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December 17, 2010

Sisters. Film. (I love my family)

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I love my girls. And I have so loved watching them grow. And growing with them. Mid point through a massive digital edit/comp project I stumbled into an analog folder for a little relief. Both these frames are straight scans from a roll of film from earlier this summer. I remember taking both of them. Because they were the only photos I took of them while we played. When I have my DSLR it seems to stay at my face, limiting direct interaction. With my film camera it’s so different. Just one or two, no chimping. Switch it off and swing it over my back, and back to playing, or spying on goats… Oh yes, I should probably touch up all the dust and hair on them. Or just blow them off and re-scan them… But I love that I can share these without sweating the color balance, distracting elements, or exposure.



July 16, 2010


Another frame from my visit to the Wooden Boat Center in Seattle.  Fun little note on this?  I shot it with my F5, and although you can’t see it in the frame, the guy/company I bought it from is in the photo.  Looking across Lake Union you can see Gasworks parkChase Jarvis‘ studio/office is just up the hill from Gasworks, and that’s who I got it from.  So, it’s a shot I like, and a photograph of a great photographer.

May 21, 2010

It’s almost out of my system…

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Almost.  I have really enjoyed my little trip back into the world of film.  I don’t know that I will make a habit of this.  I can see myself shooting a lot of stuff for myself with film.  It’s really let me be part of the moment, not just watching it.  It’s nice though to shoot, and not deal with post till, well, later.  If at all.  At most, the shots I have up here in film (the entire site) are just shot, scanned, and uploaded.  I will nuke a dust spot if it’s really distracting but that’s it.  Oh and I crop just a bit.  Sometimes.  Deets: Nikon F5, 50mm 1.4, 400NC.

May 18, 2010

Not trying to compete…

I hit one of those “moments” that photographers look for.  Henri Cartier-Bresson is…  OK, I am not going to try to get him summed up here.  Instead look here, and here.  Look cause otherwise the whole “moment” thing is going to be lost on you.   And frankly I think this shot stands on it’s own.  This is a moment, and an expression that I have been trying to capture for several years.  Totally candid, and yes.  Her shoe was wet.

Nikon F5, BW400CN, 50mm

May 14, 2010

Two more reasons for me to love film.

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Here are a couple of shots from a little more recently.  Available light, film, two of about 10 on the roll that I liked…

The very best part?  I shot about 6 frames of her, and then sat down and read her the book.  Cause there’s not chimpin’ so if I missed it, oh well.

May 12, 2010

Shooting eggs on the farm…

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Here are a few of our farm fresh eggs.  Again there I go with the film…  Shot with my (snif) Mamiya 645.  Sometime last year…  I have a few more film shots to put up, and then I will be done for a while.  Really.  I mean it.

That’s right.  Shot and scanned and that’s it.  No post (well except for the watermark).

Oh and while you are at it, take a look at the Seed Savers Exchange (we get some of our seeds from them).  They have a really informational post about raising chickens in the city, with two really good links at the bottom to other resources for “urban poultry”.

Raise your own poultry

May 7, 2010

Why do I love film?

I know you are probably tired of hearing about film.  Analog this, and emulsion that.  My brilliant wife pointed out to me the other night that no matter how I try to rationalize shooting film, it does cost more.   Flat out.  In part because it would take a long time (like 2 DSLR cycles) for the film cost to be eclipsed by the “digital upgrade” costs.  And I still store the scans on a hard drive.  Ok, so to the point, why do I love it?  It’s the process.   Similar to building a piece of furniture with no power tools, “just like they used to”.  It takes longer, you end up being more deliberate.   It’s also less distracting (I keep almost rewinding the film when I try to chimp the back of my film camera).   It’s a bit more minimalistic.  Technical but without the hoofla of pixel peeping geeks.  Sharpness is relative.  I was talking with a good friend about it and both he and my wife asked if it’s possible to get the “film look” from digital capture.   Sure, it’s possible.  But it’s the process.   I shot loads of film before I jumped (happily) onto digital.  But it’s been nice to slow down.  I don’t see my distraction with film as an entirely bad thing.   My new challenge is to shoot digital like I’ve shot film.  No 8 frame per second “spray and pray”.  Single shot.  Make them count.  So far in the rolls I’ve shot, out of a 36 exposure roll, I’ve had at least 5 keepers (per roll) that’s at least a 15% keeper rate.  I wish I could get that with digital (I got 18 out of 36 on one roll, booya!, that’s 18 that were good, not just in focus & exposed properly)

I’ve put a couple rolls through an old body and that will probably do it for me for a good long time.  Well, till later this month anyhow.   I will confess, that secretly deep down, I think I would love to shoot 100% film.  If it was free (or at least only cost as much as digital).   Perhaps for now I will just tape off my LCD, and not let myself bracket my shots.

Here is one of my favorite shots from one of my favorite places from a roll of ‘gasp’ black and white film.

April 10, 2009

Dry Grass.

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I read a wonderful post to day about shooting film.  It’s worth the read, and the link is here.  I’ve been shooting more film lately (when I’m not helping my wife “nest”).  It’s been good to move at a bit of a slower pace.  Here is one I had from a roll last summer.  I think I prefer B&W film in camera.  I see color film and think “photoshop”.  And it’s no wonder with the digital “filters” out there to replicate the look of the popular color emulsions.  I’m almost done with the wedding, and hope to get in posted before the stork shows up!


February 5, 2009


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I know, cool film look eh?  Oh, that’s because it is.  These are a couple of shots from the early 90’s.  Kodak t-Max.  Cool stuff.  I wish I had the time I did back then to shoot, and develop the film, and scan it.  I actually managed to pick up a really nice old school Mamiya 645s 1000 with four lenses from this wonderful older couple.  I have two rolls of B&W through it and am about halfway through a roll of Portra.  That was before Christmas.  I kind of got vapor locked at the scanning.  I have access to a nice film scanner at work and it has a carriage for 35mm film, but not medium format.  Maybe for my birthday….  There is something wonderfully slower and more deliberate about shooting film.  Kind of like listening to vinyl.  Not for everyone, and I don’t know that it’s my cup of tea either.  I will probably hold onto it for another few months, get the roll of Portra out of it and think about more T-Max.

In the mean time I am sssllllooowwwwlllyyyy working my way through a massive pile of (well organized thank you very much) negatives.  Mostly from High School, some from College.  Funny how there is one shot in particular I am looking for.  My best friend in High School and I used to hike out to Cape Alava every weekend after Thanksgiving for some wonderfully miserable camping.  Good times!  I know I have this shot of him, standing near the beach on a tree that had grown out over the water.  I’ts this Brad Pitt, Indiana Jones, Brandon Fraiser, Park Ranger thing that he pulled off like you can’t believe.  It was our last trip.  The next year was College, then marriage.  I haven’t seen him since my wedding.  Funny how something will galvanize me into spending a lot of time looking through a stack of needles for a needle.

These are in our garage, my Dad, working in his shop.  Funny too, cause I remember distinctly taking this series of photos.  These are TIFF scans, converted in PS.  No correction.

T-Max 400  Minolta X700 Tameron 80-210

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