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September 8, 2009

A rapidly pixelated evening.

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One of the blogs I read regularly is David duChemin’s  I have loads of respect for David, he is actively pursuing his vision, and wrapping it around a “industry” that can never get enough help.  I won’t try to explain it all here, just take a look at his site.  Let’s just say we see his work ever time a World Vision Catalog shows up in the mail.  His is the kind of work I would love to do, for the love of it.  A copy of his current book is in rout and I look forward to it, as I flew through the very thoughtful “10 things” e-book he just released.  Now I am going back and doing the “homework”.  I don’t think I can keep myself to 3 frames in an hour…..

It’s always kind of odd to meet people who you have read, or watched on TV, or who’s work you have studied.  You feel like you know them, on some level but you don’t.  And they don’t know you, at all.  David was great, funny and open.  We were able to pick his brain, and he opened up his portfolio to us to ask questions about.  He talked about vision, and one of his tag lines I like “Gear is good, Vision is better”.  Good in photography and in life.  Of course he did over a decade in stand up comedy, so he followed it up with “Screw vision, give me something shiny!”.  Good to know he’s human 🙂  Now I am trying to figure out how to go on one of his workshops.  India would be so lovely!

The event was hosted at Studio R, the world headquarters of Black Rapid, makers of the R-strap.  About a year and a half ago, I was fighting trying to figure out what kind of strap I wanted for my camera.  I saw a video demo and then bumped into a rep at a local camera store and was sold.  Last Christmas I was given one and it’s been on my camera ever sense.  A rabid fan?  Oh yes.  They how have a two camera set up (I just need to buy a second body!) and more than that they are giving us our tripods back!  The cheif complaint I have had is that with the R-strap attached you don’t have anywhere to attache a Manfroto quick release to the camera.  I often want to snap in to a monopod for a little extra stability and with the R-strap I had lost that.  Untill I realized that the ring on the bottom of the quick release plate was big enough to clip the strap onto.  Ontly that it’s stiff and made of soft aluminum.  Well Tyler at Black Rapid, showed me a new accessory they are working into their mix.  This replaces the screw in the quick release plate, is made of steel, and swivels easily out of the way when you need to snap into the tripod/monopod.  It’s nice and shiny too!  I won’t tell you what I had to do to pry one out of their hands, but I’ve used if for the last few days and I’ts great!  I will be ordering up another when they hit shelves in…..?  Untill then feast your eyes on this and drool!

Something shiney to help with the vision!

Also, FWIW, I am nearing completion on my “links for photog and the curious”.  In it I will include sites and RSS feeds that I find helpful, entertaining and inspiring.  Soon…  I hope.



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