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December 24, 2011

Christmas with friends….

You might have seen this post.  We had a blast, and the folks at Eagle Wings were kind enough to invite us come and shoot another event, their annual Christmas Party.  As you enjoy this Christmas season, take a minute and enjoy the photos of some other folks, who really enjoyed themselves a few weeks ago.  I had a blast, not only were all the folks at the party happy to be there, but I got to shoot it with my brother in law!  He seemed to have a great time as well, and I’ll point out what frames are his, cause he had some great ones!!

Here’s one of his frames…  There are a couple more…

All in all a great time!



December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving with friends…

I had the opportunity to shoot for an organization out of Marysville, Eagle Wing Ministries.  I can’t really put words to it, so I’ll show you.  Just a bit of explanation…  The guests arrived, and had their portraits taken by myself and Kristen.  Then then went in for a craft and dinner…  Tip- Click on one of the images below and let the slide show load, then enjoy the photos full sized!


October 31, 2011

Back to the table…

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Hello again, it’s been a while hasn’t it?  It’s not that you aren’t important to me, but internet, well, there are other things that have been getting shat spare time I might have.  Just because the tape seems to have stopped rolling here, doesn’t mean life has come to a halt.  Quite the contrary.  The busier I am, the less I am here.  And it’s actually gotten so crazy out there in the real world that the camera has actually been in the drawer for (gasp) multiple days…  (I’ll let you recover from the shock)…

I am not going to promise a steady diet of updates, and fresh pressings, but I do want to get back into the habit.  It’s good for me.  In small doses.  So here’s a small bite.  Prep for a cooking demo my wife did recently.  We had to pre-make about two dozen home made tortillas, and as we don’t have a commercial kitchen, the dining table was pressed into service…  And yes they are good, just a touch salty, and they cry for something friendly and spicy to wrap themselves around….


August 9, 2011

Wedding Pre-view….

With way more to come.  From Camano Island, to Green lake Seattle, to the LDS Temple in Bellevue, and back to Camano…  It was an awesome chance to tell an entire wedding day story.  Here is a tiny little peak, on the island, in the morning.  They aren’t even set up completely yet….

August 5, 2011

The Galloping Gardner…

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Another ‘right on’, ‘yea!’ or ‘amen!’ moment.  I did a full wright up over on the Farm Blog…  Check it out.  For a quick shot here is Pat and Graham Kerr enjoying a break between services…

If you get a chance, do check out his site. I am hoping to see some photos of the garden at some point!!!


July 8, 2011

4th of July…. Postmortem.

Postmortem as in, it’s behind us.  No one died.  No skin was burned, and no ear drums ruptured.  All fingers accounted for.  Except for the critters and the 2 year old, it was a complete success.  The animals are not fans of anything loud and flashing, and apparently the 2 year old isn’t either.  She was OK with smoke bombs though.  As long as her big cousin (superhero in her eyes) is keeping her safe.


June 27, 2011

Iverson Beach.

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Sun.  Sand.  Water.  Good food.  Kids.  And some really good friends.  Really.  Good.  Friends.  I think it’s hard work to be our friends.  It’s not that we don’t have a lot of folks we call friends, but it seems like some of those really special relationships are stretched by time and distance.  This family is another example.  They have been everywhere, and have landed back in Portland.  They continue to blow us away with their incredible hearts.  They come up to the sound once a year, to stay at a place on Camano Island, last year they came to the farm, this year, we were invited to the beach house.  Yep, we are spoiled.  It is awesome to hang out with folks who have such a similar parenting mindset, child rambunctious/obedience ratio, interests, and sense of humor…  Take a look….


(side note…  It’s late and I’m tired of messing with the formatting…  If it the layout looks funny it’s me, not you.)

March 8, 2011

A beautiful, happy, smiling Stanwood Wedding…

Smile.  I probably said it a bunch out of habit, but it was more to get folks to look at the camera, they were already smiling.  Julie and Nathan were married on October 2nd, in a day that was picture perfect!  We had some wonderful clouds for the group photos outside, and then during the ceremony, the clouds broke up and blessed us with some beautiful bright sun, blue sky and white puffy clouds.  And smiles.  The entire day was full of people who were happy to be right where they were.  The friends and family that came around Julie and Nathan to support and be a part of their day were fantastic!

