fall is coming and there is still lots to do!  So there isn’t much here, between work, finishing up some client work, and the farm, well, the blog tends to slip a bit…  So here’s something to cool you off (not that you need it if you live in the PNW, but others might find it refreshing…)



July 21, 2011

Wu? 3-17-1920 to 6-20-2011

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I’m not really sure where to start this one…  Lets see…

It started a long time ago.  Long, long ago.  And it would help if you knew my brother in law, or at least his sense of humor.  I think my wife and I were still dating, or had just gotten married, and I think it was Christmas, but it might have been her birthday.  Anyhow, her/our family passes the card around that came with a gift as the gift is being opened.  I remember the card being handed to me and looking at the signature.  “Wu? honey, I thought your grandma’s last name was ‘Wilson'”  I tried to say it quietly (being all new to the family and such).  As I said I was new to the family, and had not learned to keep my voice to the sub audible level when posing a possibly dumb question.  Brett chimed in “Grandma, did you hear that?!  Your ‘Grandma Wu?’  I didn’t know you were Chinese?” (made all the funnier by some family history tied to China).  She laughed so hard we though she might keel over right there.  And she’s been Grandma Wu ever since.  For all five great grand kids, ‘Great Grandma Wu’.

So I suppose it didn’t start all that long ago, she was already in her 70’s.  I wish I had known her sooner.  I know I would have smiled more.  She did.  All the time.  Babbling silly nick names to her children, or cuddling great grand children.  Now we will need to wait, till we can see her again on the other side.

Although she always called me ‘that man with that dangerous camera’ she always smiled for me, and I never had to ask.  But I think I should now, so Grandma Wu, if it’s ok, I’d like to share some of the wonderful memories with some friends, is that ok?  (I think she’s too busy laughing at me to answer)…

Garage turned photo studio at her 90th birthday…

At the beach.

And in my defense, her periods look remarkably like a small ‘u’.


April 20, 2011

Through the woods again… (or a walk in Wonderland)

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I don’t know what it is about my girls and hospitals.  Or April for that matter….

We are through the woods again though.  Last September our oldest had a nice little vacation down at Children’s Hospital, this month it was Mommy’s turn up at Skagit Valley…  Chronic intestinal trouble is hopefully behind us now.  My best friend is still sleeping off the effects of surgery, and as much as I am sure I’ll pay for this latter, it’s kind of fun to hear her slightly delirious dreams…  “no…  nope.  ha, ha.  where?”  She let me grab a few photos of her pre-surgery, but I will not push my luck…  It’s nice to have her back, as good as the care has been here, it’s good to be in the same room with her again…

Edit!!  It may be her drug induced state, but she did give me the OK to put this up here…


January 12, 2011

What do wood stoves and a Swiss man have in common….

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Well?  Do you know?  They both say Woof.  Sort of.  A wood stove does if you use gas to start it (no I don’t).  A Swiss man does if he is a WOOFER.  A what?  Um, well, Take a look at this so you know what I mean, cause I don’t know if I can really explain it… He’s staying with my parents, helping out for a few weeks.  My dad has most of their side covered on his site:  Helping out on Saturday meant keeping a date with a friend with wood.  We had a little ‘scouting trip’ last weekend and set up the better part of a Saturday to cut wood.  Maple.  4 years old maple.  Hard.  Maple.  Hard.  It needs a little more seasoning.  And we need to go back.  Cause there is a bit more.  Oh, and the company isn’t too bad either, or the baking.  Or the view.  Did I mention that the rounds are really hard?  And it’s tempting to put off the last of it till her farm is in full bloom.  Can you think of anything better than cutting wood on a lavender farm?  I can’t.

The tip of the iceberg.

Going over the mechanics of splitting….


More toys!

2/3 of the great company on the lavender farm.  Who wouldn’t want to spend some time with these boys!?  (no they

are not the ones who do the baking)

Don’t forget we love comments!

Wir lieben Anmerkungen!


December 25, 2010


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Merry Christmas to you!  Oh internet it’s been an odd year hasn’t it.  From a slow start to far to busy to even think about posting, and now trying to get back in the saddle during the holiday rush.  I love taking the time to remember the year past, the highs and lows, and the fun memories, and hard work.  It also a fun time to look to the next year.  Besides a new website and blog, there are no earth shaking changes in our plans.  I expect life to throw us all the curve balls we can handle.

I also love being able to spend a bunch of time with my family.  Really the motor driving all I do, as I see it my ‘mission’.  Watching my girls ‘sistering’ each other is something that I will never get tired of…

So may sights, sounds, tastes and smells..  And so much to do.  And to take pictures of.

Bokeh courtesy “Lights of Christmas” at Warm Beach Camp


September 23, 2010

One. Last. Night…

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We hope. Spirits lifted by some good friends and family who made the trek from the motherland… Lots of distractions for the “inmate”, and hopes of a (mostly) restful nights sleep.

