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December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving with friends…

I had the opportunity to shoot for an organization out of Marysville, Eagle Wing Ministries.  I can’t really put words to it, so I’ll show you.  Just a bit of explanation…  The guests arrived, and had their portraits taken by myself and Kristen.  Then then went in for a craft and dinner…  Tip- Click on one of the images below and let the slide show load, then enjoy the photos full sized!



August 5, 2011

The Galloping Gardner…

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Another ‘right on’, ‘yea!’ or ‘amen!’ moment.  I did a full wright up over on the Farm Blog…  Check it out.  For a quick shot here is Pat and Graham Kerr enjoying a break between services…

If you get a chance, do check out his site. I am hoping to see some photos of the garden at some point!!!


July 26, 2011

Look who’s turning … (what are you kidding? No way am I finishing that one!)

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Happy birthday to my wife. My best friend. I have been so blessed to have know you for so long. It really set me back to think of how much we have gotten to experience together. From Grade School, to High School, and full time in College. Anything good in my I owe in part to the hand you have had in shaping it. Your patience with me, your keeping me on track, and your clear vision of where we want to go… Coupled with your strong faith, and desire to be doing His work in the Kingdom. To have shared all the wonderful experiences, the highs and lows, the adventure and the boredom. It’s all either better or more bearable with you. With all that life’s been throwing at us lately, I can’t help that think our 2011 verse should be Jeremiah 29: 11-13. I am looking forward to the future and remembering our past.

I wish I had the time to really dig back and see what we can find in the way of great old photos, but I’ll have to do with these…

The Mommy.

Mommy again…

“What do you think your doing?” (it’s the same look from her daughters….)

I love you babe! I hope you have a wonderful day with our two little ones. Bless you.


May 31, 2011

Look who’s 6!!

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I can’t believe it.  It seems like I just read her ‘Good Night Moon’ for the first time a few days ago.  She’s off to 1st grade next year.  Riding a two wheeler, and so much more…  She’s a real help now doing the chores and working on other projects..  Blood & guts don’t bother her (she’s bummed that mom won’t let her see the chickens get bled, but she does love helping pluck them.

I don’t think I could be more proud of her.  She plays with her sister and I can see and hear her heart.  Sharing and giving without the hope of receiving something in return.  Saying please and thank you out of a true feeling, not because it’s a ‘what your supposed to do’.  She knows who she is and reminds us every day that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.


January 31, 2011

I love working with artists…

I do.  It’s so fun to work with other creative folk.  I think sometimes it feels like we are all in headed in our own direction, and that’s part of the fun.  Maybe it’s who I am but I seem pulled toward creative folks.  Especially musicians.  And if you know me that’s kind of funny.  I don’t play any instrument (ok, I can rock a mouth harp, but I don’t know if that counts), and the bucket I used to carry a tune in sprung a leak.  But I married a singer.  Whoo-baby did I marry a singer!!  She wooed me with her voice back in high school (I don’t think she realized what she was doing at the time) and I have enjoyed an on going personal concert since.  But that’s a story for a different day…

What am I most excited about now?  This.  I should probably introduce them, cause there is an off chance someone out there besides my Mom, her sister and my Mother in law will read this.  Brent Johnson is the music pastor at our church.  He and his wife have been singing together since high school (sound familiar?) They both went to Lake Washington High School (my HS rival) but they are pardoned as my wife attended LW as well…  Small world huh?

He and his wife have just finished a praise and worship CD called “Presence” (release sometime mid February I think).  You can find out more about them here  I will update the post with the album site once it’s up, so check back!!  My part started as a casual “would you take some pictures for us for our CD?” a few months ago.  “Sure”.

I had a lot of fun at the photo shoot (I’d go into the killer space they secured for the shoot, but I’ve already blown past my ‘talkin quota’ for today).  Probably too much fun.  To get a frame like the one below, I had to burn 5 or 6, cause SOMEONE couldn’t keep her their giggles under control.  Thy picked my favorite shot of the session and I worked up a comp for the CD cover.  Cami Blue (super talented graphic designer) did some typesettingtype magic for all the really important stuff and off it went to get pressed!  Cami is kind of like me (lots of plates in the air) and if you want to see what she’s been up to check out her blog here:

Here is another shot I liked, and stay tuned.  More info to come right here on this channel about the CD release party/service, as well as some more photos!  Thanks again Brent & Celeste for bringing me into this.  I truly have had a great time working with you both!


