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Adam has had some kind of camera in his hands almost as long as he can remember. His first camera was a Kodak Instamatic that his parents bought him because he wanted so badly to take pictures. He would save his allowance for film and then again to get it developed, or as was more often the case he would walk around dry firing (no film) the camera and imagining how the print would look. That was in grade school, by high school his parents had given him a 35mm SLR and an allowance to blow on film.  It was then that he started rolling and developing his own black and white film and making his own prints.
Photography took a back seat in college but caught fire again with the birth of his first child. Film has now been replaced by digital capture, and he still loves to shoot the same subjects. Primarily people, in natural candid settings, interacting and being themselves. He also still enjoys shooting for black and white conversion as well as landscape and nature.
Adam is based in the Pacific Northwest and is married to his high school sweetheart, who patiently supports him. He is available for event and portrait work and especially enjoys shooting people candidly. He is also available for contract work. He can be reached via E-mail at adam@photobby, or by phone at 360-474-7427.

“I love people and relationships, and showing those with photos.  Photos that resonate emotionally with those who know them, that we will cherish forever, that’s my goal.  Time goes so fast, and being able to catch candid, emotionally connected images of how they are now, so we have those images to look back on,  is what drives me.  The little glimpses of a personality that come through are the true gems.  Watching people interact, and waiting for those fleeting “moments” to capture is my favorite part.  Life is an event, and photos are merely a slice of a second, of that moment, of that memory,  and a wonderful way to remember it.”



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