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September 23, 2009


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We are so blessed. My wife and I are in a Home Fellowship (Home Study, Home Church, Small Group etc.) with a group of folks and are just getting into our third year together. There are some powerful things that happen when you invest time in people’s lives. “Going deep not wide” as David duChemin says of photography in “Within The Frame“. It’s applicable in life as well. Getting to know one area, or group of people, or subject really really well yields such rich rewards (Like I’ve said before, you’ll never see them here, but I have scads of great shots of my daughters, cause I know them.  Really really well.)  I’ll probably be waxing the philosophic more about this vision thing as I am slowly working my way through David’s book.

At the moment I am applying it to my Photography in Stanwood.  One of the guys in our HFG is a Wedding DJ, and I talked at length about the Stanwood vs. Seattle Wedding photography market.  There are a lot of pro’s and con’s to low cost vs. high cost weddings.  All in all I think the stress is probably about the same (depending on how you handle stress) it’s just that you are stressing more about things at a “low cost” wedding that don’t cross your mind at a “high cost” wedding.  All that to say that I am planning on focusing locally.  Having been in the smaller community of Stanwood for almost 4 years now, the benefit of seeing people on a regular basis, aka “the small town feel” is so enriching.

So back to the HFG kick off, the subject for the evening was serving the community.  I have “signed on” with a project called “Help Portrait” that will be going nation wide this December 12th.  I’m still looking for how to cover that in a local way…

For now, enjoy the shot of some of the toppings.  For a moment we were not going to be able to use the tomatoes, as the looked “too pretty” on the plate (acording to one of the gal’s).


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  1. Personally, I always take the tomatos off the pizza once cooked

    Comment by Tayab — September 30, 2009 @ 1:41 am

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