Adam Stevens Photography

January 1, 2010

The Fierce Protector.

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Don’t let his big brown eyes fool you.  This guy is a killer.  Or could be.  Sampson’s been with us for a few years, coming to live with us when we got our first goats.  He is the gentlest, kindest, most unassuming 4 legged critter on our little farm.  He lets kids pet him, and walk under him.  He’ll eat treats out of your hand and perks his ears up when he sees someone new.  But behind that funky under bite is a grass clipping spitting, coyote killing machine.  Now, to our knowledge no canines have been killed or harmed on our property, but I haven’t seen a coyote on our land since he showed up.  It’s nice.

He gets a little nervous when our dogs are out running, but with a good bit of hot tape and field fencing between them, he seems to feel comfortable enough.  Except when the Vet shows up, Sampson is not a fan of the vet.  So if you want to say “hi” to Sam (as we call him) don’t wear the Clinique Lab coat.  If you do, you are likely to go home smelling like old rotting grass clippings.  Oh, and don’t go swinging a hypodermic needle around either.  Even if your chasing the goats to try to update their CDT…  He’ll try to kick, trample, or spit you to death.

Who said owning a farm is boring.


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