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January 14, 2012

Lines and patterns. A day at the office.

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Some visual thoughts from a walk through of a finished tenant space.  I wish I could do more of this….

Would I be a photographer if I hadn’t looked at the lights?



December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving with friends…

I had the opportunity to shoot for an organization out of Marysville, Eagle Wing Ministries.  I can’t really put words to it, so I’ll show you.  Just a bit of explanation…  The guests arrived, and had their portraits taken by myself and Kristen.  Then then went in for a craft and dinner…  Tip- Click on one of the images below and let the slide show load, then enjoy the photos full sized!


December 14, 2011

The last wedding of the summer…

I tossed out a pre-view image a month or so ago for this and although the couple is still trying to decide how to have their order fulfilled, I wanted to get it out for the rest of you to see….

The day started on Camano Island…  I loved the sign on the fridge, that was the mood the entire day.

Hundreds of paper lanterns on twinkle lights, strung up in the back yard…  The reception had lots of promise!

Then down to Seattle, Greenlake specifically.  She chose Illustrated Salon Spa for her hair.  Mandy Greenhill did a great job!

Then for some more pampering, Jessica at Spa Scotta did her makeup, lots of goodies to look at!

Then back to their house to grab some important items, and people, and heat to the Temple in Bellevue

Thanks to the Blue Angles, there was a bit of a rush to get across the bridge.  The grounds of the Temple in Bellevue are beautiful.  As were the people.

I love babies at weddings, don’t you?



Even an accidental blow to the head resulted in laughter.

Back to Camano, and a little log cabin down the road from the reception.

Sparklers, fireworks and to top off the evening, ‘wish’ lanterns (ala the Disney film ‘Rapunzel’)

What a wonderful day!


June 30, 2010


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I saw this on my daughters desk a few months ago, liked the light and thought it would make a nice photograph, because it seemed like he was trying to say something.

I was thinking today about performance.  Not just as in acting, but as in providing a skill and finished product, for a fee on a repeated basis.  I think that there are times when every artist who is living off their work feels much like this little wind up puppy.  I want to make something new, creative, different.  But all that’s asked of me is to do the same trick, again and again.  I think, if you can get past the mind numbing repetitiveness of some of the process, it can still bring a smile, to see the reaction to the finished product.  Because it’s that connection, at the core of the process, that creates the moment that brings a twinge of a smile, as a memory is triggered.  And really, if I get that, you can wind me up any time.

June 7, 2010

Wonderful Citrus Sweetness!

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My wife is a rock star cook.  Really.  No kidding.  Her killer cooking and my lack of self control are a bad combination.  For me.  I thought I would share this with you all.  This is all you get.  Cause I got all the left overs.

This is actually from Mother’s Day.  She let me cut up the orange, but that was it.  And the cheese cake was AWESOME! Sadly I did have to share some…  Ah well Father’s day is coming…

And now that we all have a sugar head ache…  I’m going to go brew up another pot of coffee.

April 29, 2010

Bleeding Heart…

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What a sad name for a pretty flower that heralds in such a wonderful season.  Linnaeus called it Dicentra cucullaria.  I don’t think that’s much better.  There are tons of these coming up in our woods.  We went for a little stroll the other day and I grabbed a few “flora” shots.  These are so soft and delicate….

I love these little flowers.  They like to grow in rafts of soft green.  From the side it looks like little pink flags waving over a soft green mist.

With just a little dew they look like they are made out of glass.

April 5, 2010

Easter Review…

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We er I am still recovering from Easter…  My daughter’s generosity is gong to be my undoing.  She is sure that I will love any new candy that she comes across, and must partake.  Between the candy and the turkey we had for dinner on Sunday I’m surprised I am conscious.  The turkey was from the birds we raised last year, still juicy and if I might say, very tasty!

Here are a couple of snaps from the finger egg dying on Saturday.  I haven’t gotten anything from Sunday gone through yet.  I’ll probably toss a couple of frames into the stream from Saturday as well.  We played farmer and with my dad’s help got our garden in for 2010…

If you want to see something truly moving from this last weekend (photographically) take a look at HI photographer Jon Canlas.  He is a very talanted guy, all film, all the time…  Oh and this slide show?  If you didn’t figure it out it’s a funeral.  A very touching story about a child, Natalie is a wedding and portrait photographer from the Islands, I like her work, and she was very transparent on her blog as they have gone through this whole process with their little guy.  Back to the photos though, I’m not going to get all weepy here, but to say that it this is how Jonathan shoots a funeral, I want to shoot weddings the way he shoots weddings!!

