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December 24, 2011

Christmas with friends….

You might have seen this post.  We had a blast, and the folks at Eagle Wings were kind enough to invite us come and shoot another event, their annual Christmas Party.  As you enjoy this Christmas season, take a minute and enjoy the photos of some other folks, who really enjoyed themselves a few weeks ago.  I had a blast, not only were all the folks at the party happy to be there, but I got to shoot it with my brother in law!  He seemed to have a great time as well, and I’ll point out what frames are his, cause he had some great ones!!

Here’s one of his frames…  There are a couple more…

All in all a great time!



December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving with friends…

I had the opportunity to shoot for an organization out of Marysville, Eagle Wing Ministries.  I can’t really put words to it, so I’ll show you.  Just a bit of explanation…  The guests arrived, and had their portraits taken by myself and Kristen.  Then then went in for a craft and dinner…  Tip- Click on one of the images below and let the slide show load, then enjoy the photos full sized!


December 14, 2011

The last wedding of the summer…

I tossed out a pre-view image a month or so ago for this and although the couple is still trying to decide how to have their order fulfilled, I wanted to get it out for the rest of you to see….

The day started on Camano Island…  I loved the sign on the fridge, that was the mood the entire day.

Hundreds of paper lanterns on twinkle lights, strung up in the back yard…  The reception had lots of promise!

Then down to Seattle, Greenlake specifically.  She chose Illustrated Salon Spa for her hair.  Mandy Greenhill did a great job!

Then for some more pampering, Jessica at Spa Scotta did her makeup, lots of goodies to look at!

Then back to their house to grab some important items, and people, and heat to the Temple in Bellevue

Thanks to the Blue Angles, there was a bit of a rush to get across the bridge.  The grounds of the Temple in Bellevue are beautiful.  As were the people.

I love babies at weddings, don’t you?



Even an accidental blow to the head resulted in laughter.

Back to Camano, and a little log cabin down the road from the reception.

Sparklers, fireworks and to top off the evening, ‘wish’ lanterns (ala the Disney film ‘Rapunzel’)

What a wonderful day!


August 9, 2011

Wedding Pre-view….

With way more to come.  From Camano Island, to Green lake Seattle, to the LDS Temple in Bellevue, and back to Camano…  It was an awesome chance to tell an entire wedding day story.  Here is a tiny little peak, on the island, in the morning.  They aren’t even set up completely yet….

July 8, 2011

4th of July…. Postmortem.

Postmortem as in, it’s behind us.  No one died.  No skin was burned, and no ear drums ruptured.  All fingers accounted for.  Except for the critters and the 2 year old, it was a complete success.  The animals are not fans of anything loud and flashing, and apparently the 2 year old isn’t either.  She was OK with smoke bombs though.  As long as her big cousin (superhero in her eyes) is keeping her safe.


June 27, 2011

Iverson Beach.

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Sun.  Sand.  Water.  Good food.  Kids.  And some really good friends.  Really.  Good.  Friends.  I think it’s hard work to be our friends.  It’s not that we don’t have a lot of folks we call friends, but it seems like some of those really special relationships are stretched by time and distance.  This family is another example.  They have been everywhere, and have landed back in Portland.  They continue to blow us away with their incredible hearts.  They come up to the sound once a year, to stay at a place on Camano Island, last year they came to the farm, this year, we were invited to the beach house.  Yep, we are spoiled.  It is awesome to hang out with folks who have such a similar parenting mindset, child rambunctious/obedience ratio, interests, and sense of humor…  Take a look….


(side note…  It’s late and I’m tired of messing with the formatting…  If it the layout looks funny it’s me, not you.)

March 8, 2011

A beautiful, happy, smiling Stanwood Wedding…

Smile.  I probably said it a bunch out of habit, but it was more to get folks to look at the camera, they were already smiling.  Julie and Nathan were married on October 2nd, in a day that was picture perfect!  We had some wonderful clouds for the group photos outside, and then during the ceremony, the clouds broke up and blessed us with some beautiful bright sun, blue sky and white puffy clouds.  And smiles.  The entire day was full of people who were happy to be right where they were.  The friends and family that came around Julie and Nathan to support and be a part of their day were fantastic!