December 23, 2010

Very Merry Christmas

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For a party hosted at the Woodmark Hotel.  What a great place!  Wonderful staff and killer accommodations.  And to whose who asked.  Yes there will be more content coming.  Lots. 

December 17, 2010

Sisters. Film. (I love my family)

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I love my girls. And I have so loved watching them grow. And growing with them. Mid point through a massive digital edit/comp project I stumbled into an analog folder for a little relief. Both these frames are straight scans from a roll of film from earlier this summer. I remember taking both of them. Because they were the only photos I took of them while we played. When I have my DSLR it seems to stay at my face, limiting direct interaction. With my film camera it’s so different. Just one or two, no chimping. Switch it off and swing it over my back, and back to playing, or spying on goats… Oh yes, I should probably touch up all the dust and hair on them. Or just blow them off and re-scan them… But I love that I can share these without sweating the color balance, distracting elements, or exposure.


July 30, 2010

More fun family photos!

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So I called the last post a “pre-view”.  That kind of means I need to follow it up with some more photos.  So here they are.  Golly I wish these folks lived closer to us.

And because babies are always cute, I’ll end with a few Mom & baby and Dad & baby shots…



July 22, 2010

Family Photo Session Pre-View!

So, we finally got to meet them!!  We have know A&E for years.  In fact, we knew them BC.  (Before Children).  We get to see them every 12-18 months (now that they are back state side).  Last time we saw them, they were 5 strong.  E’s comment to me was “well, now we are outnumbered”, “wow, how is that going?”, “Fine I suppose, were all here!!”.

Never ones to leave well enough alone, answering “the call” they adopted three brothers.  Just as things were getting close to the end, the earthquake hit Haiti.  Boom.  No idea if the three little boys they were all but ready to go pick up were even OK.  Thank you internet, we were able to watch them video chat just a few days after the quake, all set up by a local Portland news agency.  Incredible.  And thanks to the US government (did I just type that out loud?) the adoption got expedited and they were holding their little ones way sooner than they would have otherwise.

Here is the family- you can see how they all keep it together.  Funny, sense of humor and they are all looking for chances to have a good time.  More images to come…  There were just too many cute ones not to put more up!

April 15, 2010

Grandma Wu!

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This is a bit tardy in going up.  The whole family got together for a fun 90th birthday celebration from the beloved “Grandma Wu.”  Family joke on the last name, you had to be there.  Grandma Wu is one of the sweetest lady’s you’ll ever meet.  She is quick to smile and even quicker to laugh.  And laugh, and laugh and laugh.  My brother in law and I love to get her going and then just keep at it.  Back and forth, till she can hardly breathe and she has tears running down her cheeks.

This was also a great chance to shoot a bunch of folks on white seamless.  I set up in the garage, nice and big and open (if you knew my father in law you would understand).  Grand kids, great grand kids and family from as far away as Alaska.  Loads of fun, here are a few of the birthday girl.

Here she is trying to just smile!  (and not succeeding)

And here is a natural light shot from just after the cake and ice cream…

Love you Wu-Wu!

December 11, 2009

More than one at a time…

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Way back in the mists of time. When we didn’t have kids and we thought we were busy, my wife worked as a teacher at a private school on the East side. She and the PE teacher there hit it off (Their sense of humor and justice in a grade school meshed perfectly). At the time none of us had kids, but wanted them. We were finally blessed with a little gem of our own they pursued a different vein.

I have an unspeakable amount of respect and awe for people who take others into their homes. Be it, family’s in need, foster children or full blown adoption. It is something my wife and I have talked about again and again. We might some day, but it would need to be a really obvious open door. Her friend and husband had no such qualms.

