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June 28, 2011

14 Years….

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It’s been a lot longer than that. Really. A lot longer. Like grade school. So arguable more like three decades (ish). Kind of hard to believe. If it weren’t for the fact that the photos from 30 years ago look familiar to me….


You are my best friend. My rock, and constant companion. You challenge me to do better, you push me to find ways to improve everything from my parenting, to my faith to rinsing the dishes before putting them in the dish washer. You are with me when I fail. And I like that, cause you end up with me a lot!

You do so much more than care for my children (yes, I know they are yours too), you teach them, love them, sacrifice for them. You worry about them when they seem ‘off’, and hardly sleep when they are sick, or if you think they are. It’s almost annoying how much you love them.

You have such a heart for service, for others, for God and his Kingdom. Your love of His creation reminds me that our job is not to make things as easy for us as possible, but to care for others.

I have no idea where then next year will take us, or the next ten, or 15, but I know you will be next to me, cause I’m going to be next to you.

The past…

I remember her like this… Grade school, and singing with my next door neighbor. Bottom row, Joscelyn’s on the right,

(and BFF) on the left, cute girls huh?

Colledge Freshman! Ahh, the sunflowers… And animals.

Here they are again! (So, no I didn’t marry the girl next door, I married her best friend, no offense Em, but I totally scored!)

One of our big trips as a married couple was to Emily’s wedding in NYC.

Last year. Dinner out. No kids. Paradise, with my wife.



June 16, 2010

Wedding Pre-View!

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We had the honor of shooting Les and Makesha’s wedding this last weekend and could not have planned a better day!  The weather was beautiful, and fit so wonderfully with the venue.  There is much more to follow but I wanted to get something up so you would all know that I had not fallen asleep!

Lining up for the big walk!

May 21, 2010

It’s almost out of my system…

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Almost.  I have really enjoyed my little trip back into the world of film.  I don’t know that I will make a habit of this.  I can see myself shooting a lot of stuff for myself with film.  It’s really let me be part of the moment, not just watching it.  It’s nice though to shoot, and not deal with post till, well, later.  If at all.  At most, the shots I have up here in film (the entire site) are just shot, scanned, and uploaded.  I will nuke a dust spot if it’s really distracting but that’s it.  Oh and I crop just a bit.  Sometimes.  Deets: Nikon F5, 50mm 1.4, 400NC.

April 13, 2010

Family trip to the fields…

Last Saturday was a little different than we though it would be.  And it worked out way better than I could have hoped!  It stared off with a little shearing (photos to follow) and then a trip to the Tulip Festival up north.  Joscelyn packed the backup body and our eldest brought her little Fisher Price camera.  Loaded for fun we got there shortly after noon (forget soft morning lights and dew on the petals) and we had a great time.  Joscelyn and I passed the baby back and forth and had a great time looking at all the colors and taking pictures of each other.

Our eldest really got into it too.  Check out her quick shot of us!  Us “did you get it?”  Her (after checking her LCD) “yep”, us “do you want to take another to make sure?”  Her “nope, I got it”…  One shot, one kill, that’s my girl!

Here are some of my favorites:

Joscelyns shots are here:

And our Future Photographer of the Year:

Just a note, as you look through some of the images you can see little spots (they look like dust spots on the sensor).  They are fly’s.  There were tons of them, all over the place.  Just to show you, unless I’m printing it, I don’t kill myself.  For cryin’ out loud, these are family shots.

November 19, 2009

Fall colors.

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I am no fashion mogul.  When I match, it’s because my wife managed to point me in the right direction, so when I actually look put together you can be sure she had more than a little to do with it.  What do I really love about this?  My kids always look like they walked out of a Gymboree catalog. Even with hand-me-downs.
We have a maple in our yard that has been dropping leaves for a week now. In a momentary flash of inspiration we decided to shoot out youngest’s 6 month photos in the fall setting. Did it take any prep, or re-dressing of the little model? Nope. She was already wearing a very season appropriate color palate, and looked cute doing it.

Playing the game "put the leaf in the mouth, have mommy take it away, pick up another and repeat."

So with this and a one of big sis, we should finally finish out the frame that my wife got back in June. Just in time for me to move it to a different wall, cause furniture get’s board if it stays in one place too long (or that’s what my sister in law says).

February 3, 2009

Sun rise…

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So here is another shot at HDR.  No pun intended…  I am still not sure I am sold on these… Thus I have not paid for the HDR program, thus the watermarking….

: Shot with 24-75 2.8 @ 24mm 5.6 iso 200, Bibble, Photomatrix & Elements :

I am still not sure about this look…  I am hoping to get permission to post some shots from a 90th birthday several weeks ago that I shot.  Cutest people (the old and young!)

Stay tuned!


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