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April 20, 2011

Baby Goats!

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I am not sure of any other animal on our farm that has brought us as much happiness as our goats have. (Don’t tell the dogs, or then again, go ahead. Maybe then they’ll stop puking on the floor after eating too much grass…) They are happy to see us, and are friendly and full of personality. Our herd has risen and dropped in number over the last few years. Most of this is in reaction to the pure cuteness of them, or having too many mouths to feed (see this post, and this one, …) And here we go again.

“Crazy-chendo” (really Crescendo) and Legato have both kidded over the past week. Crescendo threw twin girls (YEA!) and Legatto had a single buckling. It’s going to be interesting to see how this summer progresses, and it’s already been worth it to see the little ones scamper about like wind up toys…

Answering the age old question ‘him or her?’

Sweet little girl…

Poor little boy, soaking wet and sticky… Momma had to take some talking to before she got to work licking him…

Meeting our guard Llama ‘Sampson’.


July 20, 2010

Home Tweet Home.

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I heard somewhere that the state (or county) had cut back on their mosquito spraying this year. It has been buggier, that’s for sure. It’s not too bad on the farm though, we just added a few of these little homes (made by dear ol Dad). Fun to watch the swallows dip and swoop and gobble up bugs by the bucket! This is a Violet Green, we also have a few Barn Swallows in the loafing sheds, where they build their little mud nests. Natural pest control at it’s best! Talk about Green Living!

July 12, 2010

Hey (or is it Hay?)

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I get teased (for good reason) for my spelling.

Also for my impulsiveness. But that has it’s advantages. Like the other day, driving through Sylvana. I spotted a “free hay” sign. After a few quick calls and a stop at the house to get into more appropriate cloths, my brother in law and I loaded up about 30 first cuttings. Now probably 6 felt like there was a good sized dog in them. They got left out of the barn. In fact one of them was cooking at about 150′ by 10:00 that night. It was free because it had gotten wet, then dried and re-cured before being bailed. Some of it’s probably OK for the goats, lots will end up as bedding, and mulch. And if the money train runs off the tracks, well that’s what the goats will get this winter… And no, the barn still isn’t painted. (I would hate to disturb the swallows in the bird house)

April 29, 2010

Bleeding Heart…

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What a sad name for a pretty flower that heralds in such a wonderful season.  Linnaeus called it Dicentra cucullaria.  I don’t think that’s much better.  There are tons of these coming up in our woods.  We went for a little stroll the other day and I grabbed a few “flora” shots.  These are so soft and delicate….

I love these little flowers.  They like to grow in rafts of soft green.  From the side it looks like little pink flags waving over a soft green mist.

With just a little dew they look like they are made out of glass.

April 13, 2010

Family trip to the fields…

Last Saturday was a little different than we though it would be.  And it worked out way better than I could have hoped!  It stared off with a little shearing (photos to follow) and then a trip to the Tulip Festival up north.  Joscelyn packed the backup body and our eldest brought her little Fisher Price camera.  Loaded for fun we got there shortly after noon (forget soft morning lights and dew on the petals) and we had a great time.  Joscelyn and I passed the baby back and forth and had a great time looking at all the colors and taking pictures of each other.

Our eldest really got into it too.  Check out her quick shot of us!  Us “did you get it?”  Her (after checking her LCD) “yep”, us “do you want to take another to make sure?”  Her “nope, I got it”…  One shot, one kill, that’s my girl!

Here are some of my favorites:

Joscelyns shots are here:

And our Future Photographer of the Year:

Just a note, as you look through some of the images you can see little spots (they look like dust spots on the sensor).  They are fly’s.  There were tons of them, all over the place.  Just to show you, unless I’m printing it, I don’t kill myself.  For cryin’ out loud, these are family shots.

April 2, 2010


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I am not atmospheric scientist.  Fer sure.  But, I was happy to snag this shot of the way out to dinner the other night.  We were heading to one of our favorite dark under-lit dining establishments and on the way out the door I swapped out the 28-75 2.8 for the 50 1.4 so I could get a few pics…  It worked great in the restaurant but left a little to be desired on grabbing some of the other shots of clouds as we drove into Arlington.  This is probably the best. 

November 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter.

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Or at least I think that’s what they are doing. It took me a minute to figure out that this thing was a snow plow (I think). I cross the tracks near my house on my way to work and with a train running every couple of hours it’s not uncommon to see one. Typically it’s lumber and box cars, but I saw this coming and managed to bang off a few frames while I waited in line. I wish the train was a bit sharper but, it’s hard to re-shoot and I was sitting in the car trying to pan with the moving train.

Edit: Thanks my very knowledgeable father in law, he has helped me see the errors of my ways. He’s a kick, if you aren’t careful, when you ask him for the time, he might end up helping you build a sun dial. Here’s wheat he sent me:

Hi, Adam.