I know I was smiling too, Julie is one of those wonderful brides who is laid back, easy going, and knows not to sweat the small stuff.  Not that there was any “small stuff” to sweat.  I think the biggest “issue” was the tux for the ring bearer.  But I don’t know many kids his age who think to tuck in a dress shirt.  Oh, but there was that little ring issue….  But I’ll let Julie tell that story, cause she does a much better job!

Here are some of my favorite shots…  And yes, I was able to have Joscelyn with me again as a 2nd shooter and assistant (score!).

The flower girls were a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.


One of my favorite shots of the day.  Not sure why I keep coming back to it but I do..



Edit: This post is way overdue. In fact I should feel shame faced. I am. My apologies for this, and as the next few posts come out you will get a chance to see where I have been and where I am going. Hang in there, and have faith. You are getting the view from the back seat. I’m duck taped to the front bumper.

January 12, 2011

What do wood stoves and a Swiss man have in common….

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Well?  Do you know?  They both say Woof.  Sort of.  A wood stove does if you use gas to start it (no I don’t).  A Swiss man does if he is a WOOFER.  A what?  Um, well, Take a look at this so you know what I mean, cause I don’t know if I can really explain it… He’s staying with my parents, helping out for a few weeks.  My dad has most of their side covered on his site:  Helping out on Saturday meant keeping a date with a friend with wood.  We had a little ‘scouting trip’ last weekend and set up the better part of a Saturday to cut wood.  Maple.  4 years old maple.  Hard.  Maple.  Hard.  It needs a little more seasoning.  And we need to go back.  Cause there is a bit more.  Oh, and the company isn’t too bad either, or the baking.  Or the view.  Did I mention that the rounds are really hard?  And it’s tempting to put off the last of it till her farm is in full bloom.  Can you think of anything better than cutting wood on a lavender farm?  I can’t.

The tip of the iceberg.

Going over the mechanics of splitting….


More toys!

2/3 of the great company on the lavender farm.  Who wouldn’t want to spend some time with these boys!?  (no they

are not the ones who do the baking)

Don’t forget we love comments!

Wir lieben Anmerkungen!


October 4, 2010

Stanwood Engagement session…

It’s always fun to visit a place that’s special to an engaged couple.  Warm Beach Camp is probably that place for a lot of people.  For Julie, it’s full of memories from her youth, and where she works, and where she met her husband.  Nathan was working as a delivery driver at the time, and they first bumped into each other at the most noteworthy of locations.  The dumpsters by the receiving dock at the camp kitchen.  While some photographs of them by the smelly dumpster might have been kind of fun, the camp is so much more.  So we headed out.  There are loads of beautiful little locations all over the camp.  I know we only found some of them.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from some of the locations we visited…

I really liked these last to in black and white…

August 27, 2010

La Conner Wedding Pre-view

It’s been busy, really.  Really.  Busy.  And fun!  There have been so many fun times since I fell off the blog wagon.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but here’s a little something from a wedding I had the honor of shooting in La Conner recently.  Much more to come once I get the A-OK from the bride, and I think when you see the photographs, you will love the family as much as I did by the time the wedding was wrapped!

July 22, 2010

Family Photo Session Pre-View!

So, we finally got to meet them!!  We have know A&E for years.  In fact, we knew them BC.  (Before Children).  We get to see them every 12-18 months (now that they are back state side).  Last time we saw them, they were 5 strong.  E’s comment to me was “well, now we are outnumbered”, “wow, how is that going?”, “Fine I suppose, were all here!!”.

Never ones to leave well enough alone, answering “the call” they adopted three brothers.  Just as things were getting close to the end, the earthquake hit Haiti.  Boom.  No idea if the three little boys they were all but ready to go pick up were even OK.  Thank you internet, we were able to watch them video chat just a few days after the quake, all set up by a local Portland news agency.  Incredible.  And thanks to the US government (did I just type that out loud?) the adoption got expedited and they were holding their little ones way sooner than they would have otherwise.

Here is the family- you can see how they all keep it together.  Funny, sense of humor and they are all looking for chances to have a good time.  More images to come…  There were just too many cute ones not to put more up!

June 7, 2010

Wonderful Citrus Sweetness!

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My wife is a rock star cook.  Really.  No kidding.  Her killer cooking and my lack of self control are a bad combination.  For me.  I thought I would share this with you all.  This is all you get.  Cause I got all the left overs.

