Adam Stevens Photography

April 13, 2010

Family trip to the fields…

Last Saturday was a little different than we though it would be.  And it worked out way better than I could have hoped!  It stared off with a little shearing (photos to follow) and then a trip to the Tulip Festival up north.  Joscelyn packed the backup body and our eldest brought her little Fisher Price camera.  Loaded for fun we got there shortly after noon (forget soft morning lights and dew on the petals) and we had a great time.  Joscelyn and I passed the baby back and forth and had a great time looking at all the colors and taking pictures of each other.

Our eldest really got into it too.  Check out her quick shot of us!  Us “did you get it?”  Her (after checking her LCD) “yep”, us “do you want to take another to make sure?”  Her “nope, I got it”…  One shot, one kill, that’s my girl!

Here are some of my favorites:

Joscelyns shots are here:

And our Future Photographer of the Year:

Just a note, as you look through some of the images you can see little spots (they look like dust spots on the sensor).  They are fly’s.  There were tons of them, all over the place.  Just to show you, unless I’m printing it, I don’t kill myself.  For cryin’ out loud, these are family shots.


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