Adam Stevens Photography

June 18, 2010

Thank you Dinner…

Most of you know that our church servers a great Wednesday night dinner.  Every week, during the school year.  And usually we are there.  Where else can a family eat for about $5, have no dishes to do and the chance to hang with some friends?  There are a few of us fools, er helpers who lend a hand to do everything from wash dishes, fix the food and vacuum the jello out of the carpet.  I usually have my camera with me as there are often fun little moments to capture.  Lots of folks, having fun, and interacting.  Just a few of my favorite things.

And here are just a few shots from the thank you dinner that they threw for us helpers…

Some Good Food..

Some good friends to play with (the bury guy playing with the worlds most adorable baby is “Pappa John”, ask any kid at WBFMC and they know exactly who he is)..

And Pastor Pat, (funny note, there was a mic stand in the foreground that looked like he had some kind of metal parrot on his shoulder, normally I wouldn’t just walk up mid service and move something like that, but I figured, why not.  Ah much better…)

Don’t forget the Mount Vernon Birth Center open house is tomorrow!  Come and see what it would be like to give birth someplace just like home

but where someone else cleans up.  Oh, and you don’t have the distractions of home, like in a spa, yea that’s it!  Cause that’s what birth is like, right?

Get all the Deets here:


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