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November 3, 2009

Business Cards!

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This is kind of funny and ironic all at the same time.  Let’s see if you can follow this.  I wanted a phone number for the studio, and after talking to a very web 2.0 friend of mine decided to use Google Voice.  It’s a wicked service (what of Google’s services aren’t?) and it free!  The catch, you have to request an invitation to join.  What does that mean?  You ask for an application, and they eventually send you a link to sign up.  And that can take some time.  For some areas it’s a moth or more.  So I requested the invite, and waited, and waited….  Meanwhile back at the ranch, I finally put the last bit of polish on a new business card design!  My old hand printed & cut cards were OK at best.  I wanted color! photos! and more!  So there I was with this wonderful new business card and the only thing missing was the phone number from Google….  I am not the most patient person and finally ordered a small run of the cards.  And they arrived and I was happy.  And 36 hrs after they showed up, I got the invite from Google….  URG!!  So I have some lovely business cards with no phone number, but then my last cards didn’t have a number on them either.

And what is the point of this you ask?  A few days ago David duChemin dropped in with this killer offering.  Check it out HERE.  So today my photo (seen below) goes onto my stream on flickr (not a big fan of flickr but I won’t get into it here) and the post I was planning on doing anyhow (the toot toot look at my new cards!) is more than shameless self promotion!  And in the spirit of the American Do It Yourselfers I have my phone number written on a napkin.  So it’s there too.  And if you are curious 474-7427 spells 474-pics.  Cool huh?

Front, Back and my digits!

Have a fun day!

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