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December 29, 2009


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I had to leave before it was done.  Ooh that makes me nervous.  I got a call from the Boss though and all is good.  The files have transferred and outside the last few family snaps between now and the end of 09′ the archive drive is all ready to be sent to the Island for cold storage.  It seems like the end of the year is a good time to review/upgrade or (like me) follow through on the backup strategy that makes the most sense for you.  (and it needs to make sense to you, or you likely won’t do it)

All you have to do is type Digital Photo Backup into Google and you get some 168 MILLION results.  Everybody has a way to backup your photos, or ideas of how to.  There are lots of ways to backup your photos.  And it’s important.  To back up.  Your photos.  Sorry.  I have a friend who had her hard drive die on her Mac this summer.  Thankfully, she had a backup and only lost the work (not the images/files) that she had done since her last shoot.  A real heart-breaker but thankfully fully recoverable (just lots of time re-doing some photoshop magic).  It was her little incident that got me thinking…

Most people (until last night I would fall into this category too) save their photos on their computer’s hard drive.  They might load some up to a local printer (Costco), or to Flickr, but in a nutshell that’s it.  Until my hard drive filled up that’s what I did too.  When it was full I got an external 500 gig hard drive and kept on going….  Any final image for clients were loaded onto my web site, and I can download them (slowly one at a time…) if I had some kind of local file loss, but would only have the JPG’s not the RAW files that are so precious…

How did I rectify my little potential train wreck?  First I got all the stuff organized on the external drive (there was just enough room).  Then I bought a new internal 1.5TG drive, and installed it.  Then I copied all the files from the external drive to the new internal drive.  So now I have two copies of everything.  One copy on my internal drive, the other copy on the external drive.  There is just enough room on the external drive to fit the rest of ’09 on the current external drive.  On New Years eve, it will get on the bus to the island.  Where it will live in safe obscurity with everything I’ve shot up till the end of the decade.  And this leaves me with the working copies on my local hard drive, so I don’t have to get my hands on the external drive unless I have some kind of equipment failure (insert screaming, sobbing, and hair pulling).  So if I want to work on another family photo book, I can do so with no worries.

As I move forward I will continue to add new files to my new internal drive, at the end of each month (or contract job) I will copy them to the new external hard drive (didn’t tell you about that one did I?) that will live on the Island, unless I am actively backing up…  This might be a little simpler if I had DSL or what not, as I could utilize an on-line service for my archiving, but frankly I like the ability to control my costs, and am not a fan of monthly charges…

Besides my time what did this all cost me?  About $300.  Could I have spent more?  Oh yes, and how.  But.  I didn’t need to, and if I didn’t see a big ol wave of RAW files headed my way I would not have gone with the larger internal or external drives.  That might have saved me $80.  My peace of mind now?  Priceless.


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