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August 9, 2010

Bringing in the harvest.

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So this has several meanings for us. At the moment we are swimming, no drowning in produce, eggs, fresh fruits and berries. There are also weddings and other target rich work for the camera, prep for the upcoming school year, birthdays (August has like 4, just for the immediate family). There are the fairs (and “required” entries), parks, and the odd nap in the sun… Life at the moment is full. So updates here have gotten sporadic, and probably won’t really fill back in till the weather turns, and the veggies and fruits are all safely tucked into cans, jars, freezer bags and the fall foodstuffs are looking after themselves.

I will try to toss the occasional frame up here, and you can be sure that any really big happenings will be documented (I had to remind myself that the blog is meant to be a more personal thing. No need to get every job posted). To that tune, at the moment though I am looking through over 4,000 personal frames from the last half of June and all of July. I’ll get a few of them loaded, and hopefully by fall, it will all be current again. Just in time to be thrown for a loop by the holidays.

There is also the ever pressing site re-build in progress. There was an initial rush into a design, layout and then graphics, oh yes. Graphics. Odd how that has pressed the need to answer some questions that I have been putting off for several years. So as 2011 approaches, there will be some re-configuring of the pricing for weddings, bringing some very luxurious products into the mix, and revising the coverage that is offered, to fit more with the “wedding story” that will be truly uniquely yours.

So in the mean time, here is a photograph of the yummy snap peas that were on the vine in early June. All these little guys are now taking a freezer nap till they are called on for a fall stir fry. How fast has the summer gone. This planting is about the have the last of the peas harvested, shelled, and frozen (or canned, we haven’t decided yet)..



July 26, 2010

A totally 80’s Zumba experience!

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What a blast.  I am going to try to stay away from all of the 80’s vernacular that I could throw in here.  Studio Z Stanwood threw a killer (oops) 80’s themed party/Zumba event this last Friday night and I was asked to come in and shoot it for them!  Loved it!  Any time folks are getting together to have some fun, I’m all in.  The event was coordinated by Greg over at LinkedIQ, and the DJ was none other than SeattleDJ Jeremy Williams.  I could not stay away from the urge to color process the images for a more authentic 80’s look.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.  Let me know what you think!

This next photograph is one of my favorites shots of the night.  Love the light, energy and color!

Do you remember video cassettes?  Remember trying to wind the rental back in so you didn’t get charged for it!?!?

Fun game, if you can hold onto the pen!

And one last detail shot- totally forgot how rad leg warmers look!

Hit the comments and let me know what photograph you like best!

July 16, 2010


Another frame from my visit to the Wooden Boat Center in Seattle.  Fun little note on this?  I shot it with my F5, and although you can’t see it in the frame, the guy/company I bought it from is in the photo.  Looking across Lake Union you can see Gasworks parkChase Jarvis‘ studio/office is just up the hill from Gasworks, and that’s who I got it from.  So, it’s a shot I like, and a photograph of a great photographer.

May 12, 2010

Shooting eggs on the farm…

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Here are a few of our farm fresh eggs.  Again there I go with the film…  Shot with my (snif) Mamiya 645.  Sometime last year…  I have a few more film shots to put up, and then I will be done for a while.  Really.  I mean it.

That’s right.  Shot and scanned and that’s it.  No post (well except for the watermark).

Oh and while you are at it, take a look at the Seed Savers Exchange (we get some of our seeds from them).  They have a really informational post about raising chickens in the city, with two really good links at the bottom to other resources for “urban poultry”.

Raise your own poultry

April 21, 2010

A fun spring Birthday!

Just a few “identity disguised” shots from a birthday party the other week.  Beautiful weather and fun kids…

I guess this is how kids play hide and seek now….

December 18, 2009

Good food is hard to find….

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I had the pleasure of attending a Christmas Party the other day with some incredible food.  And I know good food.  I am not some kind of epicurean snob.  When asked about my preference for food my canned response is “if it’s not moving, I’ll eat it”.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy good food.  I typically “bulk up” around the holidays.  I like to blame three women in particular.  My wife, my mother and my mother in law.  When it comes to home cooking, they are the Trinity, the tri-fecta of food.  They are trying to kill me with love (and pumpkin pie).  They are not all that shabby with the more exotic or fancy pants stuff either.  From perfect Crem Brule to perfectly marinated and cooked steak.  Check out the recent Thanksgiving post…

So all of this to say that the food that was served up at this Christmas Party was incredible.  I have had the dis-pleasure of some very bad catered buffet food, and this food was so good, that it seems rude to mention it in the same sentence.  From the crab dip to the steak skewers and the desert!  I just wish these folks did this full time!  I would love to run into them at more events!  Here’s a shot of one of the deserts, I can still taste it….

