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December 12, 2010

The Big Brother…

My favorite author when I was growing up was Gerald Durrell. I wanted to live his life. He even wrote of his younger years growing up, one of my favorite books from that time of his life was “My Family and Other Animals”. I identified with that. Not that there was a 10 min wait for the bathroom on any given morning, but I had loads of critters. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderfully large, interesting, entertaining and loving extended family. And the description could probably be extended to them as well, the ‘others animals’ bit.

We don’t all have is a big brother like my Uncle Dan though. My dad’s older brother (ok, so as the 5th of 5 boys there are 4 people that applies to..) is one of my two uncle Dan’s. Yep, that’s right. I’ve got two. But that’s another story. Back to the photos. My Dad’s brother Dan was in town for a visit that coincided with my Dad’s book release and signing. We got to go back to their farm for dinner, and some fun with Uncle Dan. Let’s just say our girls love an audience, and Uncle Dan loved being just that for them. And he can be quite a character himself. Joscelyn said she understood me way better after she had met my extended family. I’m not exactly sure what she meant by that.

Careful though.  Everyone has a breaking point….

And just like that.  Back to ‘normal’.



July 22, 2010

Family Photo Session Pre-View!

So, we finally got to meet them!!  We have know A&E for years.  In fact, we knew them BC.  (Before Children).  We get to see them every 12-18 months (now that they are back state side).  Last time we saw them, they were 5 strong.  E’s comment to me was “well, now we are outnumbered”, “wow, how is that going?”, “Fine I suppose, were all here!!”.

Never ones to leave well enough alone, answering “the call” they adopted three brothers.  Just as things were getting close to the end, the earthquake hit Haiti.  Boom.  No idea if the three little boys they were all but ready to go pick up were even OK.  Thank you internet, we were able to watch them video chat just a few days after the quake, all set up by a local Portland news agency.  Incredible.  And thanks to the US government (did I just type that out loud?) the adoption got expedited and they were holding their little ones way sooner than they would have otherwise.

Here is the family- you can see how they all keep it together.  Funny, sense of humor and they are all looking for chances to have a good time.  More images to come…  There were just too many cute ones not to put more up!

July 9, 2010

Les & Makesha’s Stanwood open air wedding!

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What a absolutely perfect day!  The weather cooperated (and there was fear in my heart that it would not, oh yes!) in a wonderful blue sky, warm, sunny, spring is coming kind of way.  Les and Makesha picked a wonderfully convenient location, in an open field, with distant tree line and a warm breeze!  There was some great rustic “dwelling” in the background that gave some wonderful texture and interest to some of the group shots…

Makesha is a local Zumba instructor, don’t know what that is?  Well check her site out here: (I shot her benefit event a while back too, it’s here)  What did that mean for the dancing?  Lots of it!  With some great beats!  Good times!  I was a bit nervous about this wedding as Les is a photographer as well, He just had finished some work for NOAH (a local animal rescue) and has the images up on his site here: Really it worked out great!  Knowing a little bit about what I would be dealing with (bright light, no shade, mid afternoon) Les picked the location allowing me to keep my back to the sun for the most part, and the background was awesome, smooth grass into the trees.

Hair was got all styled up by Shelly Anderson with Salon Capelli, in Marysville.  You can catch her at 425-239-1217

Makesha’s makup was done by Tina Panich, she is a guru and super fun to have around getting all ready! Here site is going together as we speak, so for how you can reach her at fourtwofive-422-0690 and e-mail

The Cake was uber yummy!  Jessica did an awesome job!  The cake tasted as good as it looked.  You can see more of her cakes and reach her through her site at

The music was hot even after the couple drove off into the sunset, you can reach the DJ’s via e-mail and by phone fourtwofive-359-9450

All in all it was a wild success, here are a few of my favorites…

::First dance::

Les and Makesha were were really sweet at the cake cutting, the second helping (after some dancing) was a little more mischievous!

(note the cake “facial” in the last shot)

Off into the sunset!

