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December 19, 2011

Thanksgiving with friends…

I had the opportunity to shoot for an organization out of Marysville, Eagle Wing Ministries.  I can’t really put words to it, so I’ll show you.  Just a bit of explanation…  The guests arrived, and had their portraits taken by myself and Kristen.  Then then went in for a craft and dinner…  Tip- Click on one of the images below and let the slide show load, then enjoy the photos full sized!



October 31, 2011

Twirling flowers…

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Just had to share this shot of our two little flowers.  They wanted to twirl by the flowers.  (I would guess the dahlias will be with us for only another week or so).  Fun to see what a handful of years will do with twirling prowess…


August 23, 2011


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August.  Hot (finally), busy and filled with fun.  Aaaaa as in, fall is coming and there is still lots to do!  So there isn’t much here, between work, finishing up some client work, and the farm, well, the blog tends to slip a bit…  So here’s something to cool you off (not that you need it if you live in the PNW, but others might find it refreshing…)


May 27, 2011

Look out!

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He’s got his camera.

My poor family. Even when they are having fun they aren’t safe. Good thing he’s not on Facebook, the reticule would be horrible!


September 29, 2010

La Conner Wedding…

Rob and Rebecca had the kind of wedding I wish I could shoot every day.  Not that I only like shooting small intimate weddings.  Nor that I only like shooting weddings in small quaint towns.  Or when the weather is beautiful, and the venue is so full wonderful, or any of the other obvious details of their special day.  What I really loved about documenting their special day were the people.  It was clear that they people who had come were all very special to the couple. The other cool thing? Most everyone ignored me after the family photos. Loved that. Able to wander and shoot, looking for some of the better angles for backgrounds, stories, characters and moments…. Here are some of my favorites:

The Father of the Bride. He was so proud of his daughter, I don’t think he was actually walking on the floor.

April 21, 2010

A fun spring Birthday!

Just a few “identity disguised” shots from a birthday party the other week.  Beautiful weather and fun kids…

I guess this is how kids play hide and seek now….

April 19, 2010

Game Night Fun!!

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Our Aunt was up for a short visit the other week.  She brought a fun card game for our eldest, and stuck around for some fun.  I got stuck volunteered to do the dishes, so I didn’t get dealt in, but that was fine, I was able to take some pics.

April 5, 2010

Easter Review…

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We er I am still recovering from Easter…  My daughter’s generosity is gong to be my undoing.  She is sure that I will love any new candy that she comes across, and must partake.  Between the candy and the turkey we had for dinner on Sunday I’m surprised I am conscious.  The turkey was from the birds we raised last year, still juicy and if I might say, very tasty!

Here are a couple of snaps from the finger egg dying on Saturday.  I haven’t gotten anything from Sunday gone through yet.  I’ll probably toss a couple of frames into the stream from Saturday as well.  We played farmer and with my dad’s help got our garden in for 2010…

If you want to see something truly moving from this last weekend (photographically) take a look at HI photographer Jon Canlas.  He is a very talanted guy, all film, all the time…  Oh and this slide show?  If you didn’t figure it out it’s a funeral.  A very touching story about a child, Natalie is a wedding and portrait photographer from the Islands, I like her work, and she was very transparent on her blog as they have gone through this whole process with their little guy.  Back to the photos though, I’m not going to get all weepy here, but to say that it this is how Jonathan shoots a funeral, I want to shoot weddings the way he shoots weddings!!

March 17, 2010

Zumba Master Class in Stanwood!

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Back at it again!  This time the girls at Studio Z (link here) managed to get a master instructor to come in for a special 90min class.  Lots of fun, not quite as PACKED as last time I shot here, that’s a good thing.  I was able to move around without worrying about getting kicked, knocked down or what not.  Also most of the folks in the class had “instructor” somewhere on their outfits, so I was not as worried about getting the dreaded hate mail “take my picture down or I’ll set fire to your blog!”.  This time the beats were covered by Jeremy (link here), another DJ friend of mine…  Sarah picked a few of her favorites, here are some of mine!  Possible link to all the images coming…. stay tuned!

Now for a couple of my favorites!

And for the last two- here’s one of the lead instructors Sarah!  Her kiddos were there enjoying the post workout beats when the little guy had an unfortunate gravity generated accident.  Yes sir, that floor is hard!  Cuties though!

If you want to see more, check them out!  They have a full schedule posted on their site (link at the top of the post)!!

