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December 25, 2010


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Merry Christmas to you!  Oh internet it’s been an odd year hasn’t it.  From a slow start to far to busy to even think about posting, and now trying to get back in the saddle during the holiday rush.  I love taking the time to remember the year past, the highs and lows, and the fun memories, and hard work.  It also a fun time to look to the next year.  Besides a new website and blog, there are no earth shaking changes in our plans.  I expect life to throw us all the curve balls we can handle.

I also love being able to spend a bunch of time with my family.  Really the motor driving all I do, as I see it my ‘mission’.  Watching my girls ‘sistering’ each other is something that I will never get tired of…

So may sights, sounds, tastes and smells..  And so much to do.  And to take pictures of.

Bokeh courtesy “Lights of Christmas” at Warm Beach Camp



April 5, 2010

Easter Review…

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We er I am still recovering from Easter…  My daughter’s generosity is gong to be my undoing.  She is sure that I will love any new candy that she comes across, and must partake.  Between the candy and the turkey we had for dinner on Sunday I’m surprised I am conscious.  The turkey was from the birds we raised last year, still juicy and if I might say, very tasty!

Here are a couple of snaps from the finger egg dying on Saturday.  I haven’t gotten anything from Sunday gone through yet.  I’ll probably toss a couple of frames into the stream from Saturday as well.  We played farmer and with my dad’s help got our garden in for 2010…

If you want to see something truly moving from this last weekend (photographically) take a look at HI photographer Jon Canlas.  He is a very talanted guy, all film, all the time…  Oh and this slide show?  If you didn’t figure it out it’s a funeral.  A very touching story about a child, Natalie is a wedding and portrait photographer from the Islands, I like her work, and she was very transparent on her blog as they have gone through this whole process with their little guy.  Back to the photos though, I’m not going to get all weepy here, but to say that it this is how Jonathan shoots a funeral, I want to shoot weddings the way he shoots weddings!!

April 2, 2010


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I am not atmospheric scientist.  Fer sure.  But, I was happy to snag this shot of the way out to dinner the other night.  We were heading to one of our favorite dark under-lit dining establishments and on the way out the door I swapped out the 28-75 2.8 for the 50 1.4 so I could get a few pics…  It worked great in the restaurant but left a little to be desired on grabbing some of the other shots of clouds as we drove into Arlington.  This is probably the best. 

April 1, 2010

Viking Zumba! Benefit for the Viking Hall in Silvana…

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What’s that?  Viking Zumba?   Yep.  But without the funny metal helmets, or long blond braids, or loud singing.  Makesha Kinney teaches a class there three nights a week, and this last Sunday she put together a fund raiser for the Viking Hall in Silvana.  More information about her classes can be found on her site, here.  Although the Viking Hall will never get my 5 star rating for the available light (there is none), it does have a low white ceiling (yea!).   I had great time shooting all the folks shakin’ it for a good cause.  Here are some of my favorites!  Huge turnout and from what I hear they are over $1,500 in total funds raised from this event to help with some much needed restoration work.  You can rent the hall too, check out their site here! It may be just right for your party!  Here are some of my favorite photos from the event!

Raffle items!

Makesha had several other Zumba instructors hop up on stage and give everyone a run for their money!

I know it’s not a good idea to tell a group (especially one that’s 99% female) that you need a wide angle lens, but look at this turnout!

Loads of folks having a good time!!

Thanks Makesha for letting me help out the SVH!  Photos of the event will be available with all proceeds gong to the Silvana Viking Hall!  Contact me for the link!

February 5, 2010

“in the frame” Jon Stevens…

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I am a lucky guy.  I’m lucky for a lot of reasons.  One of those reasons is my Dad.  We met up for an early Denny’s breakfast a week or so ago, and I was able to grab a few shots of him.  We meet up every few months and have breakfast together and get caught up.  It’s not like we live very far apart, but it’s nice to touch base with each other.  My dad’s great.  He’s the first to point out his flaws, quick to share heartfelt advice, lend a hand and loves to be part of the process of discovering.

He reminded me the other day of the time we spent at the Seattle Camera Club, when I didn’t have access to the school darkroom.  He’s invested his time and energy in what has interested me.  From photography, to rock climbing, to farming, and from fishing to sailing.

It’s not like he doesn’t have plenty of plates spinning.  Take a look at his site here and you can see that.  Better yet, stop by his farm stand this summer and drool over the certified organic produce that it will be overflowing with.  And don’t forget to say hi to Snickers, the farm dog.  And yes, at 5 am we are both a little groggy…

January 27, 2010

White Seamless. Snohomish Co.

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Captured this the other night and had to share it.  I wish my studio was this big.

January 26, 2010

Zumba Stanwood!! More energy than you can shake a stick at!

