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April 20, 2011

Through the woods again… (or a walk in Wonderland)

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I don’t know what it is about my girls and hospitals.  Or April for that matter….

We are through the woods again though.  Last September our oldest had a nice little vacation down at Children’s Hospital, this month it was Mommy’s turn up at Skagit Valley…  Chronic intestinal trouble is hopefully behind us now.  My best friend is still sleeping off the effects of surgery, and as much as I am sure I’ll pay for this latter, it’s kind of fun to hear her slightly delirious dreams…  “no…  nope.  ha, ha.  where?”  She let me grab a few photos of her pre-surgery, but I will not push my luck…  It’s nice to have her back, as good as the care has been here, it’s good to be in the same room with her again…

Edit!!  It may be her drug induced state, but she did give me the OK to put this up here…



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