I know I was smiling too, Julie is one of those wonderful brides who is laid back, easy going, and knows not to sweat the small stuff.  Not that there was any “small stuff” to sweat.  I think the biggest “issue” was the tux for the ring bearer.  But I don’t know many kids his age who think to tuck in a dress shirt.  Oh, but there was that little ring issue….  But I’ll let Julie tell that story, cause she does a much better job!

Here are some of my favorite shots…  And yes, I was able to have Joscelyn with me again as a 2nd shooter and assistant (score!).

The flower girls were a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.


One of my favorite shots of the day.  Not sure why I keep coming back to it but I do..



Edit: This post is way overdue. In fact I should feel shame faced. I am. My apologies for this, and as the next few posts come out you will get a chance to see where I have been and where I am going. Hang in there, and have faith. You are getting the view from the back seat. I’m duck taped to the front bumper.

December 29, 2010


I love stories.  I always have.  I devoured them as a child.  Books, movies, and most of all the stories of my family.  To be taken away, somewhere real, or imagined if only for a few hours.  I also love telling stories.  As I was cruzing through all the personal photos from the year (almost done.  really.) I kept turning around to talk to my wife about the stories.  “Remember when we…  Do you think we should do this again, look how happy…  Wow, she has GROWN!…  I don’t remember feeling that tired….”  I am looking forward to 2011.  There will be some new stories, new memories, safely tucked away to be enjoyed and reminisced over later….

Like this one.  The trip to the Zoo.  Off season, later in the day, almost all to ourselves.  There were loads of great frames, but I think this one really told the story.  Do you think she’s excited?  Who wouldn’t?

December 22, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas. (or i can live on 4 hours a night, can you?)

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It’s that time again.  Trees, cookies, presents, candy, candles, egg-nog, family and food (did I mention food?)  There are so many wonderful traditions for celebrating this time of year.  I just wanted to toss a few quick photos up from our annual trip to Westlake Mall for the annual tree lighting.  It’s a little different every year, and one of the chances for our kids to get to the “city”.  If you know the area, I won’t need to narrate for you….



(check out all those LCD’s, I can almost hear the cell tower melting as people posted the photos to facebook)

Some window shopping (we didn’t buy anything but dinner, and coffee) and the trip back.

December 14, 2010

More Celtic Fairing….

Here is another post that’s long overdue.  Back in August (really, August?) our church had a Celtic Faire, think fun Irish music, fair food, games and general fun.  I was at the inaugural event a couple years ago, and for some reason it just didn’t come together last year.  This year the weather conspired against us, but like the rough tough Irish, we simply carried on.  It cleared up, and as anything where there is cotton candy, games and kids; it all ended well…

These last two shots are of a really cool game, battling tops, supplied by Barry Reed of Seattle Game Rentals.

December 7, 2010

Visiting a neighbor (sort of…)

I have a good friend who blogs with the regularity of a clock. At three minutes to 9 every day. So that’s what her blog is called. She buys duck eggs from us from time to time, and asked folks she knew about their Christmas traditions, and my wife gave her a quick synopsis. I was tapped for some photos. The night shots are from last year at Westlake, this years shots will be here shortly, and the cake photos are what a “professional” shoots when he is is own customer (my favorite!).

Here’s the link to her blog:

Her blog is worth bookmarking!


December 5, 2010

The Author

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Well right off you know I’m not talking about myself.  I trip over my words like a dizzy 19 month old on a sugar rush.  Bad bad deal.  I prefer photographs.  So here’s the author.  I have been watching him work this book along, and I can tell you, like anything that you create, with purpose and drive, it has taken a lot of work.  And it really speaks to the community that is all around us..  And if you want to know more, read the book.  (Although I hear a movie is in the works)


October 7, 2010

The Race Of The Century!!!

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Lawn Mower 500.  It was quite an event two years ago.  Some folks understand the serious nature of this, others just don’t want to.  Take it seriously.  It is always fun though.  The kids act as pit crews, and there are requirements for making a specific number of pit stops.  It can get heated in the pits, all that exhaust, and spinning blades (kidding!!) and a desire to get back out as quickly as possible.  Quick, fast as you can!  Get that mower back up to it’s high gear!