It can be tough to get out of a reflection….  The patient is just out of view, holding everyones attention.

September 22, 2010


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In short she’s doing better.  Nothing has quite been as I imagined it, and that’s a good thing.  The staff here are truly wonderful.  They have taken wonderful care of our little girl, and of us.  It feels more like we are receiving care as a family.  It was not entirely unexpected.  Many folks have told us their stories.  Laura (from edit1media) told me a little about her perspective, a few months ago, and as we have been updating Facebook and Twitter, there have been many others.

September 17, 2010

It’s been a blur.

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The summer.  Has been a blur.  I jumped into the blog this afternoon and was flabbergasted, that it’s been almost a month.  The “short hiatus” I had given myself had grown…  And Internet, I am sorry.  It will get better.  It must.  For I have missed you.  There is something cathartic about blogging.  And shortly I will need this.

The following frames are from our family trip to the fair this summer.  Her hair is a bit shorter now.  Swim lessons didn’t do it any favors.  And our lives will be on pins and needles a bit next week as well.  We are hoping that some of her long term health issues will be resolved at the end, but any time a parent hears “hospital stay” their nails get short and their blood pressure goes up.  As if raising girls doesn’t give me enough gray hair.

If we are friends on Facebook, I’ll be updating there…  And probably blogging for therapy here…

August 9, 2010

Bringing in the harvest.

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So this has several meanings for us. At the moment we are swimming, no drowning in produce, eggs, fresh fruits and berries. There are also weddings and other target rich work for the camera, prep for the upcoming school year, birthdays (August has like 4, just for the immediate family). There are the fairs (and “required” entries), parks, and the odd nap in the sun… Life at the moment is full. So updates here have gotten sporadic, and probably won’t really fill back in till the weather turns, and the veggies and fruits are all safely tucked into cans, jars, freezer bags and the fall foodstuffs are looking after themselves.

I will try to toss the occasional frame up here, and you can be sure that any really big happenings will be documented (I had to remind myself that the blog is meant to be a more personal thing. No need to get every job posted). To that tune, at the moment though I am looking through over 4,000 personal frames from the last half of June and all of July. I’ll get a few of them loaded, and hopefully by fall, it will all be current again. Just in time to be thrown for a loop by the holidays.

There is also the ever pressing site re-build in progress. There was an initial rush into a design, layout and then graphics, oh yes. Graphics. Odd how that has pressed the need to answer some questions that I have been putting off for several years. So as 2011 approaches, there will be some re-configuring of the pricing for weddings, bringing some very luxurious products into the mix, and revising the coverage that is offered, to fit more with the “wedding story” that will be truly uniquely yours.

So in the mean time, here is a photograph of the yummy snap peas that were on the vine in early June. All these little guys are now taking a freezer nap till they are called on for a fall stir fry. How fast has the summer gone. This planting is about the have the last of the peas harvested, shelled, and frozen (or canned, we haven’t decided yet)..


May 31, 2010

The Good Doctor.

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We got a little pre-view of a birth center that’s slated to open up later this month.  How did we swing that?  Well the “Good Doctor” was our midwife for our second little bundle of joy!  We opted to have a birth center birth a year ago in April with our youngest and hope that next time we don’t have to drive all the way up to Bellingham.  They have a wonderful birth center there, but you can hear Canada from up there (nothing aginst the Canadians).

The new birth center is going to be really nice, two BIG birth suites with tubs, normal beds and plenty of seating for the folks who really should be there.  The best part for me?  They painted the ceilings WHITE!!  I love natural light, really and truly, but as I am hoping to be shooting a few brand new little one’s up there, I am looking forward to the options a big ol chunk of white ceiling will give me at o’dark thirty.  Once their site is live I’ll put a link up.  She was telling us about some of the interior 360 views they have put together for it and I am looking forward to it!

So here she is, Dr. Antonich, I don’t think I’ll ever forget her saying “well then you better get going” when I told her my wife’s contractons were about 8 min apart at 4 in the morning…

She was kind enough to let me sit her next to one of their lovey big soft windows when we were there.

Hopefully a few of my prints and canvases will grace their walls over the course of the few weeks.  We got some sad news the other day that is going to be tying up some of her time, we are hoping for the best for her and her family…

Edit:  The site for the birth center is live!  Check it out here: They have a grand opening later this month,

come and visit and you’ll understand why so many people are opting for a more natural birth!

May 28, 2010

The Book! 4 years in the making!

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I’ll put up a picture or two here shortly but I wanted to share that I am super excited have gotten the tracking number on the Fed Ex shipment that has the 120 page (!) book of our daughter’s first 4 years!  It took me 14 months of here and there to get it put together, mostly because it was for me.  No deadline, and a high (my) standard…  I am super excited to see how it all came out…

Oh, and have a good Memorial day!