They adopted two girls from Haiti, going through an unbelievably difficult story and practically living in Haiti during the final months of the process (do I really remember that right?).  Not put off one bit, they have since adopted an older girl and have (since we saw them last) started the process of adopting three boys.  We would worry about them but I get the feeling that it is them who should be worrying about us and our two little whirlwinds.  Shortly after adopting the first two (and I think when they were adopting the third) they moved to Spain.  Yep, you read it right.  And they loved it.  Blogged about it here.

We were able to meet up with them at the Cheesecake Factory and let our kids do the whole “hair, teeth and eyeballs” think outside after we finished.  I grabbed a few quick shots and got the OK to post them.  Also, you should hit their new Blog home on WordPress (yea!) it’s Here.

December 3, 2009

The next step…

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Hannah, you will go far.  Any time I think of that transition between High School and what’s “next” I am reminded of the book the neighbors gave me just after I graduated.  Dr. Suess “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.  Hannah, with your heart for service and that smile, I don’t think you’ll ever lack for opportunities!  God bless you on your way.

Oh, and I hope it’s OK if I use the great location you showed me again!

November 19, 2009

Fall colors.

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I am no fashion mogul.  When I match, it’s because my wife managed to point me in the right direction, so when I actually look put together you can be sure she had more than a little to do with it.  What do I really love about this?  My kids always look like they walked out of a Gymboree catalog. Even with hand-me-downs.
We have a maple in our yard that has been dropping leaves for a week now. In a momentary flash of inspiration we decided to shoot out youngest’s 6 month photos in the fall setting. Did it take any prep, or re-dressing of the little model? Nope. She was already wearing a very season appropriate color palate, and looked cute doing it.

Playing the game "put the leaf in the mouth, have mommy take it away, pick up another and repeat."

So with this and a one of big sis, we should finally finish out the frame that my wife got back in June. Just in time for me to move it to a different wall, cause furniture get’s board if it stays in one place too long (or that’s what my sister in law says).

November 13, 2009

Site update! Price list!

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So I have long last updated my site! Check it out here:  In truth it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.  It helped that I’ve been thinking about it for about three months.  The price list is there now.  Just click on the “price list” link under the banner.  I still have a little more tweaking to do, but most of that will probably go un-noticed.  Except for the “portfolio” section I plan on adding. And because every post is better with a photo:
Perfect day for a Wedding!

November 6, 2009


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I am trying to get caught up and clear some things out… And replace the flooring in about 60% of the house. Among other things. I wanted to get these posted last week, when it would have been a bit more timely, but there you go. I truly must stop biting off more than I can chew.
So here is Halloween. Most of the usual stuff, the gem for me was my youngest in a pumpkin. She’s older than our first was for her first Halloween and I am glad I didn’t have to carry the gourd to the truck at the patch (thanks Bro-In-Law!!) My wife decorated some cookies and made a really nice skeleton cake. I truly wish I had taken the time to get a better shot of the cake, it was a work of art! I did grab a nice artsy shot of some of the cookies she frosted. She loves making cakes, and is the official family baker. I think she should offer her services decorating wedding and birthday cakes, but she (in her true wisdom-beyond-my-ability) feels that she is just a bit too busy with the kids, along with all the other stuff she does. She’s probably right.


Here’s the little punkin! Apparently pumpkin tastes good! She though it was so much fun, and did just barely fit in the pumpkin.

The Lil Punkin!

Edit:  My wife suggested that I post a shot of your youngest not eating the pumpkin.  She happily sat in the gourd for about 20 min.  Here was one of my favorites.

Happy little Punkin'

October 13, 2009

Staff Shots.

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I had a blast a couple of weeks ago shooting some staff portraits for our church.  We got started a touch later than we wanted, so the idea of halving folks spread all over the play structure had to go, we improvised though and had some fun.  The individual shots were in the sanctuary and I liked the way they turned out, which is kind of a personal victory.  I’ve shot events in the sanctuary and it’s dark, even with the lights on.  Great for contemplation, not so good for photos.  It’s got great atmosphere though, and is a little more “environmental” for the head shots.  As usual, when I was editing the shots, I lost track of time thinking of other ways to have shot the folks.  Next time!