This is actually from Mother’s Day.  She let me cut up the orange, but that was it.  And the cheese cake was AWESOME! Sadly I did have to share some…  Ah well Father’s day is coming…

And now that we all have a sugar head ache…  I’m going to go brew up another pot of coffee.

May 14, 2010

Two more reasons for me to love film.

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Here are a couple of shots from a little more recently.  Available light, film, two of about 10 on the roll that I liked…

The very best part?  I shot about 6 frames of her, and then sat down and read her the book.  Cause there’s not chimpin’ so if I missed it, oh well.

May 12, 2010

Shooting eggs on the farm…

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Here are a few of our farm fresh eggs.  Again there I go with the film…  Shot with my (snif) Mamiya 645.  Sometime last year…  I have a few more film shots to put up, and then I will be done for a while.  Really.  I mean it.

That’s right.  Shot and scanned and that’s it.  No post (well except for the watermark).

Oh and while you are at it, take a look at the Seed Savers Exchange (we get some of our seeds from them).  They have a really informational post about raising chickens in the city, with two really good links at the bottom to other resources for “urban poultry”.

Raise your own poultry

May 5, 2010

See you knew Latin!

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Another shot from our woods (which by the way would make a great spot for a photo session if anyone is interested in booking….  This is Trillium ovatum.  Thanks again to good ol’ Linnaeus for that.  Most people call it Trillium and it holds a special spot in my heart as my dad’s mom was the first to tell me of it’s common name “Wake Robin” and the meaning.  When the flower blooms in the Spring it wakes up the robins (who have been silent all winter).  And they start singing.  And they are, singing now.  Every morning.

April 21, 2010

A fun spring Birthday!

Just a few “identity disguised” shots from a birthday party the other week.  Beautiful weather and fun kids…

I guess this is how kids play hide and seek now….

April 15, 2010

Grandma Wu!

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This is a bit tardy in going up.  The whole family got together for a fun 90th birthday celebration from the beloved “Grandma Wu.”  Family joke on the last name, you had to be there.  Grandma Wu is one of the sweetest lady’s you’ll ever meet.  She is quick to smile and even quicker to laugh.  And laugh, and laugh and laugh.  My brother in law and I love to get her going and then just keep at it.  Back and forth, till she can hardly breathe and she has tears running down her cheeks.

This was also a great chance to shoot a bunch of folks on white seamless.  I set up in the garage, nice and big and open (if you knew my father in law you would understand).  Grand kids, great grand kids and family from as far away as Alaska.  Loads of fun, here are a few of the birthday girl.

Here she is trying to just smile!  (and not succeeding)

And here is a natural light shot from just after the cake and ice cream…

Love you Wu-Wu!

March 23, 2010

Stanwood Engagement Session..

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Here are some of my selects from the engagement session…

March 16, 2010

I can’t say anything about this….

Well not much any how.  It’s a book.  I’m not writing it.  It’s gonna be for kids of my reading level (so lots of pictures, and no words with more than two syllables).  I’m doing the supporting images.  Here’s one I particularly liked.  I don’t know if it’s going to make it into the final cut but here you go none the less.  And yes.  He’s always this happy.

January 29, 2010

Hay! From Camano to Stanwood….

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Well we ran out.  It was to be expected, our barn doesn’t hold enough hay to get us all the way through winter.  We chatted up a good friend and she put us in touch with a couple on Camano Island with a bunch of good local hay.  A few weeks ago we went and picked it up.  Our little gal had a blast climbing around on the trailer and again up in the loft.  It was almost pitch black by the time I finished loading up the hay in the barn, auto focus was a challenge, and it’s lit with one SB-600 off camera.  Fun stuff, and nice to have company in the loft!

January 4, 2010

“What’s that spot on the wall?”

Or that’s what I said the first time I noticed a dust spot on my sensor. I am the first to admit I am not a pixel peeper (someone who looks the the pixel level detail in a digital photo), although I can get caught up in it. I tend to worry more about exposure then anything else, it’s the hardest to fix in post production. Color balance is not something that typically occurs to me as I am shooting because it’s so easy to fix in post (unless you are blending flash or different light sources then it gets wonky) and because I grew up shooting Tri-X. Black and white film doesn’t really care what temperature the light is…

I first spotted the dust spot when I was reviewing the photos on my computer. It looked like a spot on my computer screen, but cleaning that didn’t help (ha ha got ya!). I though it might be a spot on the wall, but when I compared two or three frames of the same wall, the spot moved. That can’t be good. What brings this all up? An v-mail from a friend over the holiday. Here’s my response…. For what it’s worth.

