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December 21, 2009

Know your gear.

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I was listening to my current favorite podcast of all time yesterday.  “The Image Doctors” by the Nikonian group.  The guys spend more on camera gear in a year that I could imagine.  They basically have everything, but it typically doesn’t get me into full blown NAS (Nikon Acquisition Syndrome).  Thank goodness.  They have great tips and such, as well as guests from time to time.  They were interviewing Thom Hogan who travels a lot.  The tidbit I got out of this that I think warrants bringing up at this time of year is not getting new gear just before a big trip.

Producing quality images, take familiarity.  The camera needs to be as much second nature as a bicycle.  Most people opening imaging equipment this holiday season will get that idea on Christmas morning.  They will pull the new camera out of it’s box and not expect to be Jay Maisel.  As long as they shoot it a bunch before the trip this summer that the will want to make some great images on.

And with that last bit, I plan on “gasp” pre-posting some content for the holidays.  Hopefully aimed at folks who are wanting simple pointers, get started stuff that they can apply with their shiny new precious.  Most of it will point you elsewhere.  Although I’ve been told I should teach, I’m not.  At least yet.  I do however (sorry honey) spend lots of time scrounging the web for inspiration/technique/skills.  And I’m going to open my FireFox favorites and pick some gems.

Stay Tuned!


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