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December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

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Well Merry Christmas to you and yours!  I’m having a wonderful day with my family and in the spirit of the season felt like sharing some of my favorite sites with you.  Some of these I hit for inspiration, for direction or because they are fun.  Motor on through, add a few as favorites and then get back to celebrating this special season with those closest to you.

In no particular order….

David is awesome.  His is the kind of gig I would like if it didn’t take him away from home so much.  I’ve met him and he is the real deal.

Do you want to learn about flash photography?  Go here.  And no where else.  It’s all here.  It is all about the light.

Another David (mr. strobist is also a David).  His photography is wonderful, with some really nice B&W.  He also sells some tutorials…

Wedding photographer in the OC.  I like her style, and approachability.  She’s also a relative newbie, only in the biz for about 4 years….  Her FAQ’s are very nice.

Another David, and a wedding photographer who is world known.  He’s on here because of all the time he spends letting the world see how he does business.  I real boon for folks who want to get into the industry.  His tutorials are free and he has his arms around light they way only a film shooter can.

Local guy.  This would be one of those, start at the beginning of his trip and read through the story with him.  His writing is very funny and his photos are great.

Same link as I posted the other day.  His guest blogs are wonderful ways to see some other photographers and he has links to lots of resources…

This makes me wish I had an iPhone.  Best rated, most highly acclaimed iPhone photo app by every pro photographer.

If you shoot Cannon I am sorry.  Not that I have anything against Cannon.  I just happen to have a Nikon and boy are there LOTS of web resources for Nikon shooters.  And lighting, and on and on …..

Tips, and links, also a podcast that’s entertaining.

Wana know all the nasty little details on a particular camera?  This is THE site.  It has a really nice side by side comparison tool, as well as some pixel  peeping reviews that almost require a degree in engineering to understand.  It’s also one of the first sites to break industry news, and get pre-production equipment.

Haven’t poked around here much, but what I’ve seen is great!  They tap the photo-genius brain trust collective for lots of tutorials and such.

The last.  First a word of caution, this is a really artsy site.  Some of the models are ‘gasp’ nude.  It’s art, totaly not my thing, but it’s art (hello Michelangelo “David”???) you can set the default to block nude content, oh thank you so much!  HOWEVER- this site has some of the very best photographers in the world.  Many are not household names, nor will they ever be, because they are artists.  I especially love the Architecture, Landscape, Humor and Portrait sections.  If I want to see something that’s not well lit, the exposure is not “technical” this is the place to see that done.  And done well.  The images on the site are judged by members.  Only about 40% of the images submitted get posted.  There is lots of black and white, with lots of stuff super-unsaturated.


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  1. Great links Adam – thanks for sharing these.

    Comment by Tyler Wainright — February 24, 2010 @ 7:29 am

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