This was particularly fun for me, as I get to self direct all a large portion of my work, having some constraints was a fun challenge. Below are a couple of the outdoor shots, I don’t know if they will get any visibility, but the interior shots are all visible on their site.  Here’s the link to the main page: and to the page with the interior portraits is HERE.

I got the go-ahead from most everyone to use the shots here on my blog, but figured I’d rather send you to the church’s site to see the shots in their final form.  Great also to see them in place so quickly!

:: ::

September 10, 2009

Protected: The Cobblers Children have no shoes.

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

August 13, 2009

Engagement Session-

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Krista & Chris go back a long way.  They both went to the same high school, and have known each other for ever (sounds familiar).  I had the privileged of shooting their engagement session last weekend, and got to know them a little better.  It is always fun to see a couple get comfortable with each other, and it sure showed with these two!  They were super easy to shoot, and there interactions were priceless.  I really liked how Chris kept looking at Krista, you could tell he is smitten!  Here are some of the shots from the engagement session from last weekend.  We started around 7pm and the light just got better and better! Most of these are from the end of the session…

I love the glow here.

And their hands (I love people’s hands, I think they can tell a person’s story.)

One more of the couple-

And my favorite of the evening….  I don’t think I need to point out the look on Krista’s face…  Love it!

I can’t wait till their wedding this fall!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

July 12, 2009

His faithful Steed.

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Talk about commitment and love. Leigh is a guy who has spent many an hour caring for the first new car he and his bride bought way back in 1967. “Musty” has been through a lot! From getting sprayed with gravel and rocks back when I-90 was being built, to run over by a truck and even surviving many years in a high school parking lot, as a daily driver! Elevated to “family member” status, she is finally getting the respect she deserves. Leigh is a member of the Mustang Club of America (link here) and was asked recently to put together an article about his car. I am not even going to try to give you a overview. You would be better off reading it from him. Till they publish it (hopefully) I’lll just tempt you with some photos. These are a few of my favorites.

Here he is with his ride. Love the custom plates. That's original paint folks! There were a few bugs that needed some photo-shopping. The first location wasn't so bad. There was one dedicated little guy who managed to smear himself on the air cleaner though.

This is probably my favorite shot. Nice soft sun, the hills in the background and the car with a nice pose.

This is a little more like what I wanted to try. Back light sun set, with some soft light on the shade side of the car. I think I over-did it. But I still like it. And it gave me some great ideas for future shoots.

I would love to get her out again.  There is something nice about shooting a car.  I’m not just talking about the fact that the hold still (hello suggered up kids)  But there is something “sexy” about them, and I don’t have to worry about what folks will think of me shooting a living model.

I’ll update you all when/if the story get’s published.


March 27, 2009

Birthday Party!

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Another birthday party!  I shot this quite a while ago, and then lost track of the images to upload for my blog untill I was sorting some of the wedding photos from the last wedding I shot.  Here are a few quick grabs,

The lady of honor!  What a gem!

Not a big fan of the buffet!

I think everyone had a good time!

Just cause she’ll kill me, here is the gal who organized the party.  (not the little one)

Thanks for the chance to share this wonderful day with all of you!

February 5, 2009


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I know, cool film look eh?  Oh, that’s because it is.  These are a couple of shots from the early 90’s.  Kodak t-Max.  Cool stuff.  I wish I had the time I did back then to shoot, and develop the film, and scan it.  I actually managed to pick up a really nice old school Mamiya 645s 1000 with four lenses from this wonderful older couple.  I have two rolls of B&W through it and am about halfway through a roll of Portra.  That was before Christmas.  I kind of got vapor locked at the scanning.  I have access to a nice film scanner at work and it has a carriage for 35mm film, but not medium format.  Maybe for my birthday….  There is something wonderfully slower and more deliberate about shooting film.  Kind of like listening to vinyl.  Not for everyone, and I don’t know that it’s my cup of tea either.  I will probably hold onto it for another few months, get the roll of Portra out of it and think about more T-Max.

