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December 4, 2008

Volkswagen. On hold.

Filed under: Projects — photobby @ 4:41 pm

I keep starting these little projects that never seem to grow to more than a dozen images.  We have some good friends with children about the same age as ours.  We are at each others houses all the time.  Our friends have a little collection of Volkswagen toy cars.  The are very bright and I always think happy.  (even if they get in a fight like these two did)  It was always neat to see where the kids had left them last.  Often they were put away before I could grab a shot, but over the course of a year I managed to snag several shots of the cars in various locations and arrangements.  Kids can be kind of like a randomizer…  There are fun abstracts everywhere.

So back to the little project thing.  Here is one of my favorite shots from the series.  Apparently they are now put away (airplanes in the “wings”?) so the series is at an end.  I have a few others that I have either started or want to.  It’s that time thing.  This is mostly strait out of the camera, not much in the way of post prod.


I hope to post another fav. from this set at a later date…


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