“maybe next year I will be big enough to race”

Do you want to find out more about this bunch of folks, you can find out more here:



September 23, 2010

One. Last. Night…

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We hope. Spirits lifted by some good friends and family who made the trek from the motherland… Lots of distractions for the “inmate”, and hopes of a (mostly) restful nights sleep.

It can be tough to get out of a reflection….  The patient is just out of view, holding everyones attention.

September 21, 2010

Personal Day.

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I’ve been pretty unplugged today.  Although I’m pushing plenty of content to Facebook.  And it has done my heart good to see all the well wishes, kind words and prayers that folks have left.   Thank you.  It’s probably a good thing, but apparently their network doesn’t allow hitting remote e-mail servers…

Our big girl is currently “being re-configured” at Children’s Hospital.  Nothing earth shattering.   In fact when it’s all done, all she will have to show for it will be a couple of little scars.   Frankly so far, it’s been harder on Mommy and myself.   She’s in for a 3 day stay (possibly).  So I should have some time to catch up on my blogging while she rests, and it’s therapeutic.   So I’m looking forward to being able to.  Expect more.  But don’t hold your breath.  We have that covered..

July 26, 2010

A totally 80’s Zumba experience!

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What a blast.  I am going to try to stay away from all of the 80’s vernacular that I could throw in here.  Studio Z Stanwood threw a killer (oops) 80’s themed party/Zumba event this last Friday night and I was asked to come in and shoot it for them!  Loved it!  Any time folks are getting together to have some fun, I’m all in.  The event was coordinated by Greg over at LinkedIQ, and the DJ was none other than SeattleDJ Jeremy Williams.  I could not stay away from the urge to color process the images for a more authentic 80’s look.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.  Let me know what you think!

This next photograph is one of my favorites shots of the night.  Love the light, energy and color!

Do you remember video cassettes?  Remember trying to wind the rental back in so you didn’t get charged for it!?!?

Fun game, if you can hold onto the pen!

And one last detail shot- totally forgot how rad leg warmers look!

Hit the comments and let me know what photograph you like best!

July 16, 2010


Another frame from my visit to the Wooden Boat Center in Seattle.  Fun little note on this?  I shot it with my F5, and although you can’t see it in the frame, the guy/company I bought it from is in the photo.  Looking across Lake Union you can see Gasworks parkChase Jarvis‘ studio/office is just up the hill from Gasworks, and that’s who I got it from.  So, it’s a shot I like, and a photograph of a great photographer.

July 12, 2010

Hey (or is it Hay?)

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I get teased (for good reason) for my spelling.

Also for my impulsiveness. But that has it’s advantages. Like the other day, driving through Sylvana. I spotted a “free hay” sign. After a few quick calls and a stop at the house to get into more appropriate cloths, my brother in law and I loaded up about 30 first cuttings. Now probably 6 felt like there was a good sized dog in them. They got left out of the barn. In fact one of them was cooking at about 150′ by 10:00 that night. It was free because it had gotten wet, then dried and re-cured before being bailed. Some of it’s probably OK for the goats, lots will end up as bedding, and mulch. And if the money train runs off the tracks, well that’s what the goats will get this winter… And no, the barn still isn’t painted. (I would hate to disturb the swallows in the bird house)

July 9, 2010

Les & Makesha’s Stanwood open air wedding!

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What a absolutely perfect day!  The weather cooperated (and there was fear in my heart that it would not, oh yes!) in a wonderful blue sky, warm, sunny, spring is coming kind of way.  Les and Makesha picked a wonderfully convenient location, in an open field, with distant tree line and a warm breeze!  There was some great rustic “dwelling” in the background that gave some wonderful texture and interest to some of the group shots…

Makesha is a local Zumba instructor, don’t know what that is?  Well check her site out here: (I shot her benefit event a while back too, it’s here)  What did that mean for the dancing?  Lots of it!  With some great beats!  Good times!  I was a bit nervous about this wedding as Les is a photographer as well, He just had finished some work for NOAH (a local animal rescue) and has the images up on his site here: Really it worked out great!  Knowing a little bit about what I would be dealing with (bright light, no shade, mid afternoon) Les picked the location allowing me to keep my back to the sun for the most part, and the background was awesome, smooth grass into the trees.