November 6, 2009


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I am trying to get caught up and clear some things out… And replace the flooring in about 60% of the house. Among other things. I wanted to get these posted last week, when it would have been a bit more timely, but there you go. I truly must stop biting off more than I can chew.
So here is Halloween. Most of the usual stuff, the gem for me was my youngest in a pumpkin. She’s older than our first was for her first Halloween and I am glad I didn’t have to carry the gourd to the truck at the patch (thanks Bro-In-Law!!) My wife decorated some cookies and made a really nice skeleton cake. I truly wish I had taken the time to get a better shot of the cake, it was a work of art! I did grab a nice artsy shot of some of the cookies she frosted. She loves making cakes, and is the official family baker. I think she should offer her services decorating wedding and birthday cakes, but she (in her true wisdom-beyond-my-ability) feels that she is just a bit too busy with the kids, along with all the other stuff she does. She’s probably right.


Here’s the little punkin! Apparently pumpkin tastes good! She though it was so much fun, and did just barely fit in the pumpkin.

The Lil Punkin!

Edit:  My wife suggested that I post a shot of your youngest not eating the pumpkin.  She happily sat in the gourd for about 20 min.  Here was one of my favorites.

Happy little Punkin'

September 21, 2009

Game Night!

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Just another fun Friday night.  Games with the family.  Everyone had fun!  Here are a few detail shots…

I had fun trying out some multiple exposure stuff with the kids too.  I’ll keep at it and put something up when I think it’s not a complete waste of time…

August 26, 2009

Hoop it up!

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It was really fun last weekend!  My folks had some milestone birthdays and a whole pile of folks showed up for food fun and hoop housing!  Lots of people I didn’t know (that doesn’t surprise me) and lots of folks I did!  It was a great success!  I’ve managed a work party or two, and unless you are used to coordinating tasks and materials for 15-20 people it can be a bit overwhelming.  It really did go well, with all but the front door done and the plastic over the top!  Here are a few shots….

August 11, 2009

A lazy Sunday…

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Had a wonderful dinner at the grandparents house on Sunday.  Our oldest got to pick some Tomatoes with her Grampa, and we took a nice walk through the flowers.  There was a humming bird, really fearless, I’ll see if I can find one of those I liked…

Here are a few of my favorites…

Here are the Tomatoes!

The Peaches aren’t ripe yet, but they will be soon!

July 13, 2009

One more from the Park.

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Just finished processing ~200 shots from the softball game this last Sunday.  Lots of fun!  I’ll try to get one or two up in the next day or two.  Here’s one shot from the other day at the arboretum.  I missed it on my first pass, but noticed it when I dove into the July folder for the Softball photos.  Loving the new PC, pushed 170 Raw files into full sized JPG’s in under 4 min.  Used to take 20!  Love it!

Enjoy the shot!


June 8, 2009


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I work with this awesome guy, he got married this last year to a glass artist and she is teaching him some of the in’s and outs of the craft.  This beautiful vase showed up at our office last week and I have been too busy to get a shot of it till today.  It is incredible when the light hits it..  I have been talking to my wife about getting some of their Christmas ornaments for our tree, or to give as gifts…

So here is the shot, you have to hand it to her, she does some great work!  I will also point out that I grabbed this shot on my way out the door, so I did not give any though to controlling the reflection of the papers, windows or myslef in the glass….

You can see more of her work here!

March 3, 2009

I love my job.

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I do really. All of them. My wife and Kids are always fun (work yes, but fun too). My day job as an electrical estimator feeds my photography as well. Not only does it allow me to self direct most of my shooting, but it helps pay for gear and get’s me access to some cool places I would not ordinarily have access to. Not that this shot is from anywhere that unusual. Issaquah, Wa. It’s a little tiny town that grew up.  It used to be nothing but dairy farms and vacation homes, now it’s about as trendy as you get.  But nice to know they haven’t let up on preserving their roots.  The Depot, is where I shot this.  I grabbed some other stuff too, but I liked this best.  They have several old rail cars on tracks, as well as a replica station.  I wasn’t there when it was open as I was looking at some sight lighting for the city.  Mid day light didn’t do me many favors, but I messed with the post prss. and like what Bibble 4.10 spit out.

February 14, 2009

There is music in the details…

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There is something beautiful about a musical instrument.  I happened to actually have my camera out when a friend at Warm Beach Free Methodist Church popped open his violin case.  Low light wasn’t a problem with my 28-70 2.8!  I liked this comp best.  Image is pretty much SOC (Straight out of Camera), just a little tweek to sharpen & adjust the white balance, yea for Bibble 5!


December 29, 2008

Something from the summer….

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Here are two shots from much earlier this summer.  My wife and I had a great time staying at a cute little farm on Camano Island.  It gave us a great chance to talk, and just enjoy a bit of “us” time in our marriage.  Of course I brought the camera along.  As always she was very patient as I took “artsey shots of weird stuff” (the wooden shoe) and as I messed with my tripod on the beach for the sunset shot…

: 24-75mm @25mm f11, 1/45 :

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