May 18, 2010

Not trying to compete…

I hit one of those “moments” that photographers look for.  Henri Cartier-Bresson is…  OK, I am not going to try to get him summed up here.  Instead look here, and here.  Look cause otherwise the whole “moment” thing is going to be lost on you.   And frankly I think this shot stands on it’s own.  This is a moment, and an expression that I have been trying to capture for several years.  Totally candid, and yes.  Her shoe was wet.

Nikon F5, BW400CN, 50mm

March 19, 2010

“in the frame” Randy Phillips…

Have you ever wondered what happened to the wacky guy who drug you all over the US, Canada and into a foreign country in a 12 passenger van when you were in high school?  You know, the guy.  If you remember all the way back to high school.  He (or she) was probably the one adult that seemed to “get you”.  He’d let you think you were getting away with more than your parents would have.  And you could tell him things that you would not tell anyone not born in your decade.  He actually listened to some of the same music, but was up front to point out that some of it was, well, nasty junk.  He’d say “do you hear what they are saying?” and your immediate reaction was to re-listen to the song, not kick out with a “whatever (insert parental authority figure of choice), you just don’t get it”.  Yeah, that’s the guy.  For me that guy was Randy Phillips.  He took over the youth group at the Church I grew up at right before I stepped into the awkward bumbling stage that I managed to live all through high school. From Seattle, to Canada, to Colorado to Ecuador, he was around to keep me from killing myself not that I was suicidal.  Just a regular guy trying to prove something.  He had a front row seat as I managed to repeatedly make a fool of myself, and while I think he enjoyed the antics he always seemed to enjoy more the conversations we had about how I might have handled a situation better.  In a nutshell, he let me make safe mistakes right in front of him, and was always willing to be a sounding board as I figured myself out

Is he different now?  Well sort of.  During a hiatus from ministry he started his own highly successful consulting business.  Check him out here: he’s also on FaceBook, and if you know him I would recommend keeping in touch with him there, I don’t think he holds still very long.

Back to the consulting, I have always been a bit skeptical of consultants.  Our lunch the other day changed that forever.  Over a flash back filled lunch at Taco Bell, he gave me more to think about with respect to my photography business than I can grind through in a month.  I’m still working on the first two big points he made for me. In fact I was so engrossed in our conversation, it wasn’t till I realized that I needed to have left 10 min before that I even pulled out my camera! He kept talking while I shot, we must have looked kind of ridiculous, and I only had a couple of keepers.  I had no luck filing all the rich information he had poured into my head enough to think about anything but grabbing a roughly appropriate exposure, and as to the other “things” I try to bring to the table photographically, I crashed and burned. I supposed in the end it worked.

The crazy thing?  Looking through the photos, he looks exactly the same as I remember him.  Whatever he’s using.  I want some.

January 21, 2010

“In The Frame” coming tonight to Stanwood Wa.

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So here’s the premise, it’s kind of a long thread but there is an end to it… I’ve been thinking about a “personal project” for a long time (my wife likes to say, everything I do is a personal project 🙂 ), and the list of possibilities is long. Some of them I have looped back to several times, but they have never really stuck. Then a few weeks ago, after listening to an interview of David duChemin, author of “Within the Frame” it hit me. David (he’s not the only one) is a big proponent of shooting what you love. If you like cats, shoot cats, cars, then cars… Because you connect to that subject on an emotional level, and therefore probably shoot better photos of it/them. I love photographing people, why, because of the emotional connection I have with them. I love making photos that will resonate with people who really know the subject in the photo. And so I thought, why not shoot some of the people who I have connected with, in my past, and now? It’s not something that will be wrapped in a week, or a month. For crying out loud one of the “must shoots” lives in New York, one I haven’t seen since my wedding, and one is no longer with us.

So stay tuned, look for the “In The Frame” post title, and get ready to meet some people who I hold near and dear. Some things to keep in mind, I am posting these in no particular order, outside that I have been able to connect with them and get a few minutes to take some photos. Yes my wife would probably have been first, but it’s going to take a little more sweet talking to get her to do it willingly she’s the last person in the world I would try to arm twist into something, cause that never goes well. And that’s the last thing, accessibility to the people is probably going to drive the order more than anything else. With two exceptions, all the photos I am doing for this will be fresh. Not re-treads. Mostly.

So tune in tonight for “ITF” #1. One other item of note, check back on Feb 1st for a Wedding Special that will run till the 14th.

April 10, 2009

Dry Grass.

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I read a wonderful post to day about shooting film.  It’s worth the read, and the link is here.  I’ve been shooting more film lately (when I’m not helping my wife “nest”).  It’s been good to move at a bit of a slower pace.  Here is one I had from a roll last summer.  I think I prefer B&W film in camera.  I see color film and think “photoshop”.  And it’s no wonder with the digital “filters” out there to replicate the look of the popular color emulsions.  I’m almost done with the wedding, and hope to get in posted before the stork shows up!


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