If you want to see all the images from the evening check them out here:

Edit:  Just a note, with the exception of the last two images, all of these were shot above ISO 1600.  Noisy noisy!  But my mantra is “I’d rather have a noisy image than no image”, flash helps freeze the action, but to keep the ambient from dying I kept the ISO jacked way up.  I’ll post about this at some point so the people who aren’t pixel peepers will understand…  🙂

March 3, 2010

Going Mobile!

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Not much more to say really.  Our world is changing.  Every day.  Anyone with a small child will understand this.  The last couple of weeks have included her pulling up on the couch, the coffee table,  and then on the side table.  Nothing is safe.  Books, papers, the remote control, and the cell phone.  Nothing…  With so much vertical interest sometimes the safest place is on the floor…

I’ve taken to doing more B&W conversions… Stay tuned for some more…

February 8, 2010

Fire and a flick.

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I had a blast the other night,  I got to spend a great time swapping stories around a camp fire.  After it started to rain (what, rain, in Seattle?) we headed in for “District 9”.  Then after the movie, we spend about another hour talking about the deeper meanings in the movie (yea I know, getting all philosophical about a alien flick).  It helped having a missionary with us, who had distinct memories of the slums in Africa, the racial issues and much more..

The fire can be kind of a cruel light source (HARD light, really warm, with nasty fall off) but I do love my Nikon.  I saw an ad the other day “Nikon, shoot in the dark”.  Well not quite with mine, but close.  All hand held, at about 11 at night….  Names omitted to protect the innocent, er guilty.

January 15, 2010

“In the frame”, weddings, and babies

Sorry to leave all two of you hanging here for a bit.  Not much original content lately eh?  Never fear.  After the hurried pace of the holidays, things slowed down a bit for us.  For various reasons we are not going to make it to any of the Bridal Events this spring (next year?) but would love to hear how they go…  Instead I’ve been working on a couple of personal projects.  The first is going to be called “in the frame” and now that I have several of the shoots “in the can” I feel comfortable doing a little pre-view.

The premise is simple.   Meet someone for coffee and take a few informal photos.  The “in the frame” bit?  Well my life is “framed” by the people who I interact with.  Some of them have had a very deep or long lasting impact on my, shaped who I am or fed my odd sense of humor.  So those are the folks you’ll see.  Who exactly?  Well you’ll just have to tune back in from time to time to find out.

Finally the weddings!  I’ll be firing up a special here in the next few days, and again, tune in for more info!!

Till then- have a wonderful weekend!


March 27, 2009

Birthday Party!

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Another birthday party!  I shot this quite a while ago, and then lost track of the images to upload for my blog untill I was sorting some of the wedding photos from the last wedding I shot.  Here are a few quick grabs,

The lady of honor!  What a gem!

Not a big fan of the buffet!

I think everyone had a good time!

Just cause she’ll kill me, here is the gal who organized the party.  (not the little one)

Thanks for the chance to share this wonderful day with all of you!

February 9, 2009


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We had dinner at some friends house a few months ago and I am finally getting around to burning them a disc of some of the photos from the mayhem that insures any time there are three year olds’ involved.  Our kids were hilarious, their son had this big dinosaur who was waiting to meet us at the door.  He followed us around the entire evening.  Dinner was great, and after we were all full we went into the family room to play in a cardboard “house”.  The dino watched from a distance as things went from wild to crazy!

I had a great time shooting to try to capture the “action”.  Flash does a great job of stopping motion, but if you have ever see photos of a school dance everyone looks like they are playing some kind of weird game of musical “freeze tag”.  No one looks good mid-jive.  Dragging the shutter lets the blur show and the flash shows detail.  Fun stuff!  The house started as a house, became a car, and then…

It turned into a sled!  Dad finally had to intervene to keep the damage to a minimum.  It was fun to watch, and I know I missed more than I got because I spent a bunch of time “chimping” my LCD, checking my exposure and such.  The White Balance is all wacko too, They have incandescent bulbs (nice warm/orage color) and the flash is closer to daylight.  Next time I’ll  gel my flash, some of the shots where you can really see their faces and such look very weird, ORANGE blur, and nice skin tone, or vice-verse.

Thanks for stopping in!


November 26, 2008

Digging in the archives…

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I didn’t have to dig back to far to find it.  Just a few months ago (archived now) I had a great chance to shoot at a fun event at Warm Beach Free Methodist Church.  They were having a Celtic Faire, with dancers, fun music, face painting , bounce houses, all the trimmings!  I was asked to do some candid shooting (my favourite!) and grabbed a few frames of this cute couple sitting in the back of the group sharing a cotton candy.  I had heard through the grapevine who they were, but not much more than that!  You know where they are at now!



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