While you made a good guess, that car is actually far too light to be a snow plow. Because snow plows have to move incredibly deep and heavy snow, especially in the Cascades, they are very big, heavy beasts with giant weights in them that are put in front of the engines. They are called “flangers” by the railroads because at the front they have large, curved vertical flanges that meet at a point in the bottom middle near the track and then curve upward and outward to shove the snow aside. When the snow gets too deep for flangers, then the railroad goes to rotary snowplows, which have those giant whirling blades at the front to throw the snow quite some distance to the side.

The car in the photograph is a MOW (“maintenance of way”) car, which works with other modern, specially designed cars to maintain the roadbed and the track on a railroad. Today, the automated machinery on these cars can replace railroad ties (they use concrete now, rather than wood), cut and remove rail and replace it and weld it in place, and grade, level, and tamp the roadbed. Although it is difficult to tell from the photograph, I would say that the MOW car you “shot” is a tie replacement car, because it has hydraulic arm and also has hydraulic blades on both sides to level the ballast around the ties and along the line. The rail replacement cars and the tampers are bigger and heavier units. Often, you will see an entire gang of three of these cars (tie replacer, rail replacer, and tamper), followed by flatcars carrying supplies, moving as a team down the track. As few as three men running those cars can do what it took a crew of fifty to do years ago!

Hope that helps! That was a nice shot, and it would have been a difficult picture to take, I’m sure!

🙂 Boppo

October 14, 2009

First Frost!

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We had the first frost of the winter a few days ago.  Bitter sweet really.  I kept meaning to bring a few last Dalia blooms in before they got burned, but alas, it was not to be…  Kind of pretty in their last few hours before the sun hit them and turned them all to mush.  I did run out and snag a few quick photos before we had to leave for church.  Here’s my fav!

August 11, 2009

A lazy Sunday…

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Had a wonderful dinner at the grandparents house on Sunday.  Our oldest got to pick some Tomatoes with her Grampa, and we took a nice walk through the flowers.  There was a humming bird, really fearless, I’ll see if I can find one of those I liked…

Here are a few of my favorites…

Here are the Tomatoes!

The Peaches aren’t ripe yet, but they will be soon!

July 8, 2009

Passing through the Arboretum….

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As most of you know I spend a good deal of my time each week in the car.  From one project to another….  Pit-stops are a part of the day and it’s nice to stop somewhere nice.  Well the University of Washington Arboretum has bathrooms with benefits.  I was running by on my way to Preston from Seattle, and though I would drop in..  Glad I did too.  Mid day usually isn’t the best for light, but I was able to grab some nice frames…  I can imagine a Wedding here, at the right time of year, would be stunning.

I love these containers!  The lines are really interesting, and they were everywhere!  The flowers were a little past their prime, but looked nice none the less.

The parking lot had a bunch of these trees in in a central planter.  Soft green, really looked good enough to eat!  Like big balls of lime cotton candy.


April 10, 2009

Dry Grass.

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I read a wonderful post to day about shooting film.  It’s worth the read, and the link is here.  I’ve been shooting more film lately (when I’m not helping my wife “nest”).  It’s been good to move at a bit of a slower pace.  Here is one I had from a roll last summer.  I think I prefer B&W film in camera.  I see color film and think “photoshop”.  And it’s no wonder with the digital “filters” out there to replicate the look of the popular color emulsions.  I’m almost done with the wedding, and hope to get in posted before the stork shows up!


March 3, 2009

I love my job.

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I do really. All of them. My wife and Kids are always fun (work yes, but fun too). My day job as an electrical estimator feeds my photography as well. Not only does it allow me to self direct most of my shooting, but it helps pay for gear and get’s me access to some cool places I would not ordinarily have access to. Not that this shot is from anywhere that unusual. Issaquah, Wa. It’s a little tiny town that grew up.  It used to be nothing but dairy farms and vacation homes, now it’s about as trendy as you get.  But nice to know they haven’t let up on preserving their roots.  The Depot, is where I shot this.  I grabbed some other stuff too, but I liked this best.  They have several old rail cars on tracks, as well as a replica station.  I wasn’t there when it was open as I was looking at some sight lighting for the city.  Mid day light didn’t do me many favors, but I messed with the post prss. and like what Bibble 4.10 spit out.

February 3, 2009

Sun rise…

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So here is another shot at HDR.  No pun intended…  I am still not sure I am sold on these… Thus I have not paid for the HDR program, thus the watermarking….

: Shot with 24-75 2.8 @ 24mm 5.6 iso 200, Bibble, Photomatrix & Elements :

I am still not sure about this look…  I am hoping to get permission to post some shots from a 90th birthday several weeks ago that I shot.  Cutest people (the old and young!)

Stay tuned!


January 28, 2009

Re-naming and “the one that got away”

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So I took some heat for the title of the last post.  Probably very well founded.  I should have known better….  “The one that got away” is not as attention grabbing and would have done just as well getting the idea across.  So here is what I have now!  I bumped into a friend of my parents while having coffee the other day.  Starbucks sure can make the world small.  So can social networking sites….  So Andy said to say “Hi” to my folks, and I figured that would be that.  Later that evening I got a friend request on Facebood from him.  OK I thought, and then fell out of my chair.

