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January 9, 2010

DSLR video can only get better.

Not that Ford makes bad cars.  But (until recently) Chevy kept them honest.  And vice-versa.  I posted a while ago that I passed on the D90 for a D300, the thing that held me back was the video.  I’m glad I waited.  Nikon announced a competition a while ago, any brand of HD-DSLR or video camera, shot film of your life.  Winner?  $100K.  All yours.  Have fun!

Today on Vincent Laforet’s blog, he announced the Cannon answer to Nikon.  I haven’t read all the deets yet, but I think this hits at something bigger.  The merging of video and still photography.  From what I hear, at the moment, if you don’t fully understand exposure, DOF and such, the video capability of the current DSLR’s leave something to be desired in the way of “average Joe” usability.  It ain’t a handy-cam.  But for the artsy fartsy type, it rocks and will get better.  I look forward to where this will go.  I can only imagine in a few years when my D300 croaks, I’ll be getting into a DSLR that captures video.

Vincent is an incredible artist…  Here’s his vid for Cannon.

The Story Beyond The Still: The Cabbie from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Long term?  The video a DSLR can shoot will only get better.  Safe bet?  You bet!  And it’s always fun to watch two corporate giants try to out do each other!


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