February 24, 2010

“in the frame” Emily Wakling-Lee

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Emily; it’s hard to even know where to start.  I have known Emily for decades.  We were literally next door neighbors in grade school K-6th.  There are loads of those embarrassing photos of us as kids together at birthday parties, playing in sprinklers, and going to the first day of school.  We moved away in 5th grade, but I have always felt like she was my long-lost sister.  In fact, when we bumped into each other at the start of our senior year in high school on the cruise ship “The Spirit of Puget Sound” (A wonderful Christmas cruise that ended in 2001.), it was like bumping into a cousin I hadn’t seen in several years.  I probably would have spent a happy evening chatting away with her, but a certain someone else had me highly distracted.  It was her best friend, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more on that story…

In a way I should thank her best friend; thanks to her I’ve been able to keep up with Emily.  And with Emily, that’s about all you can try to do; keep up.  Living in New York and married to an incredible artist (link here), I think she’s been to more places than I have heard of.  She makes sure to drop into her old home town though, and we were able to catch up with her a few weeks ago.

I remember doing theses little puzzle things with her when we were little!

My fave!

Thanks again Emily for the visit!

February 8, 2010

Fire and a flick.

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I had a blast the other night,  I got to spend a great time swapping stories around a camp fire.  After it started to rain (what, rain, in Seattle?) we headed in for “District 9”.  Then after the movie, we spend about another hour talking about the deeper meanings in the movie (yea I know, getting all philosophical about a alien flick).  It helped having a missionary with us, who had distinct memories of the slums in Africa, the racial issues and much more..

The fire can be kind of a cruel light source (HARD light, really warm, with nasty fall off) but I do love my Nikon.  I saw an ad the other day “Nikon, shoot in the dark”.  Well not quite with mine, but close.  All hand held, at about 11 at night….  Names omitted to protect the innocent, er guilty.

January 25, 2010

Back to the holidays…

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Backing up the stuff from ought nine and got held up on a few frames I wanted to share…

March 27, 2009

Birthday Party!

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Another birthday party!  I shot this quite a while ago, and then lost track of the images to upload for my blog untill I was sorting some of the wedding photos from the last wedding I shot.  Here are a few quick grabs,

The lady of honor!  What a gem!

Not a big fan of the buffet!

I think everyone had a good time!

Just cause she’ll kill me, here is the gal who organized the party.  (not the little one)

Thanks for the chance to share this wonderful day with all of you!

February 9, 2009


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We had dinner at some friends house a few months ago and I am finally getting around to burning them a disc of some of the photos from the mayhem that insures any time there are three year olds’ involved.  Our kids were hilarious, their son had this big dinosaur who was waiting to meet us at the door.  He followed us around the entire evening.  Dinner was great, and after we were all full we went into the family room to play in a cardboard “house”.  The dino watched from a distance as things went from wild to crazy!

I had a great time shooting to try to capture the “action”.  Flash does a great job of stopping motion, but if you have ever see photos of a school dance everyone looks like they are playing some kind of weird game of musical “freeze tag”.  No one looks good mid-jive.  Dragging the shutter lets the blur show and the flash shows detail.  Fun stuff!  The house started as a house, became a car, and then…

It turned into a sled!  Dad finally had to intervene to keep the damage to a minimum.  It was fun to watch, and I know I missed more than I got because I spent a bunch of time “chimping” my LCD, checking my exposure and such.  The White Balance is all wacko too, They have incandescent bulbs (nice warm/orage color) and the flash is closer to daylight.  Next time I’ll  gel my flash, some of the shots where you can really see their faces and such look very weird, ORANGE blur, and nice skin tone, or vice-verse.

Thanks for stopping in!


January 4, 2009

Mark & Jenna’s Wedding Shower!

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What a great couple!  It was so fun to see all the people come out to wish this couple well.  Mark & Jenna are teachers from New York, Jenna grew up in the area and her mom still lives here and wanted to do a shower for some of the folks in the area who know her.  It was so neat to see a young couple who are so excited to be starting their life together!

There were some fun games, we all got to see them both squirm over some fun questions.   They both laugh so easily, and have great senses of humor!  They are both very real people (and I must admit that I have a soft spot for teachers!)  Here are some of my favorite shots from their wedding shower….

I loved the colors of the cards!

Some tense moments during the “grilling”

Jenna’s grandma made this wonderful quilt for their new home.  What an incredible gift!

Here are her mother (furthest) and grandmother (brown shirt & above) who helped put the shower together

Jenna & Mark are a fun couple, very real.  I just wish they lived in the area,

it would be fun to get to know them better!

I like these two also.  Kind of a before & after-

Wish I was able to be a the wedding!

Thanks for letting me be part of your shower!

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