I remember Andy as one of the Missionary’s that my dad would talk about, and stay in touch with.  He is an incredibly gifted photographer too!  I had no idea and if it wasn’t for Facebook and Flickr I would still have no idea.  Andy has a great eye for composition, and a real skill at HDR.  HDR (or High Dynamic Range) photography looks kind of odd, sometimes.  Basically it uses multiple exposures to show all the detail in the really bright areas, and in the shadows too.  Something Film never could do, and Digital is even worse at.  There is really no right or wrong way to do it.  Some HDR stuff looks wild, other stuff looks closer to what I remember in my mind.  But it takes time.  If you know me you know I don’t like to do a lot of post production work.  I’d rather be shooting, or playing.  Seeing some of the stuff Andy as done got me motivated though.

So here is my re-visit of the truck in the woods.  HDRed.  I’m not crazy about a lot of it.  Way too much noise (I have that coming though, shooting at iso 800) and it looks, um, florescent.  But I think I like where it’s headed.  I don’t plan on filling the blog with psychedelic photos, but you might see a few more from time to time.

: D50 24-70 2.8 @28mm f4 iso 800 photomatrix from 1 raw file :

I would also hightly recommend hitting Andy’s Flickr page, as well as his blog.  Links below…

Andy’s Blog:

Andy’s Flickr Page:

Andy’s SmugMug Page:

Say “Hi” to him for me!  Oh and to reinforce what I have heard elsewhere, Getty Images has picked Andy up and is carrying some of this work in their “stock library”.  Did you get that?  They found him and pursued him, what photog wouldn’t love that!

January 16, 2009

My “other woman”…

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Ok so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  And frankly I think it’s a boy, but that would really sound bad.  I don’t know if other photographers have this happen to them.  I will see something that grabs my eye.   I can even see it printed, hanging in a room.  Then when I pull out my Nikon, it’s gone.  It’s nothing like what I remember seeing.  No matter what I do it’s better in my mind than it is in reality.

It’s been like that with this truck.  It’s in the Snoqualime river valley and visible from the road.  I have stopped there three or four times.  It looks great in my mind.  The old truck in the woods.  It kills me though, because no matter what I do, I am not getting what I want.  Or maby it’s not there.


January 13, 2009

Still Water

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It’s been almost a week since the rivers jumped their banks and made life interesting for many of us that live in valleys.  Now all that’s left is weird trash in the trees and some weird “lakes” like this one outside Duvall.  There is often so much mist and fog that getting a good frame is a challenge.  Also, whipping along at 60 makes nice still frames a challenge too.  Here is a spot I have been looking at for several days and finally was going by when there wasn’t any other traffic.  No I don’t recommend coming to a complete stop on SR 203.  But I think I got what I wanted.

:24-70 @ 58mm 1/250 f2.8 iso200:

December 29, 2008

Something from the summer….

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Here are two shots from much earlier this summer.  My wife and I had a great time staying at a cute little farm on Camano Island.  It gave us a great chance to talk, and just enjoy a bit of “us” time in our marriage.  Of course I brought the camera along.  As always she was very patient as I took “artsey shots of weird stuff” (the wooden shoe) and as I messed with my tripod on the beach for the sunset shot…

: 24-75mm @25mm f11, 1/45 :

December 17, 2008

White Christmas!

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Well for like the second time I can remember we had a white Christmas.  There were more things to point a camera at than you can imagine!  Snapping away like crazy and filling more hard drive space than I should, here is one that I like.  It’s more the story than anything.  We started building this chicken coop when we moved three years ago.  It still isn’t done (no one’s fault but mine!) but there’s a door hung and for the first time I could “decorate” it for winter!  If I have time over the holidays I will try to post some more “Holiday” shots!


December 3, 2008

Looking for lightning..

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Does that make sense?  It will.  The shot below was taken at the Center For Wooden Boats last fall.  I took my lunch there (worst part of the day for shooting) and was lucky enough to actually find some people working on some of the boats.  Really cool stuff.  My wife’s grandfather was a boat builder.  Incredible guy, WWII vet, boat builder and a photographer!  I like this shot in part because of the reflection.  It’s a little busy but I only had about 15 minutes before I had to head out to an appointment.  The CWB is also where I grabbed a shot of some boats floating on the water in High School.  My photography teacher urged me to enter the photo in the Washington State High School Photo Competition.  I did and much to my surprise, won “best in show”.  So here I was wondering if lightening would strike twice.  I don’t think so, a bit cloudy maybe but no massive flash…  So here you go!

:28-70 @ 55mm f4.8 1/90 iso 200:


October 26, 2007

The old Barn

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I drive past this place every day on my way to and from my real job.  It’s this old dairy barn on an 80 acre farm about 1/4 mile from our place.  We bought hay from the guy who owns it the first year we lived here but couldn’t connect with him this year.  A real shame becuase the place is in escrow with the McNaughton group, a developer in the Seattle area, who wants to build on some 2k acres they either have or are buying in the area.  I am hoping to be abel to visit this place again before it’s gone.  Here are a few shots from my first walk around the place.

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