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February 5, 2009


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I know, cool film look eh?  Oh, that’s because it is.  These are a couple of shots from the early 90’s.  Kodak t-Max.  Cool stuff.  I wish I had the time I did back then to shoot, and develop the film, and scan it.  I actually managed to pick up a really nice old school Mamiya 645s 1000 with four lenses from this wonderful older couple.  I have two rolls of B&W through it and am about halfway through a roll of Portra.  That was before Christmas.  I kind of got vapor locked at the scanning.  I have access to a nice film scanner at work and it has a carriage for 35mm film, but not medium format.  Maybe for my birthday….  There is something wonderfully slower and more deliberate about shooting film.  Kind of like listening to vinyl.  Not for everyone, and I don’t know that it’s my cup of tea either.  I will probably hold onto it for another few months, get the roll of Portra out of it and think about more T-Max.

In the mean time I am sssllllooowwwwlllyyyy working my way through a massive pile of (well organized thank you very much) negatives.  Mostly from High School, some from College.  Funny how there is one shot in particular I am looking for.  My best friend in High School and I used to hike out to Cape Alava every weekend after Thanksgiving for some wonderfully miserable camping.  Good times!  I know I have this shot of him, standing near the beach on a tree that had grown out over the water.  I’ts this Brad Pitt, Indiana Jones, Brandon Fraiser, Park Ranger thing that he pulled off like you can’t believe.  It was our last trip.  The next year was College, then marriage.  I haven’t seen him since my wedding.  Funny how something will galvanize me into spending a lot of time looking through a stack of needles for a needle.

These are in our garage, my Dad, working in his shop.  Funny too, cause I remember distinctly taking this series of photos.  These are TIFF scans, converted in PS.  No correction.

T-Max 400  Minolta X700 Tameron 80-210


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  1. Great clarification. I enjoy make out the print IMDB

    Comment by Jordon Lawhorn — February 18, 2012 @ 2:25 pm

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