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February 5, 2010

“in the frame” Jon Stevens…

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I am a lucky guy.  I’m lucky for a lot of reasons.  One of those reasons is my Dad.  We met up for an early Denny’s breakfast a week or so ago, and I was able to grab a few shots of him.  We meet up every few months and have breakfast together and get caught up.  It’s not like we live very far apart, but it’s nice to touch base with each other.  My dad’s great.  He’s the first to point out his flaws, quick to share heartfelt advice, lend a hand and loves to be part of the process of discovering.

He reminded me the other day of the time we spent at the Seattle Camera Club, when I didn’t have access to the school darkroom.  He’s invested his time and energy in what has interested me.  From photography, to rock climbing, to farming, and from fishing to sailing.

It’s not like he doesn’t have plenty of plates spinning.  Take a look at his site here and you can see that.  Better yet, stop by his farm stand this summer and drool over the certified organic produce that it will be overflowing with.  And don’t forget to say hi to Snickers, the farm dog.  And yes, at 5 am we are both a little groggy…


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