In the mean time I am sssllllooowwwwlllyyyy working my way through a massive pile of (well organized thank you very much) negatives.  Mostly from High School, some from College.  Funny how there is one shot in particular I am looking for.  My best friend in High School and I used to hike out to Cape Alava every weekend after Thanksgiving for some wonderfully miserable camping.  Good times!  I know I have this shot of him, standing near the beach on a tree that had grown out over the water.  I’ts this Brad Pitt, Indiana Jones, Brandon Fraiser, Park Ranger thing that he pulled off like you can’t believe.  It was our last trip.  The next year was College, then marriage.  I haven’t seen him since my wedding.  Funny how something will galvanize me into spending a lot of time looking through a stack of needles for a needle.

These are in our garage, my Dad, working in his shop.  Funny too, cause I remember distinctly taking this series of photos.  These are TIFF scans, converted in PS.  No correction.

T-Max 400  Minolta X700 Tameron 80-210

December 2, 2008

Head Shots! “I knew them back when…”

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I had the honor of doing some preliminary head shots for a brand new company that is just about to start Beta Testing! is poised to be the FacebookLinkedinMyspaceBlog site to end all sites.  With an emphasis on networking for business, lead sharing and building a network of team members to pass leads between this thing could explode!  Beta testing doesn’t start till next year and after the initial test period I think this could put the well leveraged individual in an incredible position (even in our economy, which I think makes ASA even stronger, but I won’t bore you with that…)  You are here to see photos!  So here they are!

Cathy Fullerton is an agent with Keller Williams in the Smokey Point area.  She has a wonderful gentle nature and a very quick smile!  Here is her contact info,

Cathy Fullerton, M.Ed., SRES
Keller Williams Realty, NW LLC
1027 State Avenue
Marysville, WA 98270
425 231-6590 (cell)
350 653-8610 (fax)

She was a breeze to shoot and I know she would be easy to work with as well, here are two of my favorite shots of her..

Greg Sicotte is one of the co-founders of  His penchant for successful business start ups and understanding of the connected world we live in make him the perfect person to manage the design and implementation of this awesome site!  The full site will be here shortly and you can reach him at I don’t know Cathy as well as I do Greg, and sometimes I think that helps.  I do love the stiff, formal look of Greg’s second shot… almost a 1930’s look to it…

If I get the OK from some of the other folks I shot last week, I will get their photos added and their contact info posted for your perusal!

One final note on some of the networking stuff that has gotten to be all the rage..  Check back for a full post sometime in the next week or two.  I have a two or three part post in mind that has been marinating in my cerebellum for several months, add the economic twist, the recent election spice and a little more time and I think I will have it (mostly) done….


November 24, 2008

16 Hours Young!

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What an incredible honor!  To be able to take photos of such a precious new little life!  And not even a day old yet (16 hours!)  Such perfect tiny little fingers & toes!  Mom & Dad have their hands full with three big brothers, and I am sure they will do fine with this little addition.

Here is my favorite shot of the day!

-Mom and Dad with the little one-

Here’s the sleepy little gal,  I heard the three hours sleeping between feedings at the hospital

went by the wayside once she got home…

Mom & baby Victoria…

Stretching out those tiny little toes!

And one last B&W.  I love all the little wrinkles in her feet!  Looks like she really has been swimming

for the past 9 months!

Not at all what I thought was going to happen on Saturday, but a much better day than I thought!

Thanks again for sharing your time with me!


November 4, 2008

The Brothers!

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What a blast!  I am almost thinking about re-canting my opinion about portraits.  These two (three really) are in their first year of home schooling, so with no “school picture” option their Nana asked me to take some “school like photos” of them for her “hall of fame”.  I have know them for a long time and it is so much fun to watch them grow into such different young men.

They both have a great sense of humor, and were very patient while I messed with the lighting, composition, exposure and what not. We started outside (can you believe it, no rain!) and then went inside for the last few shots. They were starting to wear down by then the painted on smiles started to show up. Until they got into their dad’s old football jersey. Both wanted the “lean and mean” look, and I think they pulled it off.

No they were not that bored…

Here they are in Dad’s Jersey!  Lean and Mean!

Here is the Triple Threat!  Don’t let that calm demeanor fool you, they can lay waste to two family sized pizza’s in no time!

And now for something completely different!

And not to be outdone, here is the little bro’

Great fun!  What an afternoon!


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