Hair was got all styled up by Shelly Anderson with Salon Capelli, in Marysville.  You can catch her at 425-239-1217

Makesha’s makup was done by Tina Panich, she is a guru and super fun to have around getting all ready! Here site is going together as we speak, so for how you can reach her at fourtwofive-422-0690 and e-mail

The Cake was uber yummy!  Jessica did an awesome job!  The cake tasted as good as it looked.  You can see more of her cakes and reach her through her site at

The music was hot even after the couple drove off into the sunset, you can reach the DJ’s via e-mail and by phone fourtwofive-359-9450

All in all it was a wild success, here are a few of my favorites…

::First dance::

Les and Makesha were were really sweet at the cake cutting, the second helping (after some dancing) was a little more mischievous!

(note the cake “facial” in the last shot)

Off into the sunset!

July 6, 2010

Networking, Social Media, and Web Presence Architecture

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I love where I get to go.  I have been able to shoot sport bikes at 60 mph just feet from the asphalt.  Brides on the biggest day of their lives.  Babies, just minutes old…  So while this isn’t exactly a new little bundle of joy, it was cool to get to sit in on one of the training sessions being run by the folks at and sponsored by (among others) the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve been sort of into social networking for some time, but Greg has this dialed in.  I know he is amassing a very impressive client list, (I am happy to be included on said list).  What’s that you say?  Oh yes, and new site is sssllloowwwlllllyyyyy moving forward.  Till I can brag on that, take a peek at my behind the scenes shots of the training last week.

March 17, 2010

Zumba Master Class in Stanwood!

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Back at it again!  This time the girls at Studio Z (link here) managed to get a master instructor to come in for a special 90min class.  Lots of fun, not quite as PACKED as last time I shot here, that’s a good thing.  I was able to move around without worrying about getting kicked, knocked down or what not.  Also most of the folks in the class had “instructor” somewhere on their outfits, so I was not as worried about getting the dreaded hate mail “take my picture down or I’ll set fire to your blog!”.  This time the beats were covered by Jeremy (link here), another DJ friend of mine…  Sarah picked a few of her favorites, here are some of mine!  Possible link to all the images coming…. stay tuned!

Now for a couple of my favorites!

And for the last two- here’s one of the lead instructors Sarah!  Her kiddos were there enjoying the post workout beats when the little guy had an unfortunate gravity generated accident.  Yes sir, that floor is hard!  Cuties though!

If you want to see more, check them out!  They have a full schedule posted on their site (link at the top of the post)!!

If you want to see all the images from the evening check them out here:

Edit:  Just a note, with the exception of the last two images, all of these were shot above ISO 1600.  Noisy noisy!  But my mantra is “I’d rather have a noisy image than no image”, flash helps freeze the action, but to keep the ambient from dying I kept the ISO jacked way up.  I’ll post about this at some point so the people who aren’t pixel peepers will understand…  🙂

January 22, 2010

“In The Frame” : Greg Sicotte


I met Greg just 3 short years ago, when we moved up to Stanwood.  Fact is, he’s probably the person on my “in the frame” list who I have known for the shortest time and met most recently.  But we’ve crammed a lot into the three years.  We have some of those kooky connections that make meeting new people fun.  He went to the high school my father in law was the Vice Principal at, their oldest daughter is very close in age to ours.  He is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  You do get to learn a lot about someone by meeting with them once a week, every week, for three years.  I look forward to our weekly coffee and head clearing…

Greg is a true entrepreneur.  He started, built, and sold a tremendously successful service company, as his interest and passion has shifted he invested his time in web development, understanding not not just the how but more the why.  He is someone who loves to learn, to question and to listen.  A meticulous attention to detail, a desire to learn about the industry that he is serving; all give him the knowledge, skill and drive to exceed his clients expectations.  He’s also helped me focus more on my passions.  My family, faith and priorities..  He is someone I wish I had met years ago.

So without further ado- here he is…

If you want to learn a little more about him, or see some of what he’s done he was kind enough to send me some links…  And when I can, he’s going to be giving my whole web presence a once over…

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