March 3, 2010

Going Mobile!

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Not much more to say really.  Our world is changing.  Every day.  Anyone with a small child will understand this.  The last couple of weeks have included her pulling up on the couch, the coffee table,  and then on the side table.  Nothing is safe.  Books, papers, the remote control, and the cell phone.  Nothing…  With so much vertical interest sometimes the safest place is on the floor…

I’ve taken to doing more B&W conversions… Stay tuned for some more…

December 18, 2009

Good food is hard to find….

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I had the pleasure of attending a Christmas Party the other day with some incredible food.  And I know good food.  I am not some kind of epicurean snob.  When asked about my preference for food my canned response is “if it’s not moving, I’ll eat it”.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy good food.  I typically “bulk up” around the holidays.  I like to blame three women in particular.  My wife, my mother and my mother in law.  When it comes to home cooking, they are the Trinity, the tri-fecta of food.  They are trying to kill me with love (and pumpkin pie).  They are not all that shabby with the more exotic or fancy pants stuff either.  From perfect Crem Brule to perfectly marinated and cooked steak.  Check out the recent Thanksgiving post…

So all of this to say that the food that was served up at this Christmas Party was incredible.  I have had the dis-pleasure of some very bad catered buffet food, and this food was so good, that it seems rude to mention it in the same sentence.  From the crab dip to the steak skewers and the desert!  I just wish these folks did this full time!  I would love to run into them at more events!  Here’s a shot of one of the deserts, I can still taste it….

November 3, 2009

Business Cards!

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This is kind of funny and ironic all at the same time.  Let’s see if you can follow this.  I wanted a phone number for the studio, and after talking to a very web 2.0 friend of mine decided to use Google Voice.  It’s a wicked service (what of Google’s services aren’t?) and it free!  The catch, you have to request an invitation to join.  What does that mean?  You ask for an application, and they eventually send you a link to sign up.  And that can take some time.  For some areas it’s a moth or more.  So I requested the invite, and waited, and waited….  Meanwhile back at the ranch, I finally put the last bit of polish on a new business card design!  My old hand printed & cut cards were OK at best.  I wanted color! photos! and more!  So there I was with this wonderful new business card and the only thing missing was the phone number from Google….  I am not the most patient person and finally ordered a small run of the cards.  And they arrived and I was happy.  And 36 hrs after they showed up, I got the invite from Google….  URG!!  So I have some lovely business cards with no phone number, but then my last cards didn’t have a number on them either.

And what is the point of this you ask?  A few days ago David duChemin dropped in with this killer offering.  Check it out HERE.  So today my photo (seen below) goes onto my stream on flickr (not a big fan of flickr but I won’t get into it here) and the post I was planning on doing anyhow (the toot toot look at my new cards!) is more than shameless self promotion!  And in the spirit of the American Do It Yourselfers I have my phone number written on a napkin.  So it’s there too.  And if you are curious 474-7427 spells 474-pics.  Cool huh?

Front, Back and my digits!

Have a fun day!

October 14, 2009

First Frost!

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We had the first frost of the winter a few days ago.  Bitter sweet really.  I kept meaning to bring a few last Dalia blooms in before they got burned, but alas, it was not to be…  Kind of pretty in their last few hours before the sun hit them and turned them all to mush.  I did run out and snag a few quick photos before we had to leave for church.  Here’s my fav!

August 11, 2009

A lazy Sunday…

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Had a wonderful dinner at the grandparents house on Sunday.  Our oldest got to pick some Tomatoes with her Grampa, and we took a nice walk through the flowers.  There was a humming bird, really fearless, I’ll see if I can find one of those I liked…

Here are a few of my favorites…

Here are the Tomatoes!

The Peaches aren’t ripe yet, but they will be soon!

July 12, 2009

His faithful Steed.

