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November 21, 2008

Annie Leibovitz Interview…

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I heard an interview with Annie Leibovitz on the way to work today.  She has a new book coming out (today in fact!) and is promoting it.

Amazon link

Amazon link

Annie is probably best know as a celeb photographer, with a portfolio to die for.  Recently she was in the news for the photo of Mile Cyrus, but has also shot Demi Moore, The Queen of England, and many many others.  I would love to read through her “little” book (240 pages).  But her interview I think probably summed up what many photographers I need to keep in mind when I am shooting, thinking about shooting, or talking with people about my shooting.

In a nutshell she said that the three things

1- Learn to see (or how to show other people through photography what you see, she also said that gear doesn’t matter)

2- Work hard (or it’s hard work.  I don’t exactly recall.  I think I drop the ball here when it comes to prints.  With digital media being the most distributed medium, I tend to forget that lots of people still like to have prints to look at.)

3- Shoot what is important to you, or shoot what you like.  (This is key for me.  I have not quit my day job, and probably won’t.  I am lucky that way.  I can shoot how I want and when I want.  I like to think that I am not pushed in a specific creative direction because I don’t have to shoot what sells.  There are some great photogs out there who do both, what they like and what pays Chase Jarvis is one.  I can’t find the vid now but he did an interview where he showed what he shoots that pays and what he shoots that he likes.  Both different and very impressive.)

Food for though.  Simple, but I think people make stuff so much more complecated than things need to be.



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