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What a blast!  I had the chance to shoot the grand opening for Studio Z in Stanwood last night, and it wore me out!  I’m glad I was able to hide behind the camera, if I had to participate I don’t think I would have been able to walk the next day!  It was obvious that these ladies love running these classes, and they really pulled all the people in.  I could feel the energy pouring out of the place from the parking lot, and they didn’t let up one bit!  I’ll point you to their site for all the details it’s here:  I think half the fun of shooting this was the energy level.  It is always so much fun to take pictures when people are having a good time, there is lots of energy and emotion.  Helping out was Chris with Your Song DJ, he MC’d and ran the sound for the night, fun to see him out of his tux!

A side note; a lot of these photos are a little blurry, that’s on purpose.  Leme splain it to you…  Ever seen the dance photos that look more like people frozen in weird positions?  Yea we all have, I am not a big fan, and as this (just like the dancing at a wedding) is mostly about motion, I was “dragging the shutter” and in some of them mixing flash to try to push a little more detail into the image.  Some blur, but with some definition.  Flash with a fast shutter would have frozen them, looking like Mr. Roboto with dead batteries.  Some times fast flash & shutter looks great, in fact if you look at the post “White Seamless” (going live tomorrow night) you will see my little gal’s hair flying up, frozen with no blur.  Oh she was moving let me tell you!  But the flash froze her, no flash and she would have been a pink blob on the white..

But back to the photos- lots of people and lots of fun!!

Here are the instructors!

Now…  I’ve saved my two favorite images for last.  They are out of a series of like 7, but these two were my favorites.  Candie was wild, she would get this intense look on her face, and move around faster than I think I ever could, it got the class wound up!!  Nothing like 200+ screaming people working out to some great beats!

January 25, 2010

Back to the holidays…

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Backing up the stuff from ought nine and got held up on a few frames I wanted to share…

January 11, 2010

Don’t believe what you see.

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This is unreal.  I can’t believe what is possible now….

The only notable thing he didn’t render in CGI was the sky and photographer.

This truly is best viewed on the largest highest resolution monitor you can get your hands on…

November 13, 2009

Site update! Price list!

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So I have long last updated my site! Check it out here:  In truth it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  It helped that I’ve been thinking about it for about three months.  The price list is there now.  Just click on the “price list” link under the banner.  I still have a little more tweaking to do, but most of that will probably go un-noticed.  Except for the “portfolio” section I plan on adding. And because every post is better with a photo:
Perfect day for a Wedding!

November 3, 2009

Business Cards!

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This is kind of funny and ironic all at the same time.  Let’s see if you can follow this.  I wanted a phone number for the studio, and after talking to a very web 2.0 friend of mine decided to use Google Voice.  It’s a wicked service (what of Google’s services aren’t?) and it free!  The catch, you have to request an invitation to join.  What does that mean?  You ask for an application, and they eventually send you a link to sign up.  And that can take some time.  For some areas it’s a moth or more.  So I requested the invite, and waited, and waited….  Meanwhile back at the ranch, I finally put the last bit of polish on a new business card design!  My old hand printed & cut cards were OK at best.  I wanted color! photos! and more!  So there I was with this wonderful new business card and the only thing missing was the phone number from Google….  I am not the most patient person and finally ordered a small run of the cards.  And they arrived and I was happy.  And 36 hrs after they showed up, I got the invite from Google….  URG!!  So I have some lovely business cards with no phone number, but then my last cards didn’t have a number on them either.

And what is the point of this you ask?  A few days ago David duChemin dropped in with this killer offering.  Check it out HERE.  So today my photo (seen below) goes onto my stream on flickr (not a big fan of flickr but I won’t get into it here) and the post I was planning on doing anyhow (the toot toot look at my new cards!) is more than shameless self promotion!  And in the spirit of the American Do It Yourselfers I have my phone number written on a napkin.  So it’s there too.  And if you are curious 474-7427 spells 474-pics.  Cool huh?

Front, Back and my digits!

Have a fun day!

August 1, 2009

A fairly good time.

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I got to spend Friday night with my girls and extended family at the Stanwood Camano fair.  It’s a true small town fair, with a cute little midway (goodbye $60), great food and lots of folks that we know!  We love living in this great little community.  Here’s on of a little guy trying his luck with the dart throw.  Everyone got a prize!

I also met a guy who does white dove releases at weddings!  How cool would that be!  Check out his site here.

Have a great day!

December 29, 2008

Something from the summer….

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Here are two shots from much earlier this summer.  My wife and I had a great time staying at a cute little farm on Camano Island.  It gave us a great chance to talk, and just enjoy a bit of “us” time in our marriage.  Of course I brought the camera along.  As always she was very patient as I took “artsey shots of weird stuff” (the wooden shoe) and as I messed with my tripod on the beach for the sunset shot…

: 24-75mm @25mm f11, 1/45 :

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