” I just got your voice mail this morning. I am guessing you thought of me because I have shot for so long with an older DSLR. As far as my sensors go, I have never done anything but clean them off with a blower (not a blower brush). One of the air only ones (without the brush) and big so it pushes a lot of air. I have heard to not use the canned air, as it’s to strong, and can have chemicals that can damage things…
Scott Borne uses the lens pens, after cleaning off the graphite, to clean his sensors, but says himself that he’s a bit of a rogue to use it. I had my D50 cleaned at Camera Techs about a year and a half ago,and they did a fairly good job. I have one smudge on my sensor that they were able to minimize but not completely remove, but it was only like $25 and they did it while I waited. If it’s your backup body, you could try it yourself, or you could convert it to an Infrared camera! That’d be wicked cool! has kits and I think you can send it to them to have it done…”

Let me know if you have had any experience with that last one.  I used to think it was kind of gimmicky, but really like what it does to sky’s and skin tones.

November 7, 2009


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So I am not there yet. I’m getting close on my updated print and event pricing for 2010. I was hoping to have it live before now but again… I’ve had a lot on my plate. For now if you are wanting to book a wedding in 2010, please contact me now. I am only taking a very few (like 5) weddings in 2010, just kidding.  Seriously though the summer is filling up!  I am working on packages that will include DVD slide shows with music, Bride Books, Canvas prints, and on line mini slide shows with music (done completely by me, not some third party ie Animoto) they will be sync-able with your I-pod too, so you can show it off to your friends.  I’ll have the pricing link back up here once I have that dialed in…

October 13, 2009

Staff Shots.

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I had a blast a couple of weeks ago shooting some staff portraits for our church.  We got started a touch later than we wanted, so the idea of halving folks spread all over the play structure had to go, we improvised though and had some fun.  The individual shots were in the sanctuary and I liked the way they turned out, which is kind of a personal victory.  I’ve shot events in the sanctuary and it’s dark, even with the lights on.  Great for contemplation, not so good for photos.  It’s got great atmosphere though, and is a little more “environmental” for the head shots.  As usual, when I was editing the shots, I lost track of time thinking of other ways to have shot the folks.  Next time!

This was particularly fun for me, as I get to self direct all a large portion of my work, having some constraints was a fun challenge. Below are a couple of the outdoor shots, I don’t know if they will get any visibility, but the interior shots are all visible on their site.  Here’s the link to the main page: and to the page with the interior portraits is HERE.

I got the go-ahead from most everyone to use the shots here on my blog, but figured I’d rather send you to the church’s site to see the shots in their final form.  Great also to see them in place so quickly!

:: ::

August 26, 2009

Hoop it up!

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It was really fun last weekend!  My folks had some milestone birthdays and a whole pile of folks showed up for food fun and hoop housing!  Lots of people I didn’t know (that doesn’t surprise me) and lots of folks I did!  It was a great success!  I’ve managed a work party or two, and unless you are used to coordinating tasks and materials for 15-20 people it can be a bit overwhelming.  It really did go well, with all but the front door done and the plastic over the top!  Here are a few shots….

August 13, 2009

Engagement Session-

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Krista & Chris go back a long way.  They both went to the same high school, and have known each other for ever (sounds familiar).  I had the privileged of shooting their engagement session last weekend, and got to know them a little better.  It is always fun to see a couple get comfortable with each other, and it sure showed with these two!  They were super easy to shoot, and there interactions were priceless.  I really liked how Chris kept looking at Krista, you could tell he is smitten!  Here are some of the shots from the engagement session from last weekend.  We started around 7pm and the light just got better and better! Most of these are from the end of the session…

I love the glow here.

And their hands (I love people’s hands, I think they can tell a person’s story.)

One more of the couple-

And my favorite of the evening….  I don’t think I need to point out the look on Krista’s face…  Love it!

I can’t wait till their wedding this fall!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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