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July 8, 2011

4th of July…. Postmortem.

Postmortem as in, it’s behind us.  No one died.  No skin was burned, and no ear drums ruptured.  All fingers accounted for.  Except for the critters and the 2 year old, it was a complete success.  The animals are not fans of anything loud and flashing, and apparently the 2 year old isn’t either.  She was OK with smoke bombs though.  As long as her big cousin (superhero in her eyes) is keeping her safe.



December 7, 2010

Visiting a neighbor (sort of…)

I have a good friend who blogs with the regularity of a clock. At three minutes to 9 every day. So that’s what her blog is called. She buys duck eggs from us from time to time, and asked folks she knew about their Christmas traditions, and my wife gave her a quick synopsis. I was tapped for some photos. The night shots are from last year at Westlake, this years shots will be here shortly, and the cake photos are what a “professional” shoots when he is is own customer (my favorite!).

Here’s the link to her blog:

Her blog is worth bookmarking!


December 18, 2009

Good food is hard to find….

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I had the pleasure of attending a Christmas Party the other day with some incredible food.  And I know good food.  I am not some kind of epicurean snob.  When asked about my preference for food my canned response is “if it’s not moving, I’ll eat it”.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy good food.  I typically “bulk up” around the holidays.  I like to blame three women in particular.  My wife, my mother and my mother in law.  When it comes to home cooking, they are the Trinity, the tri-fecta of food.  They are trying to kill me with love (and pumpkin pie).  They are not all that shabby with the more exotic or fancy pants stuff either.  From perfect Crem Brule to perfectly marinated and cooked steak.  Check out the recent Thanksgiving post…

So all of this to say that the food that was served up at this Christmas Party was incredible.  I have had the dis-pleasure of some very bad catered buffet food, and this food was so good, that it seems rude to mention it in the same sentence.  From the crab dip to the steak skewers and the desert!  I just wish these folks did this full time!  I would love to run into them at more events!  Here’s a shot of one of the deserts, I can still taste it….

December 1, 2009

You spin me right -round….

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It’s a long standing tradition. And it goes back about 16 years. Every year we go down to Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle to watch them light the Christmas Tree. My wife used to be one of the girls singing in the choirs (and I used to hang out to listen to her). Thanks to family in the area, even when we were at school in Spokane, we were still able to be in Seattle on the Friday after Thanksgiving and get downtown. We usually park at the Seattle Center and ride the monorail into Westlake. It’s a load of fun and is something our oldest daughter asks about starting in September. There is a carousel to ride, and the lights to look at, and all in all it’s a really nice time. Usually some of the family comes along and this year was no different. Here are a couple of the shots that I liked. Nothing fancy, just some time with the family.

Here’s the carousel and the Bon (oops) Macy’s star.

The ol Needel.

November 26, 2009

Beg your Pardon?

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Just a quick note to say “Happy Thanksgiving!” I didn’t have much time this year, but I thought of this shot from last year and it still makes me chuckle, and the whole pardon thing. You’re looking at Duke, and he’s happily looking forward to 2010…

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