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October 26, 2008

Isaac & Theresa are getting married!

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I had the opportunity to meet Isaac and Theresa at the end of the month.  I had heard about them again and again from friends and family and they contacted me a few weeks ago to talk about shooting their wedding in March!  I met with them and we went over what I offer in wedding photography, showed them some of the recent weddings I have had an opportunity to shoot and left it up to them.  I was thrilled when they called me a few days later to set up an engagement session and firm up some of the details.

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot.  We met up at Kayak Point, and walked around looking for some places with some fall color.  It was windy and a little early for the wonderful soft light that we get in the later evenings.

Like I said, it was windy.  I probably have as many shots with Theresa’s hair in her face is not!

Here they are all cuddled up.  Isaac did his best to keep Theresa warm but that wind off the sound was cutting!

We went looking for some fall color, and we found a little.  But some of these are my favorites are these-

And this one, with them “looking off into the future”

And this one, a little closer, is probably my favorite!

And finally, just to show that they do know how to have fun.  After all, we are all kids at heart!

I can not wait till March!  I look forward to sharing their special day with them, and watching them on their first day of the rest of their lives!


Edit:  Here is one more that Theresa said she really liked.  I do to!  I believe this is the trail that the hiked down and then back up after their “DTR'” (Defining The Relationship) talk that they said made Kayak Point so special to them.  The bench shot above I believe was “the bench” that they sat on during their talk.  I think it is so cool to be able to point to a specific place where you had or shared a watershed moment.  Special too to be able to visit it with a couple and capture some special moments there!  Thanks again guys!



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