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December 22, 2009

Photo Tips.

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Here’s an easy one.  Read.  There’s lots out there on the ol’ innernet.  However, any monkey with a keyboard can say just about whatever they want and “publish”.  Like me.  So when I really want solid advice/techniques, I look for the printed word.  I finally “followed the crowd” over to Scott Kelby’s blog and it didn’t take me long to look for a used (I’m cheep er frugal) copy of his first book “Digital Photography“, now he has two more, which I have not read but I am sure they are top notch.  The book didn’t really affect the way I shoot, but it’s full of little tips and tricks (Oh that’s how they shoot fireworks!!) so It was worth the evening I spent with it.  Helpful for many would probably be the section in the back, where he talks about specific settings to achieve specific results.  It would be a great place for folks who want to step off the edge into manual or semi manual exposure to start.  He has another little thing called Kelby Training, it’s an on line video learning library.  He has some folks “teaching” are just incredible, real top notch, you’ve seen their photos, even if you don’t know it, Pros.  The content is always growing and although I don’t use photoshop enough to pay for a membership (I have kind of a big anti-photoshoping-something-to-death thing).  So I’ve stayed away.   They do have some stuff on lighting, I keep thinking I should look in that….

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