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February 9, 2009


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We had dinner at some friends house a few months ago and I am finally getting around to burning them a disc of some of the photos from the mayhem that insures any time there are three year olds’ involved.  Our kids were hilarious, their son had this big dinosaur who was waiting to meet us at the door.  He followed us around the entire evening.  Dinner was great, and after we were all full we went into the family room to play in a cardboard “house”.  The dino watched from a distance as things went from wild to crazy!

I had a great time shooting to try to capture the “action”.  Flash does a great job of stopping motion, but if you have ever see photos of a school dance everyone looks like they are playing some kind of weird game of musical “freeze tag”.  No one looks good mid-jive.  Dragging the shutter lets the blur show and the flash shows detail.  Fun stuff!  The house started as a house, became a car, and then…

It turned into a sled!  Dad finally had to intervene to keep the damage to a minimum.  It was fun to watch, and I know I missed more than I got because I spent a bunch of time “chimping” my LCD, checking my exposure and such.  The White Balance is all wacko too, They have incandescent bulbs (nice warm/orage color) and the flash is closer to daylight.  Next time I’ll  gel my flash, some of the shots where you can really see their faces and such look very weird, ORANGE blur, and nice skin tone, or vice-verse.

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!

    Comment by kkhphotos — February 11, 2009 @ 6:38 am

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