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December 23, 2009

I’ve finally figured something out…

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About myself.  I like new things.  New places.  New people.  That’s what I like to shoot.  It makes sense and I am guessing that my two regular readers (Hi Mom & Dad!) are already saying, well, “yes, we know that”.  I think that’s why I like photographing people so much.  Especially my kids.  They are always new.  They are growing and changing, the youngest was just learning to spin around on the floor the other day and now she is crawling, or will be by the time I’m home today.  That’ll be a fun new thing to shoot.  And shortly after that, she’ll be walking, and I’ll be spending less time laying on the ground with my camera.  Our older daughter is learning new stuff all the time.  Riding a bike, catching fish, her new attitude…  You get the idea.

I think that’s why I love events so much.  A good party, or ceremony.  It’s always different, and new, and I love being there for it.  I was never much of an attention grabber growing up.  In drama, I would rather be a stage hand than a supporting much less leading actor.  I love standing out of the way and catching a ‘moment’, and then looking for the next.

So here’s a moment I caught at an appreciation dinner for the pastors at our church….



  1. Nice capture Adam.
    Hope you had a great Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year!

    Comment by kkhphotos — December 27, 2009 @ 8:45 am

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