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October 31, 2011

Back to the table…

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Hello again, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  It’s not that you aren’t important to me, but internet, well, there are other things that have been getting shat spare time I might have.  Just because the tape seems to have stopped rolling here, doesn’t mean life has come to a halt.  Quite the contrary.  The busier I am, the less I am here.  And it’s actually gotten so crazy out there in the real world that the camera has actually been in the drawer for (gasp) multiple days…  (I’ll let you recover from the shock)…

I am not going to promise a steady diet of updates, and fresh pressings, but I do want to get back into the habit.  It’s good for me.  In small doses.  So here’s a small bite.  Prep for a cooking demo my wife did recently.  We had to pre-make about two dozen home made tortillas, and as we don’t have a commercial kitchen, the dining table was pressed into service…  And yes they are good, just a touch salty, and they cry for something friendly and spicy to wrap themselves around….



August 5, 2011

The Galloping Gardner…

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Another ‘right on’, ‘yea!’ or ‘amen!’ moment.  I did a full wright up over on the Farm Blog…  Check it out.  For a quick shot here is Pat and Graham Kerr enjoying a break between services…

If you get a chance, do check out his site. I am hoping to see some photos of the garden at some point!!!


June 9, 2010


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We have a great garden in this year.  And on the advice of my dad, I planted a bunch of radishes…  They come up super quick and with an antsy preschooler that’s a good thing.  We went out a few weeks ago and snagged the first couple of radishes for a dinner salad.  Crisp and yummy!  She said I had to put one up on the blog.  So everyone could see it.  And yes.  It’s just a little bigger than a blue berry.

June 7, 2010

Wonderful Citrus Sweetness!

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My wife is a rock star cook.  Really.  No kidding.  Her killer cooking and my lack of self control are a bad combination.  For me.  I thought I would share this with you all.  This is all you get.  Cause I got all the left overs.

This is actually from Mother’s Day.  She let me cut up the orange, but that was it.  And the cheese cake was AWESOME! Sadly I did have to share some…  Ah well Father’s day is coming…

And now that we all have a sugar head ache…  I’m going to go brew up another pot of coffee.

December 30, 2009

Sugar, time, sugar, time, little orage peels, more time and… sugar.

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Basically that’s it.  For Candied Orange peels.  Come Christmas time, I get into the kitchen for candy making.  My bride takes care of all the baking (I tried this year, to bake come cookies, and again, we know why it’s her job).  She calls me the “candy man” though.  I get to stir hot pots of boiling sugar water, to make (primarily) Candied Orange Peels and Eastern Butter Crunch.  Just typing the names gives me the sugar jitters.  And making them pushes me further into full blown diabetes.  The EBC is kind of a quick, looooong thing, not so conducive to shooting.  The Candied Orange Peels are however.  So please pardon my poor lighting on these quick grab shots, half the fun was shooting all of this with available light (it still blows my mind shooting at iso 2000 and getting an image as clean as these are).

December 18, 2009

Good food is hard to find….

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I had the pleasure of attending a Christmas Party the other day with some incredible food.  And I know good food.  I am not some kind of epicurean snob.  When asked about my preference for food my canned response is “if it’s not moving, I’ll eat it”.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy good food.  I typically “bulk up” around the holidays.  I like to blame three women in particular.  My wife, my mother and my mother in law.  When it comes to home cooking, they are the Trinity, the tri-fecta of food.  They are trying to kill me with love (and pumpkin pie).  They are not all that shabby with the more exotic or fancy pants stuff either.  From perfect Crem Brule to perfectly marinated and cooked steak.  Check out the recent Thanksgiving post…

So all of this to say that the food that was served up at this Christmas Party was incredible.  I have had the dis-pleasure of some very bad catered buffet food, and this food was so good, that it seems rude to mention it in the same sentence.  From the crab dip to the steak skewers and the desert!  I just wish these folks did this full time!  I would love to run into them at more events!  Here’s a shot of one of the deserts, I can still taste it….

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