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Talk about commitment and love. Leigh is a guy who has spent many an hour caring for the first new car he and his bride bought way back in 1967. “Musty” has been through a lot! From getting sprayed with gravel and rocks back when I-90 was being built, to run over by a truck and even surviving many years in a high school parking lot, as a daily driver! Elevated to “family member” status, she is finally getting the respect she deserves. Leigh is a member of the Mustang Club of America (link here) and was asked recently to put together an article about his car. I am not even going to try to give you a overview. You would be better off reading it from him. Till they publish it (hopefully) I’lll just tempt you with some photos. These are a few of my favorites.

Here he is with his ride. Love the custom plates. That's original paint folks! There were a few bugs that needed some photo-shopping. The first location wasn't so bad. There was one dedicated little guy who managed to smear himself on the air cleaner though.

This is probably my favorite shot. Nice soft sun, the hills in the background and the car with a nice pose.

This is a little more like what I wanted to try. Back light sun set, with some soft light on the shade side of the car. I think I over-did it. But I still like it. And it gave me some great ideas for future shoots.

I would love to get her out again.  There is something nice about shooting a car.  I’m not just talking about the fact that the hold still (hello suggered up kids)  But there is something “sexy” about them, and I don’t have to worry about what folks will think of me shooting a living model.

I’ll update you all when/if the story get’s published.


July 8, 2009

Passing through the Arboretum….

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As most of you know I spend a good deal of my time each week in the car.  From one project to another….  Pit-stops are a part of the day and it’s nice to stop somewhere nice.  Well the University of Washington Arboretum has bathrooms with benefits.  I was running by on my way to Preston from Seattle, and though I would drop in..  Glad I did too.  Mid day usually isn’t the best for light, but I was able to grab some nice frames…  I can imagine a Wedding here, at the right time of year, would be stunning.

I love these containers!  The lines are really interesting, and they were everywhere!  The flowers were a little past their prime, but looked nice none the less.

The parking lot had a bunch of these trees in in a central planter.  Soft green, really looked good enough to eat!  Like big balls of lime cotton candy.


June 8, 2009


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I work with this awesome guy, he got married this last year to a glass artist and she is teaching him some of the in’s and outs of the craft.  This beautiful vase showed up at our office last week and I have been too busy to get a shot of it till today.  It is incredible when the light hits it..  I have been talking to my wife about getting some of their Christmas ornaments for our tree, or to give as gifts…

So here is the shot, you have to hand it to her, she does some great work!  I will also point out that I grabbed this shot on my way out the door, so I did not give any though to controlling the reflection of the papers, windows or myslef in the glass….

You can see more of her work here!

April 29, 2009

Focus Shift.

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My focus has been shifted. Two weeks ago today. I’ve shot probably 600 frames and 40min of video in the past 14 days. And I feel like I have hardly had my camera in my hands. Delivery was smooth, so fast in fact that I only got one shot at the birth center before she showed up. I could not be more proud of my wife! Here is one of my favs, love the tiny toes, and wrinkled feet. They have a long ways to go!

March 3, 2009

I love my job.

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I do really. All of them. My wife and Kids are always fun (work yes, but fun too). My day job as an electrical estimator feeds my photography as well. Not only does it allow me to self direct most of my shooting, but it helps pay for gear and get’s me access to some cool places I would not ordinarily have access to. Not that this shot is from anywhere that unusual. Issaquah, Wa. It’s a little tiny town that grew up.  It used to be nothing but dairy farms and vacation homes, now it’s about as trendy as you get.  But nice to know they haven’t let up on preserving their roots.  The Depot, is where I shot this.  I grabbed some other stuff too, but I liked this best.  They have several old rail cars on tracks, as well as a replica station.  I wasn’t there when it was open as I was looking at some sight lighting for the city.  Mid day light didn’t do me many favors, but I messed with the post prss. and like what Bibble 4.10 spit out.

February 14, 2009

There is music in the details…

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There is something beautiful about a musical instrument.  I happened to actually have my camera out when a friend at Warm Beach Free Methodist Church popped open his violin case.  Low light wasn’t a problem with my 28-70 2.8!  I liked this comp best.  Image is pretty much SOC (Straight out of Camera), just a little tweek to sharpen & adjust the white balance, yea for Bibble 5!


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